The 5 Best ABC Documentaries

Jan 4, 2024 | Best Of

Documentaries offer a unique insight into the world around us, providing us with an opportunity to learn more about topics that we might not otherwise know about. The Best ABC Documentaries are a special collection of film-making gems that capture the essence of their subject matter and tell fascinating stories. From gripping dramas to inspiring social commentaries, these films not only entertain but also provide a valuable learning experience.


1. Modern Family: Retrospective (ABC TV documentary)

ABC TV examines the accomplishments of one family from the city of Abc in its documentary: “Modern Family: Retrospective”. Through interviews with members of this multi-generational family, viewers get an intimate look at how their hard work and determination has been rewarded. We learn about the lives of grandparents who toiled long hours, parents who sacrificed for their.


2. The Devil’s Triangle Full Episode | ABC 20/2

Modern Family Reflection | ABC 20/2Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of a modern family? This documentary takes an in-depth look into the joys and struggles of three different families who are all connected by their relationships. Through interviews with the parents, children, and extended family members, viewers gain insight into what makes each family.


3. Buried Secrets Featuring CeCe Moore | ABC 20/20 | Full Episode

CeCe Moore, a genetic genealogist, ventured on an investigative journey to discover unknown family histories and uncover secrets buried for decades. Delving deep into the past of many individuals, CeCe’s work has helped reunite families and solve cold cases in ways never before imagined. In this full episode of ABC 20/20, follow along with CeCe.


4. Behind the closed door Full Episode | ABC 20/20

ABC 20/20’s Behind the Closed Door is an exploration into modern family life. This documentary delves deep into family dynamics of all shapes and sizes. With a focus on communication, parenting styles, and generational divides, this documentary looks at life through the lens of 21st century families. Viewers will gain insight into different ways to approach relationships within their own homes and learn.


5. Outback Story ABC TV Australia Documentary 1993

For many viewers, the ABC TV Australia documentary Outback Story was more than just an entertaining television show. It provided a unique opportunity to truly reflect on the ways that family dynamics have changed over time in Australia’s remote communities. The film follows three generations of an Aboriginal Australian family living in outback New South Wales, and highlights the challenges faced by children growing up in these remote.

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