The 5 Best Documentaries About Frauds

Aug 8, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

Documentaries are an incredible way to explore and learn about the world around us. From detailed true stories to shocking exposés about frauds, these films capture our attention and open our eyes to new realities. This article takes a deep dive into some of the best documentaries that shed light on deception and manipulation in the modern age. We will look at the stories behind some of the world’s most notorious frauds and examine the victims, perpetrators, and implications that follow in their wake. We will also explore how our understanding of these crimes has been shaped by filmmakers over the years.


1. W5: How fraudsters repeatedly con romance scam victims

CTV’s W5 delves into the realm of love-seeking con artists and their “suckers list,” a key element in an online fraudster’s playbook used to deceive victims time and again. Join the investigative team as they uncover the secrets of these digital scammers, get inside their tactics, and try to protect online daters from becoming prey to their schemes. Along the way, you’ll meet victims who have lost thousands of dollars and hear heart-wrenching stories from those who’ve been conned by these ruthless individuals. It’s a compelling look into the dark side of online romance scams that you won’t want to miss.


2. Hunting the Social Media Fraudsters – BBC Panorama

From the dark web, they have emerged. A new generation of fraudsters whose mission is to take advantage of unsuspecting victims and their hard-earned money. But what are the government and big tech companies doing to stop them? Kafui Okpattah dives deep into the murky world of cyber scammers and investigates how social media sites are used as a platform for fraud. As the reporter speaks with victims, it becomes clear that these criminals have found new ways of touching people’s lives and getting away with it. The documentary “Panorama: The Best Documentaries About Frauds” reveals the hidden world of cybercrime and what can be done to prevent further occurrences.


3. The narcissist’s playbook: How smart women are abused by romantic frauds

Stephanie Wood was just living her life as a journalist when suddenly, she met someone online and immediately fell in love. Little did she know that this would be the start of an incredible journey that would ultimately lead to her becoming the subject of her own story. Her experiences would become a cautionary tale for all who dare enter into relationships with strangers from the internet. How far would she have to go to discover the truth? What other secrets and lies were yet to be uncovered? Her story is now documented in this riveting documentary about romance, deception, and fraud.


4. Inside The Mind Of A Romance Fraudster

Jeff Kent was a dangerous individual, posing as a charming and charismatic person to deceive vulnerable people. He would use their loneliness to gain their trust before convincing them to become involved in his fraudulent business schemes, dragging them into financial ruin without remorse. Unfortunately, this kind of fraud has affected countless relationships, leaving victims with large debts and broken hearts. However, all is not lost. In recent years there have been a number of documentaries about these kinds of frauds that aim to raise awareness and inform the public on how to spot an impending scam. These films are powerful and inspiring stories that can help those affected by fraud find closure. By highlighting the dangers of such crimes, we can prevent further cases from occurring in the future.


5. Young footballer’s dreams dashed by fraudsters in Cameroon

Ade Adepitan brings to light the fraudulent practices ruining the dreams of gifted young footballers in Cameroon. Every year, thousands dream of making it big with an international club, yet many are left stranded and penniless in Europe instead. Generation Football follows Adepitan’s investigation into these murky dealings, giving viewers a glimpse into the realities of this lucrative but deceptive industry. It’s a story of broken dreams, dashed hopes, and the struggle to make it big in the world of football. A must-watch for those interested in uncovering the truth behind these shady business practices.



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