The 4 Best Documentaries And Videos About Daley Thompson

Nov 15, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Sports

If you’re looking for an engaging and inspiring way to learn more about Daley Thompson, then documentaries are the perfect choice. From his incredible career in track and field to his groundbreaking achievements outside of sports, there have been some captivating films released over the years that document (and celebrate!) the life of this incredible athlete. We’ve put together a list of our top picks of the best documentaries about Daley Thompson, so you can take a deep dive into his inspiring story and be inspired by his incredible accomplishments. From behind-the-scenes look at his career to personal glimpses into his life away from the track, these films are sure to leave an impression on any avid Thompson fan.


1. Daley Thompson Talks Jürgen Hingsen Rivalry

Daley Thompson and Jürgen Hingsen were two of the greatest decathletes of all time. Both held records for years, but it was their rivalry that made them famous. And now, a documentary takes us into their world, delving deep into this legendary competition and what it meant to each other in their prime.


2. Daley Thompson’s LEGENDARY decathlon win | 50 Golden Moments

Daley Thompson’s iconic decathlon performance has cemented his place in the history of athletics. His triumphant gold medal win at the 1980 Moscow Olympics is one of the greatest moments in sports, and now fans can relive that moment with 50 Golden Moments – a series of documentaries about Daley Thompson and his incredible journey to athletic success. Featuring interviews with Daley himself.


3. Daley Thompson’s Decathlon C64 retrospective!

Daley Thompson’s Decathlon C64 – A Retrospective!For many, the classic 1981 computer game ‘Decathlon’, released on the Commodore 64 platform was an iconic example of sports gaming at it’s finest. The game featured a plethora of events for players to compete in; from sprints to discus throwing and shot putting.


7. Daley Thompson’s Decathlon Longplay (C64) [QHD

aley Thompson is a name known throughout the world of athletics – and particularly in the field of Decathlon. His longplay on the C64 is a must-watch for any fan, as it features some of his most famous decathlon feats and accomplishments. From training to competition, this documentary captures every moment of Daley’s amazing journey. You can witness first.

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