The 5 Best Documentaries About Black Panthers

Aug 18, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, Political

If you are fascinated by Bitcoin, then this list of documentaries about it is for you. From the rise and fall of its price to stories around the world, these films delve into the history and future of this cryptocurrency. Be prepared to be taken on a journey into unknown territory as you explore the world of Bitcoin through some truly remarkable films. So sit back and enjoy these Best Documentaries about Bitcoin. Let the adventure begin! From stories of the anonymous creator of Bitcoin to interviews with some of the most well-known crypto investors, these documentaries cover a variety of topics related to this revolutionary cryptocurrency. Join us as we explore some old favorites and uncover some hidden gems that you may have not heard before.


1. Gary Foley: The Australian Black Panther (Spy Documentary)

For over four decades, the Australian Intelligence & Security Organisation (ASIO) has been tracking spies and dissidents. Now, in an unprecedented move, ASIO’s classified files are being given to four Persons of Interest for their own personal examination: Roger Milliss, Michael Hyde, Gary Foley and Frank Hardy. Each Person of Interest is brought into the spotlight as they respond to the allegations found in their personal file. With an Award-winning series, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to peel back the layers of secrets and uncover the truth. Join in an exploration of betrayal, loyalty and power as these four individuals are given a chance to see behind the veil.


2. The Legacy of the Black Panthers (2008 Documentary Film)

The Black Panther Party has been a source of inspiration for countless radical grassroots organizations aiming to achieve black liberation. In this documentary, former members share their stories and perspectives about the legacy of the revolutionary party, as well as its ongoing relevance within today’s society. By drawing on their experiences, we can learn how to better utilize tactics that enable us to continue striving towards justice and equity. This includes listening to the perspectives of ex-members, as these voices are a crucial part of understanding the legacy of the Black Panther Party. Ultimately, this documentary serves as a reminder that liberty is always worth fighting for.

3. A Black Panther Documentary

When it comes to Bitcoin, few topics have been more talked about than the incarcerated civil rights activist Geronimo Pratt and his relationship with the enigmatic Rice Poindexter. This documentary delves deeply into their story, exploring their controversial history and detailing the events that led up to their involvement in cryptocurrency trading. Through interviews and archival footage, viewers can get a glimpse of this extraordinary tale and the two figures who shaped its course. With a captivating narrative and thought-provoking themes, this documentary is sure to be an enlightening watch for both Bitcoin enthusiasts and those with a passion for history alike.

4. Death of a Black Panther – John Huggins Audio

This audio documentary is an impactful work from Austin Clarke that takes us back to a dark moment in history. As we journey back to March 1969, just two months after John Huggins and Bunchy Carter were tragically gunned down at UCLA’s Campbell hall, we get the chance to hear intimate accounts of their lives through interviews with John Huggins’ mother and widow. Clarke was sure to include as much of the documentary as possible that is focused solely on John, which makes up the majority of his work. This poignant and powerful documentary serves to remind us not only of this tragic event but also the impact it had on those left behind.

5. The Murder of Fred Hampton – 1971 – Black Panther Party – Black Lives Matter – COINTELPRO

The 1971 documentary The Murder of Fred Hampton was initially produced to give an insightful look at the life of Fred Hampton and his involvement in the Illinois Black Panther Party. Through its powerful storytelling, it offers a personal perspective on struggles for civil rights during a difficult period of American history. This critically acclaimed work offers unique glimpses into the lives of those brave enough to challenge the status quo and fight for justice. It is an important reminder of the sacrifices made by those who sought equality and a better future, and is essential viewing for anyone interested in civil rights and social movements.

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