The 18 Best Documentaries About Muay Thai

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This list of 18 documentaries about Muay Thai aims to help you discover the many facets of this ancient art form. We’ll explore its historical heritage and cultural traditions as well as the stories of amateur and professional fighters from all over the world. You will also get an inside look at underground realities such as children who fight for money or prisoners competing in competitions behind bars. And lastly we’ll meet some of the most legendary fighters ever known in this martial art form and learn what their journeys taught them about life itself. So if you’re ready to take a journey into Muay Thai then read on!


1. Tiger Muay Thai Tryouts – Full Documentary

Tiger Muay Thai is the most sought-after gym in Thailand, where UFC world champion fighters hone their striking skills. Each year, they host the Tryouts – an intense selection process that has been likened to a Navy Seals Hell Week! Professional fighters from all over the world are pushed beyond their limits and only a select few will have the chance to win a scholarship with Tiger Muay Thai Gym and train with some of the best martial artists on Earth. Check out this documentary for an inside look at one of the most rigorous tryouts in MMA history.


2. Muay Thai: The Greatest – John Wayne Parr Documentary

John Wayne Parr, a 10-time world champion in Muay Thai, offers his fascinating point of view as one of the first western fighters to move to Thailand and train like a real Thai fighter. This brilliant interview will show you his genuine love for the sport and its contagious energy. You’ll also get to discover the history behind John Wayne Parr tattoos and learn more about this incredible martial art from an experienced practitioner!


3. Saenchai – King of Muay Thai

Experience the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time, SaenChai King Star! His career is filled with incredible moments that will leave you amazed. From his pioneering cartwheel kick to his knockouts, uppercuts, comebacks and more – this guy does it all with flair and flash. Watch as he unleashes a vast array of skills including flips, jump kicks, elbows and knees against some of the best opponents in history for historic wins!


4. Muay Thai Documentary: The Greatest – Sitjaopho Gym, The Beautiful Mind of a Champion

Witness the inspiring story of two brothers who have dedicated their lives to Muay Thai. Sitjaopho Brothers run a gym in Hua hin, and share their views on this beautiful martial art. Discover how they teach an aesthetic and tactical form of Muay Thai with principles that focus on humbleness and forging gentle warriors. This is one interview you don’t want to miss!


5. Muay Thai Documentary: The Greatest – The Real Sagat, a man with 450 fights

In this documentary, we take a journey with Sagat Petchyinde, the legendary Muay Thai fighter from the golden era who has 450 fights under his belt. He walks us through his incredible career and shares how he was an inspiration for Street Fighter’s character – Sagat.


6. Muay Thai Documentary: The Greatest – Ajarn Gae, The Legendary Monk Trainer

Discover the world of Muay Thai through the lens of some of its most significant personalities in this collection of 18 documentaries. Listen to legendary fighters and teachers as they share their life stories, wise words, and advice on how to approach training in this martial art. Among them is Ajarn Gae, a master trainer who spent ten years as a monk – learn his perspective on Muay Thai and gain insight from one of the best minds in the sport. This series offers an intimate look into Muay Thai’s culture like no other!


7. Muay Thai Prison Fights

This documentary offers a unique insight into the world of Muay Thai. It features interviews with some of the most renowned fighters and reveals the dark underbelly of drug abuse in Thailand. Additionally, it shows an exciting fight between a foreigner and a prisoner that ends with an explosive knockout! Get ready to experience one of the best documentaries about Muay Thai on YouTube today!


8. Muay Thai children fighting for cash

Muay Thai is an incredibly popular sport in Thailand, but when kids are put into the ring for high stakes competitions some people worry that it’s a form of exploitation. This documentary looks at the culture behind Muay Thai and shows how this ancient martial art has been embraced by modern day Thailand. It explores the pressures placed on young fighters, as well as looking at some of their remarkable success stories.


9. Muay Thai Prison Fights 2

Ever wondered what happens in the hidden world of underground Thai prison fights? This documentary takes you inside this mysterious arena, as inmates are pitted against foreigners. Get an up-close look at how these fights are organized and see first-hand the terrible conditions some prisoners have to endure. Follow one event where these fighters go head to head and discover more about this rarely seen Muay Thai culture.


10. Muay Thai Prison Fights 1 – Vice Full Documentary

Muay Thai is an integral part of Thai culture and it is also a way for inmates in Klong Prem prison to reduce their sentence. In this documentary, we explore how Muay Thai has become ingrained in the culture of these prisoners as they fight against foreign opponents. We’ll also discuss the impact that each victory has on their sentences and look at how these fights have become part of the culture in Thai prisons. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn about Muay Thai in a high-security prison!


11. The Brutal World Of Child Muay Thai

Stamp Fairtex and Rodtang have become the King and Queen of ONE Championship, but their journey to reach this level was far from easy. From humble beginnings as Muay Thai prodigies in Thailand, these two athletes faced many trials before they could step onto the global stage. Follow them on their incredible journey as we explore some of the best documentaries about Muay Thai!


12. Muay Boran Documentary: Ancient Muay Thai

In this documentary, you can witness some of the most unique Muay Boran techniques as performed by one of the greatest fighters in history: Saenchai! Unfortunately it’s only available in Thai but even without subtitles it’s easy to appreciate the power and skill on display here. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to explore an ancient form of combat!


13. Thai Boxing: A Fighting Chance – narrated by Jason Statham

Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of Muay Thai? In this documentary, we will follow three different fighters – a Thai girl, a Thai boy and a Westerner – as they prepare for their upcoming fights. Narrated by Jason Statham, this is an amazing journey into the lives and culture of Muay Thai warriors that you won’t want to miss!


14. Yodtong Senanan – Muay Thai Documentary

Yodtong Senanan, one of the greatest Thai fighters and trainers who produced 57 Muay Thai champions in his coaching years, hosts this documentary to provide an excellent introduction into the sport. It explores its rituals and traditions, including “Wai khru ram muay”, a pre-fight dance to pay tribute to teachers. This documentary also dives deep into Muay Thai training – explaining its philosophy, physical exercise importance as well as equipment used. All techniques from punches to kicks and knees are showcased with tactical pieces of advice for viewers. Lastly, some of the best training camps in Thailand during 90s are featured with old-school Muay Thai workouts that will leave you inspired!


15. “Born for the fight: The Art of Muay Thai”

Are you curious about the world of Muay Thai? In this video, I’ll introduce you to this ancient martial art and share some of its most unique features. You’ll learn about traditional techniques such as splashing water in the face to prevent blinking, as well as cultural aspects like paying tribute to spirits with tattoos and headbands. We also explore how Muay Thai is used by many families as a way to make money. Finally, we take a look at the daily life of a typical Muay Thai gym and see how kids train and fight for their families’ livelihoods. Tune in now for an insightful journey into the fascinating world of Muay Thai!


16. The Devastating Martial Art Of Muay Thai Documentary

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art with a deep history, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years as mixed martial arts have grown in popularity. This documentary explores the culture surrounding Muay Thai and its evolution from old-style Muay Boran to modern fight sport. We will also look at the techniques used by fighters and explore how this martial art can be applied in MMA.

This video showcases some of the most exciting fighters who practice Muay Thai, including their strategies, moves, and stands. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new about this amazing combat sport! So don’t miss out – watch now to get all the details on this devastatingly beautiful form of self-defense!


17. From Illegal Street Fights to Pro Muay Thai

Naeem saw the violence around him escalate and knew something had to be done. He decided to settle disputes in a boxing ring, not on the streets with weapons. Now, he faces his greatest challenge yet – can street fighters go head-to-head with professional boxers? Follow Naeem’s story as he attempts to prove that street fighters have what it takes to compete at the highest level of Muay Thai.


18. How a normal guy became super successful in Muay Thai

We all have dreams, but sometimes the voices in our heads can be so loud that they prevent us from achieving them. Sean Fagan’s story is a great example of how believing in yourself and changing your environment can help you push through those nagging doubts and achieve your goals. At a time when no one believed in his work, Sean reached out to lend his support – that support changed everything for him. His success today serves as an inspiration to others who may feel overwhelmed by negative criticism or doubt their own capabilities.


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