The 15 Best Documentaries About Killers And Serial Killers

Aug 26, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

When it comes to documentaries, killers are some of the most fascinating subjects. We’re fascinated by their gruesome stories and curious about what drove them to commit such heinous acts. Whether it’s a serial killer stalking victims or an unexpected murderer who has shocked society, these documentaries will take you deep into the minds of some of history’s most notorious criminals. Here are the 15 best documentaries about killers that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From true crime tales to heart-wrenching accounts of their victims, these riveting films will leave you spellbound. Get ready to explore some of the most chilling and remarkable real-life stories out there!


1. The Prostitute Killer

90 Women: The True Story of Gary Ridgway, The Prostitute Killer is a documentary that takes an in-depth look at the life and crimes of one of America’s most notorious serial killers. The film pieces together a shocking story through interviews with people close to Ridgway, police officers who investigated his case, victims’ family members, and experts on serial killers. It reveals the inner workings of the investigation into Ridgway’s murders, his twisted motivations, and how he was finally brought to justice.


2. The Best Friends Who Became SERIAL KILLERS

Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine are two names that will forever be associated with terror. The Speed Freak serial killers, as they were known, were responsible for the deaths of an estimated 72 people in what has become one of the most notorious crime sprees in history. From their teenage years up until now, new evidence continues to surface about this diabolical duo. The story begins in high school, where Loren and Wesley were already showing signs of their future actions: a string of missing persons cases started to arise from the area surrounding their hometown.


3. The Case of Ashley Wallace

The night of September 14, 2007, a 19 year old Ashley Wallace awoke in a hospital bed and was immediately surrounded by police officers – accusing her of one of the most shocking crimes imaginable. Her older sister Bree had found a letter confessing to the murders of their father and stepfather; but this couldn’t have been Ashley’s doing.


4. Jeffrey Dahmer Serial killer documentary

From the most notorious serial killer to ever live, Jeffrey Dahmer, comes one of the best documentaries about a killer. An unprecedented look into the mind and motivations of a cold-blooded murderer, this gripping documentary follows an investigative journey through Dahmer’s past and reveals startling insights into his twisted psyche.


5. The Deadliest Serial Killers in History

These days, serial killers come in all shapes and sizes. From the notorious Ted Bundy to the lesser-known Henry Lee Lucas, they have terrified us for decades and continue to do so today. The most renowned of these criminals often become household names due to their gruesome acts and oftentimes glamorous appearances that captivate our imaginations.


6. Catching a Serial Killer

Detective Steve Fulcher embarks on an extraordinary journey in search of serial killer Christopher Halliwell, and renowned journalist Sir Trevor McDonald is there to document the pursuit. This documentary delves deep into the dramatic events that unfold during this pursuit. As the case unravels, viewers will discover how Fulcher’s tenacity leads him closer to Halliwell and sheds light on the heinous crimes that this killer committed. Along the way, viewers will get a closer look at the careful measures Fulcher takes to track down Halliwell and how his actions ultimately result in justice being served. This riveting documentary will provide an insight into one of history’s most notorious killers.


7. Gilgo Beach Murders

The Law&Crime Network’s Jesse Weber and Jules Epstein, a criminal law and evidence professor at Temple University Beasley School of Law, work together to unravel the many mysteries surrounding the Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect Rex Heuermann. The duo scour through every piece of evidence found in his home trying to reveal clues that could help prove their case in court. From the strange items he collected to the small details that could be overlooked, nothing was missed in their search for answers. Together they form an intriguing picture of a criminal mind while exploring one of the most discussed cases of our time.


8. Gary Ridgway: The Green River Killer

Gary Ridgway, otherwise known as the Green River Killer, left an unforgettable legacy of terror over Washington state during his 19-year reign. During this time he is confirmed to have murdered 48 people, making him one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. His acts of violence sent shockwaves throughout the nation and he remains a symbol of horror and heartbreaking loss. Even today, decades after his crimes, he is a reminder of the darkness that can lurk in our society and how important it is for us to be vigilant against such evil. He was caught eventually, but not before leaving behind a legacy of fear and destruction. Though some may never forget his heinous acts.


9. The Case of Mary Rose & Annette Craver

Mary had searched for her daughter Annette for years and now, she discovers a dark secret about her husband’s past. Mary is determined to find out what happened to the missing girls: one drowned and two vanished without a trace. She is committed to uncovering the truth about Felix Vail, no matter how painful it may be.


10. Bobby Joe Long’s Story, A Serial Rapist And Killer

Reigning terror over southern Florida in 1984, Bobby Joe Long left a lasting imprint on the minds of its citizens. His eight month murder spree saw an average of one crime every two weeks, with each victim being young females who had been subjected to brutal beatings and rapes. The sheer savagery of his attacks shocked even the most hardened homicide detectives.



Sleep with one eye open! Here comes the TRUE CRIME COMPILATION. This four-hour series will take you through some of the most chilling and intriguing serial killer cases in history. Relive their stories, and discover what makes them so captivating to this day. From Ted Bundy to The Zodiac Killer, explore six cases that were defining moments for true crime. This documentary dives deep, from the crimes to the manhunt and ultimately justice served. Get ready for a thrilling ride through true crime history!


12. The Shocking Story of the Trucker

A fourteen year old girl had gone missing. A trucker was suspected of over fifty murders, and the authorities were eager to apprehend him before he could strike again. After months of searching, they finally located her body in a barn in Illinois – hundreds of miles from her Texas home. It was clear that an urgent mission must be undertaken to prevent this killer from wreaking further destruction. The authorities launched an investigation to bring the murderer to justice and restore peace on the highways.


13. Serial Killers – Ted Bundy

From Ted Bundy to Jeffrey Dahmer, serial killers have fascinated us with their twisted and violent acts. These individuals possess a level of detachment from others and lack a moral compass that is unlike most. While it’s impossible to truly understand what drives a person to commit heinous acts, we can gain insight into their psyches with documentaries.


14. The Over-Confident Wife Killer

In January 2001, Mitchell Quy’s life changed forever when he was convicted and handed a life sentence. His wife, Lynsey had disappeared three years prior in December 1998 — and Quy was the prime suspect from the onset. Despite his claims of innocence that his wife had left him, none could be proven — he even resorted to making televised appeals for her return. It begs the question; what thoughts were running through Quy’s mind during these times of distress?


15. Unveiling the Dark Secrets of 54 Unknown Serial Killers

Take a journey through the minds of 54 unknown serial killers and explore their dark secrets. Unveiling the Untold Stories, this six-episode series gives insight into the horrific acts and motivations behind some of history’s most chilling murderers. From mass shootings to highly calculated killings, be prepared for some truly gripping accounts from those whose devious actions have stayed hidden for far too long. Prepare yourself for an eye-opening and chilling experience as you uncover the dark secrets of 54 lesser-known serial killers. Learn more about their stories, motives, and actions while delving into a world of horror that’s been previously untouched. This is one journey you won’t soon forget. Get ready to enter the realm of obscure killers.


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