The 4 Best Documentaries And Videos About Vanna White

Apr 8, 2024 | Best Of, Celebrities

Vanna White is a timeless icon of style and grace. She has been a fixture on the game show Wheel of Fortune since 1982, dazzling audiences with her charming personality and seemingly never-ending wardrobe. But there’s more to Vanna than just a pretty face and colorful gowns. Through the years, she has inspired countless fans worldwide to follow their dreams—and now, her inspiring story can be seen through a number of fascinating documentaries.From intimate insights to behind-the-scenes footage, these documentaries about Vanna White are sure to captivate and inspire viewers everywhere. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Wheel of Fortune or simply curious to learn more about the remarkable life of this beloved celebrity.


1. Lifetime Intimate Portrait: Vanna White

The iconic Vanna White is the face of America’s favorite game show, Wheel of Fortune. For over three decades, she has graced television screens across the globe with her warm smile and sparkling personality. Now it’s time to learn more about this beloved celebrity with Lifetime Intimate Portrait: Vanna White. This documentary takes an in-depth look into the life of the beloved game show star, capturing her humble beginnings and incredible success. From living with her grandparents in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to becoming one of the most popular television personalities on the airwaves today, Vanna’s story is a true rags-to-riches tale. Follow her journey as she reveals how she got her start and made it big in Hollywood.


2. That Time Vanna White was a Statue in an 80s Rom Com

Ah, Vanna White: the beloved longtime host of Wheel of Fortune and queen of game shows. But did you know that before she was spinning the wheel, Vanna had a brief acting career? In 1985’s , she played a statuesque goddess – literally! Who better to play a character embodying love than Vanna herself?


3. Pat Sajak Talks “Wheel Of Fortune” And Vanna White | Letterman

It’s time to enter the world of Wheel of Fortune and learn about its long-running host, Pat Sajak, and his iconic co-host, Vanna White. Pat Sajak has been hosting the show since 1981 – he welcomed in 2020 with “Wheel of Fortune” letter-turner Vanna White by his side!


4. Vanna White on The Price Is Right

It’s time to take a step back in time, with the full episode of The Price is Right featuring Vanna White from 1980! Follow along as Vanna takes on the iconic role of hosting a fun-filled game show. Catch all the classic elements you know and love — contestants, prizes, and even an audience to cheer them on. Be transported back in time to the early days of Vanna’s career, and experience all the classic moments that made her one of America’s most beloved television personalities. Join in on the fun and see why it is simply one of the best documentaries about Vanna White!


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