The 4 Best Documentaries About Twisted Sister

Jan 18, 2024 | Best Of, Music

Twisted Sister has had a long, tumultuous career as one of the most beloved bands in rock history. With their unique blend of heavy metal and punk rock, they’ve created a sound that has been admired by generations of fans. Now, you can explore their incredible journey through some of the best documentaries about Twisted Sister. From behind-the-scenes looks at their biggest moments to insightful interviews with the band members, these documentaries provide an in-depth look at the life of one of rock’s most iconic acts.


1. We Are Twisted F***ing Sister – Documentary Twisted Sister – 2014 Part 01 (Subtitled in Portuguese)

Welcome to the realm of Twisted Sister – a hard rock group that started with humble beginnings in 1972 and rose to fame with their classic party anthem ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’. This documentary takes us on a journey through the story behind one of the most iconic bands, exploring how this unlikely group of men found success in music. The documentary.


2. We Are Twisted F***ing Sister – Documentary Twisted Sister – 2014 Part 02 (Subtitled in Portuguese)

Twisted Sister is one of the most iconic bands of the past few decades. Their music has been an inspiration and a source of joy to millions around the world. But now, thanks to this documentary, you can see for yourself how they became the massive success that they are today! We Are Twisted F***ing Sister will give you an intimate look at their early days straight through.


3. Dee Snider talks ‘Who Will Rock You?,’ politics, and Twisted Sister’s early days

Dive into the world of Twisted Sister and get a first-hand look at their early days. Dee Snider talks about his experience in the band, how they made it big, and his thoughts on politics today. Plus, learn more about their hit song ‘Who Will Rock You?’ and discover what’s next for this iconic group. Get ready to rock out with.


4. Twisted Sister Retrospective

Twisted Sister Retrospective, a documentary examination of one of the most influential rock bands of our time. Featuring interviews with band members, never-before-seen footage and high production values, this is a must-watch for anyone looking to understand the true impact that Twisted Sister has left on the world. Experience their rise to fame in the 1980s as they smashed records.


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