The 18 Best Documentaries About Drugs

Jul 11, 2023 | Best Of, Crime, Drugs

Drug use is becoming an increasingly prevalent and dangerous problem in our society. From opioids to cocaine to marijuana, drugs are now being used more than ever, with the opioid epidemic causing a drastic rise in overdose deaths. Fentanyl has become one of the most deadly drugs on the market, capable of killing someone within minutes. These trends have made it clear that addiction is a serious issue which cannot be ignored any longer. While many addicts know they need help, there is still much to learn about how drug abuse can devastate lives and why people fall victim to these substances. To gain a better understanding of this crisis we live in today, watching documentaries about drugs and addiction can provide insight into this dark world – here are 18 of the best documentaries available for you to watch and learn from.

1. The Rise and Rise of Psychedelics

The UK is experiencing a psychedelic revolution, with the use of LSD and magic mushrooms on the rise. Young people are taking three times more LSD than they did 5 years ago and scientists at top universities believe hallucinogens can help treat mental illness. But what happens when thousands of people start trying to solve their own problems by taking powerful psychedelics in unregulated settings? In this documentary we explore the self-help trend, meet one person who spilled acid on themselves but still never stopped seeing things, and join 50 people for a shamanic mushroom ceremony in a London warehouse! Come along as we take an up close look at this new generation of drug takers.


2. The Psychedelic Frontier

The mental health of war veterans is a major issue that desperately needs to be addressed. Conventional treatments for addiction and PTSD are not always effective, leading some veterans to turn to alternative therapies such as psychedelics. In this documentary, we will explore how these inventions could revolutionize the way we approach mental health in the future. We’ll also look at potential treatment options such as psychedelics and how they can offer new hope for those struggling with addiction and PTSD.


03. Extreme Drug Smuggling Documentary

This documentary takes an in-depth look at drug smuggling from the perspective of those who are involved in the process. We explore the lives and stories of those who grow, process, and transport illicit substances to see how this dangerous industry works. Through interviews with key figures in the trade, we gain a unique insight into what drives people to become involved in such activities and how these drugs affect society as a whole.


4. JUNKIE: Award-Winning Short Film on Drug Addiction

When it comes to drugs and addiction, there is no one-size-fits all solution. But sometimes in life’s darkest moments, we can find hope and light in the most unexpected places. This documentary follows a man on his journey of recovery as he finds solace with the help of friends at a halfway house. With their support, he embarks on a path towards physical health and mental stability while also finding creative outlets that help define who he is today.


5. Coming KLEAN: Stories of Overcoming Addiction

Addiction can be a difficult topic to talk about, but it’s incredibly important. This documentary provides an in-depth look into the world of addiction and how it affects those who suffer from it and their loved ones. It looks at the stigma that surrounds addiction, as well as different techniques for coping with it and finding hope after experiencing such a struggle. With its chapters outlining various aspects of addiction, this movie offers valuable insight into this complex issue and will help you start meaningful conversations on how to change the conversation surrounding addiction.


6. The ICE Epidemic: Australia’s Fatal Addiction

Reggie Yates dives into the depths of Melbourne to uncover why this Australian city is facing such a drug crisis involving the highly addictive substance, ice. Along his journey he meets two individuals from different walks of life who are both tackling their addiction through rehab. We follow Reggie as he enters the local police force and uncovers some startling truths about this dangerous epidemic. Join us in this investigative documentary as we explore how drugs can devastate lives and what it takes to overcome an addiction.


7. Mum, Heroin and Me Documentary

Hannah is a 20-year-old heroin addict and the only child of two wealthy parents. Her father has been an alcoholic for years, and her mother suffers from depression. Hannah’s addiction began when she was 16, using drugs to cope with stress from school work. She quickly developed a dependency on heroine as it made everything feel better. But drinking became increasingly difficult so she turned to drugs for comfort, such as being bored at home or going out without friends. This video will explore Hannah’s story through one of the best documentaries about drugs and addiction – showing how her journey unfolded and providing insight into her struggles with substance abuse.


8. Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict


9. Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave Documentary

Philadelphia is facing a major problem with violent crime and drug abuse. In particular, Kensington Avenue has the third-highest drug crime rate in the city, due to its open-air heroin market. This documentary explores why this street became so dangerous and how local officials are attempting to address the issue of opioid abuse in Philadelphia. Join us as we uncover the risks associated with drugs and addiction in one of America’s most notorious cities.


10. The Meth Epidemic – Meth Documentary

Methamphetamine is a powerful drug that has had an immense impact on the world. From its first synthesis in 1920s Japan to its current status as one of the most used drugs worldwide, it has been linked with numerous issues including increased club culture and international drug trafficking organizations. In this documentary, we explore the history of methamphetamine from its rise in popularity during World War II to its production by Mexican cartels and DTOs today, as well as how law enforcement has struggled to control it. This documentary provides insight into the complex global issue of methamphetamine use and offers valuable information for anyone interested in understanding more about this dangerous substance.


11. World’s Scariest Drug – VICE Drugs Documentary

Have you ever heard of Scopolamine, also known as “The Devil’s Breath”? VICE traveled to Colombia to investigate this strange and powerful drug. What they found was far darker than they could have imagined. People under the influence of this substance are unable to exercise their free will, leading to terrifying stories from locals with firsthand experience. Watch this documentary and discover the truth about one of the world’s most mysterious drugs!


12. Cocaine White Gold – National Geographic Drugs Cocaine Documentary

Cocaine is a powerful drug derived from the leaves of coca plants. It has been around since ancient times, but it’s become even more popular in recent years – with celebrities and cartels supplying this substance to millions of people across the United States. In this documentary we explore 15 things you should know about cocaine before experimenting with this dangerous drug. From its effects on your body to its link to ADHD and chronic pain, we cover everything you need to know about cocaine as well as its links to criminal organizations like the Sinaloa Cartel. Get informed today!


13. Opioid Tragedy: Inside the Fentanyl Crisis – Documentaries on Drugs

The opioid epidemic in North America has been devastating for many, claiming more lives than gun crime, homicide and car accidents combined. Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than heroin and is being sold as cocaine or cannabis to unsuspecting users with fatal results. In this documentary we explore the causes of this crisis and how it can be addressed by taking immediate steps to reduce its spread. We look at the human cost of opioids on individuals, families and communities throughout North America – hearing stories from those who have lost loved ones and examining what life looks like after addiction.


14. The King of Cannabis Documentary

Get ready to learn the risks and rewards of marijuana use in this amazing documentary. This film offers an eye-opening look at one of the most controversial substances on the planet, widely regarded as harmful yet with potential health benefits. Watch and discover what you need to know about weed – its legal status and possible medical uses.


15. The Stoned Ages Documentary

Drugs have been a part of human history since the dawn of time. From psychedelic mushrooms to opium, drugs have been used for healing and connecting with a higher power, as well as recreational use or performance enhancement. But how much do we really know about their effects on our lives?


16. The US drug abuse epidemic is killing 300 Americans a day | The Bottom Line

The opioid epidemic has become a major cause of death in the United States, with more than 100,000 lives lost last year. In this documentary we explore how corporate greed and government inaction have contributed to this crisis. We look at the story of one company’s owners – The Sacklers – who were aware that their medication was being widely abused but continued to produce it for profit. We also hear from Barry Meier, author of Pain Killer (soon to be a Netflix series), who has been writing about the opioid epidemic for two decades and shares his insights into how we can help prevent future deaths due to these drugs.


17. Killer High: The Silent Crisis

Fentanyl, an extremely addictive opioid, is infiltrating the bedrooms of teenagers and young adults through just a few text messages or clicks on a smartphone. This dangerous drug can have deadly consequences in even tiny amounts. “Killer High: The Silent Crisis,” brings you into the lives of families affected by fentanyl addiction, law enforcement officers trying to combat it, and medical professionals who witness its tragic outcomes. Hear from two mothers – Amy, whose son has fallen victim to this crisis; and Penny, who lost her own son to overdose but now works tirelessly to help other parents recognize warning signs before it’s too late.


18. Addiction

This documentary provides an inspiring look at the millions of individuals in recovery around the world who are living full and healthy lives after overcoming their addictions.

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