The 4 Best Sleep Paralysis Documentaries

Jul 15, 2023 | Best Of, Health

Sleep paralysis afflicts millions of people worldwide, but the symptoms and causes remain largely mysterious. Fortunately, many filmmakers have dedicated their time to capturing stories about those affected by this disorienting disorder. Here are four documentaries that reveal different aspects of sleep paralysis: they offer a poignant look at how it affects individuals, explore its history in folkloric traditions, and even look at how it is depicted in art and popular culture. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these films and why they are among the best sleep paralysis documentaries available today.



2.The Nightmare (Sleep Paralysis documentary)

The Gray Brothers have crafted an incredible and unique documentary about the mysterious phenomenon known as Sleep Paralysis. The 2009 film, titled “Old Hag Syndrome,” is an hour-long exploration into this enigma that continues to haunt people around the world.


3.Sleep Paralysis Documentary Your Worst Nightmare Supernatural Assault

Sleep paralysis is an alarming phenomenon that affects 1 in 5 people worldwide. Victims of this terrifying condition wake up to find themselves unable to move or speak, and are often subject to frightening visions such as demons, shadow people or a mysterious old woman known as “The Hag”. These experiences can sometimes last for years, leaving those affected feeling isolated and overwhelmed with fear. Even seeking medical advice can lead to misdiagnosis, and labeling as psychotic or schizophrenic.

To shed light on this misunderstood phenomenon, the 2007 documentary “Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault” was released. This groundbreaking film interviews real victims and consults experts in the field to provide advice on how to cope with sleep paralysis.


Have you ever had a nightmare that felt so real, that you woke up unable to move and with a sense of dread? Sleep paralysis is an experience like this, only it happens while you are actually awake. It’s a phenomenon where the body remains in sleep mode but the mind is conscious and aware of what’s happening.

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