The 3 Best Documentaries And Videos About Ian Thorpe

Dec 7, 2023 | Best Of, People, Sports

Few athletes have achieved the kind of success seen by Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe. His illustrious career has been celebrated and documented in a number of powerful documentaries that showcase his tenacity, talent, and ambition. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best documentaries about Ian Thorpe and explore how they capture his remarkable journey. From humble beginnings in country New South Wales to the heights of stardom, these documentaries capture Thorpe’s story in an authentic and powerful way. Ready to dive into Husky Tales? Let’s explore some of the best Ian Thorpe documentaries out there!


1. Ian Thorpe – The Swimmer (Legendado)

Glimpsing the Legend – Ian Thorpe The name ‘Thorpedo’ is one that swim fans around the world are familiar with. He is synonymous with greatness and awe-inspiring athletic ability; a feat achieved by few other swimmers in modern times. With a total of five Olympic gold medals, eleven World Championship Golds.


2. Ian Thorpe | Parkinson

Huskies are some of the most powerful and friendly animals on earth, and there’s no better example than Ian Thorpe. From his humble beginnings in Sydney to his incredible achievements in the pool, this documentary series dives deep into the life of one of Australia’s greatest swimmers. Follow along as he recounts his personal journey that has earned him a place among sports icons..


3. Ian Thorpe: I’m not straight

Husky Tales: Documenting an Unconventional StoryIan Thorpe’s story is, in a word, unconventional. From the moment he stepped onto the international scene as a teenage swimming phenom to coming out publicly as gay at the age of 28, his life has never followed a linear path. In this documentary, viewers are taken on an unprecedented journey from Australia.


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