The 4 Best Documentaries About The TNT Boys

Feb 20, 2024 | Best Of, Music

TNT Boys have come a long way from their humble beginnings as street performers in the Philippines to international superstars. With numerous awards and sold-out shows under their belt, they have made an indelible mark on popular culture. Now, fans of the group can watch documentaries that capture their unique story and give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to become international stars. From raw talent to hard work and dedication, these documentaries shine a light on the struggles that TNT Boys had to overcome in order to make it big. Read on for our round-up of the best documentaries about TNT Boys!


1. TNT Boys: JourneyToTheWorldStage Full Episode 1 (with English Subtitle) | iWant Original Docu Series

TNT Boys: An Epic Journey to the World Stage – Explore the Inspirational Tale of a Breakout Group! Witness an inspiring story unfold in this unforgettable documentary, TNT Boys: JourneyToTheWorldStage. Follow along as three talented boys from humble beginnings pursue their dreams and make it big, taking them from local fame all the way to international superst.


2. TNT Boys for iWant Docu | Kapamilya Chat

TNT Boys, the pop-group sensation from the Philippines, is continuing to make waves across the nation. From their musical beginnings on ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids’ to their current status as singing superstars, TNT Boys have captured the hearts of Filipinos and foreign fans alike. Now, in an exclusive series for iWant Docu.


3. TNT Boys Live! | Episode 2 | Full Episode

TNT Boys: A Journey Into the SpotlightThe TNT Boys have made a magnificent impact on the world of entertainment. They’ve achieved success, critical acclaim, and international fame in only a few years. Through their documentary series, we get to go behind-the-scenes to discover what it’s like for these three Filipino boys as they take on this incredible journey.


4. Keifer’s Birthday w/ TNT Boys – PHILIPPINES VLOG 08 [SEASON 4]

It’s Keifer’s special day and we’re celebrating it with TNT Boys! Join us on this adventure as we visit Manila and have some wild, fun times with the band. From sightseeing to sweet treats, get ready for a crazy journey with the group that will make you laugh and feel inspired all at once. Be sure to check out this documentary.

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