The 16 Best Documentaries About King Arthur

Aug 26, 2023 | Best Of, History

The legendary King Arthur has been a part of popular culture, literature, and history for centuries. For those who want to learn more about the mythical king and his time in England, there are some amazing documentaries out there. From reenactments to interviews with experts on the topic, these films will give viewers an inside look into the life of one of the most famous figures of the medieval age. Join us as we take a look at some of the best documentaries about King Arthur! This journey into King Arthur’s life will explore not only what is known about him and his kingdom, but also delve into theories and speculation over what might have been.


1. King Arthur – The Medieval Legend

Unearth the charming and mysterious reality of King Arthur, a figure imbued with courage, honor and bravery. Step back in time to the Middle Ages when magic still filled the air and quests of grandeur encountered both peril and triumph. This captivating documentary dives deep into a world where Merlin casts his powerful spells and the Knights of the Round Table search for the Holy Grail. Behold the legendary stories, timeless adventures and powerful characters that have enthralled readers and viewers for centuries! Re-live the romanticism of King Arthur’s reign in this enchanting exploration into a medieval age full of romance, intrigue and grandeur.


2. Awaking Arthur

Awaking Arthur follows the journey of discovery that explores how ancient tales and rituals gave rise to the legendary King Arthur. From the Standing Stones of the Megalithic Culture to Celtic folklore and early Christian adaptations, this documentary uncovers the possibility that primitive man’s observations of nature ultimately led to his resurrection as a Solar-hero.


3. The Real History Behind The Legendary King Arthur

As the age of myth and legend draws near, explore the history of Britain with one of its most iconic figures. Dive deep into the dark ages to uncover if this period was really as “dark” as it is made out to be or if there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. King Arthur stands at the center of these mysterious times, so journey with him as he reveals the truth about the past. Uncover secrets, explore long-forgotten places and challenge longstanding beliefs to gain a new perspective on this time period and its famous figurehead. Join King Arthur in his quest for knowledge through uncovering lost tales, forgotten stories and ancient truths to get an up close and personal view of these captivating times.


4. King Arthur: Historical Roots

Have you ever been fascinated by the tales of King Arthur? Did you know that there is historical evidence about a figure that could have been the real-life inspiration for this legendary Celtic king? Kings and Generals’ new documentary series explores this fascinating history.


5. The Magical Legend Of King Arthur

The age-old legend of King Arthur has been captivating audiences for centuries. His inspiring stories of heroism, justice, and honor have mesmerized both the old and young alike. Now with this documentary, you can explore how the tales of King Arthur have evolved over a thousand years and discover why his legacy is still alive today.


6. Celtic Legends

Be transported to ancient times with the tales of King Arthur, a legendary figure who embodied courage and valor. Famed for deciding battles against the Saxons and leading the Britons to victory, his name has been immortalized in history books. But where did this myth originate?Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote about King Arthur in “The History of the Kings of Britain” back in 1136. Historians have found evidence that Arthur was likely a real man, perhaps a military commander and diplomat who assembled a great force to combat the Saxon invaders. However, the sources on him are few and far between, so there’s still much debate among scholars as to who he really was.


7. The Ancient Mythical History Of King Arthur

The legend of King Arthur is one of the most fascinating and mysterious stories in history. It is a tale that has been shared, embellished, and celebrated for centuries – so much so that it can be hard to discern fact from fiction. But there are some who believe that behind all the myths lies a kernel of truth. A recently released documentary, Awaking Arthur, seeks to uncover this truth.The documentary delves deep into the mystical origins of King Arthur, tracing his story back to prehistoric man’s primitive observations of the natural world. The filmmakers explore the significance of ancient rituals held amongst the great Standing Stones of the Megalithic Culture and examine their influence on Celtic legends and early Christian adaptations.


8. King Arthur’s Britain

The Dark Ages may have been a bleak and desolate time in history, but Francis Pryor believes this was actually an age of great potential and opportunity. He examines the influence that foreign traders had on Britain during this period, exploring how their ideas and technology added to the island’s vibrancy without compromising its unique cultural identity.


9. King Arthur: What Everybody Gets Wrong

King Arthur is a legendary figure of British folklore, who has captured the imaginations of storytellers for centuries. He is renowned across the world for his chivalry and leadership, with tales of Excalibur, Lancelot, Guinevere, and the Knights of the Round Table firmly embedded in our cultural consciousness. This legendary king in history has even been portrayed in film and television, with some of the most iconic retellings including Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Ivanhoe, Excalibur, and more. However, if you really want to uncover the truth about this medieval hero’s life and times, there’s no better way than watching a documentary on this remarkable man. Here is our top list of documentaries


10. Real Royalty

Rather than believing the conventional theories of Britain’s post-Roman era being a time of gloom and doom, Francis Pryor reveals entirely new evidence. His research suggests that even after the Romans left in 410 AD, British culture remained alive and well and had in fact assimilated influences from far away locations such as Constantinople and the Middle East. To further explore this topic, he delves into the myth of King Arthur, and is met with facts that challenge traditional views of the ‘Dark Ages’. It turns out there was no mass invasion from bloodthirsty Anglo Saxons. With his new archaeological discoveries, Francis unveils an intriguing and far more interesting story behind Britain’s transition period after Roman rule.


11. King Arthur’s Magical Mentor

Merlin is a wizard whose story has been told throughout the ages. He was born in Wales and his influence can be seen across many cultures, including Cornwall and Middle Europe. Many stories have been written about him and the myths he created, which include stories of great magic and shapeshifting powers. But most importantly, Merlin played an integral role in King Arthur’s story, helping to shape and mentor him into becoming the King of Camelot. In this documentary, we journey back in time to explore Merlin’s influence and how it has shaped the world today.


12. King Arthur: The Truth Unearthed

Acclaimed as a hero of legend, King Arthur remains an enigma two thousand years after his death. While some believe he was the rightful ruler of Britain, others question if he ever truly existed at all. One thing is for certain: this documentary delves deep into the truth behind one of history’s greatest mysteries.To uncover the true history of the King, our cameras explore Arthurian locations from Britain to France. Viewers are taken on an unforgettable journey that includes interviews with leading historians and archaeologists who present compelling evidence of Arthur’s life and reign. Using modern forensic science, we examine the myths and uncover the facts behind this iconic figure.


13. The Timeless Legend Of King Arthur

The mystery of King Arthur has been captivating readers and viewers for centuries. From the stories about him leading the Britons against the Anglo-Saxons in 5th century to drawing Excalibur from its stone, there is no shortage of tales that birthed his name. But what’s more fascinating than these interesting legends? Our new documentary dives deep into this story.


14. Britain After Rome // The Age of Arthur

Welcome to the world of King Arthur, the legendary ruler who led Britain through its most fragile and dangerous days. In this documentary, you will follow his journey from obscurity to fame as he rose up to become one of the most iconic figures in British history. This film takes us on a detailed exploration of what life was like during the Age of Arthur.


15. The King Arthur Conspiracy

Legendary king Arthur was a figure shrouded in mystery and secrets. Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett set out to uncover the truth about this illustrious monarch, and they found a profound story of cover-up that spanned centuries. Join them as they trace history back to its roots and bring the fascinating saga of King Arthur to life. Uncovering historical accounts, gathering evidence, and examining leads, this documentary reveals the hidden truth behind a timeless king. Find out why Arthur remains an enigma even to this day, and explore his legacy with Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett as they uncover the true story of one of history’s most iconic kings.


16. The Mystery Of The Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon Helmet

Rather than believing the old tales of Britain’s descent into chaos after the Romans left in 410 AD, Francis Pryor uncovers an astonishingly different history. Instead of dark and lawless times, he finds evidence suggesting a culture that blended influences from all corners of the world. His research puts to rest long-held myths about King Arthur and the ‘Dark Ages’, and reveals a far more intricate story about life in Britain during this time. With new archaeological evidence, Francis paints a picture of an ongoing cultural exchange between the Middle East, Constantinople, and medieval Britain that is both fascinating and unexpected. So don’t believe the old stories; there was no invasion of Anglo Saxons bringing disorder to the country – instead, embrace what Francis has uncovered.



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