The 5 Best Documentaries About King Edward IV

Nov 20, 2023 | Best Of, History

The life of Edward IV is a fascinating subject. From his legendary rise to power, to the captivating battles and his eventual death, it’s difficult not to be interested in this dynamic figure from history. For those who seek an even deeper understanding of his legacy and impact on the world, documentaries can be an invaluable resource. Below you’ll find some of the best documentaries about Edward IV that provide fascinating insights into his life, influence and legacy. Dive in to learn more about this intriguing figure from history!


1. Edward IV – Warrior King of the House of York Documentary

Edward IV was a warrior king of the House of York who left an indelible mark on England’s history. Born in April 1442, he rose to power through his military prowess and personal strength. His reign began at age 15 when he inherited his father’s claim to the throne. He soon made good on that claim by defeating the Lancastrians during the.


2. A Brief History Of Edward IV – Edward IV Of England

Edward IV of England was one of the most influential kings in British history. His reign saw a period of great political, economic and religious transformation. From 1461 to 1483, Edward changed the face of England forever.Born on April 28th, 1442, Edward was the fourth son of Richard Duke Of York and his wife Cecily Neville. His father’s.


3. WAS EDWARD IV ILLEGITIMATE? | The life of Edward IV | The birth of Edward IV

When it comes to monarchs, none have been as mysterious and captivating as Edward IV. Not only was he a formidable leader, but his life has sparked questions about legitimacy and succession that still fascinate historians today. The Best Documentaries About Edward Iv unearth the mysteries of this incredible ruler from centuries ago. Viewers can explore his birth, reign.


4. ELIZABETH WOODVILLE, the White Queen of England | Wife of Edward IV | Women of the Wars of the Roses

The White Queen of England – Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV and a woman of the Wars of the Roses. She was the one who served as a bridge between two rivaling houses: Lancaster and York. Her marriage to Edward had tremendous effects on history at large. During her lifetime, she faced many obstacles but still managed to live life to its fullest.


5. Was Elizabeth Woodville ENGLAND’S FAKE QUEEN? Who was Edward IV married to? Lady Eleanor Butler

Edward IV was a major player in the Plantagenet era of England, but many people don’t know the full story behind his reign. Many questions linger about the events surrounding his life and death. Was Elizabeth Woodville actually ENGLAND’S FAKE QUEEN? What happened to Lady Eleanor Butler, who was Edward IV married to? These are all.




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