The 5 Best Documentaries About Florence Nightingale

Nov 26, 2023 | Best Of, History, People

When it comes to iconic figures in history, Florence Nightingale stands out among the rest. The pioneering nurse and social reformer dedicated her life to helping those in need and is remembered for her selfless acts of kindness during the Crimean War. Her story has been told many times through books, television shows, movies, and documentaries over the years. Here are some of the best documentaries about Florence Nightingale that bring her life and legacy to life. From exploring the battlefields of Crimea to examining the heroic efforts Nightingale undertook during her time as a nurse, these documentaries offer compelling insight into a remarkable woman’s career and how she changed history forever.


1. Florence Nightingale: The Lady With The Lamp

Florence Nightingale was known throughout history as the Lady with the Lamp, a noblewoman who dedicated her life to helping others. She is most famous for her compassionate work in nursing during the Crimean War and was later named founder of modern nursing. Her selfless attitude to service won her worldwide recognition and created a legacy that still lives on today.


2. The Real History Of Florence Nightingale | The Lady With The Lamp

Florence Nightingale is known for her pivotal role in nursing during the Crimean War, and her work has left an indelible mark on the field of healthcare. But what did it take for her to get there? Deadlier Than Heroin follows Florence’s journey from a young woman rebelling against society norms to becoming a symbol of hope during the war.


3. Sleep Story | Florence Nightingale – The Lady with the Lamp

Many have heard the story of Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp. But few know just how much of an impact she had on nursing and modern medicine. Her legacy still lives on today in countless hospitals around the world.But before her rise to fame, Florence was a sickly girl who spent more time in bed than out of it.


4. Documentary Florence Nightingale, May 12 International Nursing Day

International Nursing Day on May 12th is an important event for everyone in the nursing profession, and the life of Florence Nightingale is a prime example of why. During her lifetime, she revolutionized the way that hospitals were run and dramatically reduced mortality rates from cholera and other diseases. Her commitment to excellence was so great that she was dubbed “the Lady.


5. Florence Nightingale

The legendary Florence Nightingale is a figure that has become immortalized in history. Her name is synonymous with care and compassion for those who are suffering and her work continues to inspire people around the world today. In this documentary, we take an intimate look into the life of Florence Nightingale and explore the impact she had on healthcare throughout history. We will discover how she.

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