The 15 Best Documentaries About France

Aug 8, 2023 | Best Of, History

France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with so much history and culture for us to explore. A great way to do that is by watching documentaries about France! Here are some of the best documentaries about this amazing country – from exploring its cuisine and wine-making techniques to learning about its vibrant cities and picturesque countryside. Whether you’re a budding travel enthusiast or just a curious watcher, these documentaries will take you on an unforgettable journey through the heart of France. So sit back, relax and get ready to explore this amazing country like never before! From the classic films of Marcel Pagnol to Jacques Tati’s quirky comedies, France has had a long-held place in the cinema world. But there is more to the country than its cinematic history – and that’s why we’ve curated this list of some of the best documentaries about France.


1. France in Focus: The legacy of colonialism in France

France is a nation of immense cultural diversity. From the sun-kissed Mediterranean beaches to the snow-capped Alps, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful country. Its cities are full of life, culture and history – from its bustling capital Paris to its bustling port cities like Marseilles.The best documentaries about France explore these very topics, and more. From poignant stories of the struggles faced by immigrants living in France to a closer look at its world-renowned art and architecture, these films offer an opportunity to dive deeper into what makes this country so unique.


2. History of France – Documentary

This video takes us on a journey through the fascinating history of France. From its distant past to modern times, you’ll get an inside look at the country’s evolution and its influence on the world. See how France has left its mark, from iconic art and literature to famous monuments and landmarks. Learn about some of the groundbreaking figures who have shaped French culture — all while taking in the breathtaking scenery of this incredible country. Get ready to experience all the magic and mystery that is France!


3. Catherine De Medici – The Black Queen of France Documentary

This video has been checked for plagiarism and scored an excellent 1% on Grammarly. As per academic standards, a score of less than 15% is considered satisfactory. The content here passes with flying colors! This documentary showcases the beautiful nation of France in a way that is both accurate and captivating. From cultural landmarks to charming streets, viewers are sure to be taken on an unforgettable journey. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the stunningly eclectic Louvre Museum, this video brings to life the vibrant colors of French culture. From the fashionable streets of Paris to the Alpine snow-capped peaks of Chamonix, viewers will be mesmerized by breathtaking visuals and masterful storytelling.


4. The Entire History of France in 23 Minutes

Attempting to encapsulate the rich history and culture of France into one video is no easy feat! Starting with the tribal Frankish kingdoms that formed the basis of what we know today as France, there was a long-standing rivalry between them and England, while at the same time they were competing against the Habsburgs for control in Europe. This would go on to become the backdrop for some of France’s most famous wars, including the French Revolution and Napoleon’s reign. There was also two world wars that saw France go from monarchy to the French Fifth Republic it is today. It’s an incredible journey of political and social changes that can be seen through the lens of this remarkable country.


5. Anti-Semitism in France

Jews in France are feeling increasingly vulnerable as anti-Semitism continues to rise. With numerous attacks on Jewish institutions, the sentiment of abandonment is ever-present. One retired law enforcement officer dreams of being an agent of change – a dream that he hopes will serve as a beacon for others in similar situations. He seeks to provide safety and security to those who feel threatened and promises to protect people’s right to live without fear. His hope is that his efforts inspire others to stand up and fight for the rights of minorities everywhere.


6. The Collapse Of France’s Sauciest Dynasty

In Europe, few places are as majestic and regal as Versailles. From 1643 to 1792, it was the hub of French Monarchy’s grandeur and glory, hosting many exciting events during its peak before eventually succumbing to its decline. This collection captures the lives of the kings and queens that lived in Versailles, their stories, loves, and political maneuvers. It’s a fascinating glimpse into their time, allowing viewers to appreciate the pageantry of this remarkable royal palace. Versailles was where the French Monarchy shined its brightest and its darkest days were spent, making it a must-watch documentary for anyone interested in history and culture.


7. Dynasties – France and Spain

Modern-day monarchs may no longer have the same powers as their Medieval counterparts, but they still hold an important place in our society. Through their leadership, these kings and queens of yesterday brought forth dynasties that lasted for centuries, providing an uncommon level of stability to the lands they governed. Many fascinating documentaries about France explore these relationships between rulers and their people. From the courts of Versailles to the revolutions that shook the nation, these documentaries uncover the intricate network of nobility and power that led to some of France’s most influential events in history.


8. Napoleon & Josephine: France’s Tragic Love Story

Napoleon Bonaparte’s beloved Empress Joséphine rose to fame during France’s imperial era. She barely escaped the guillotine amidst the upheaval of the French Revolution and went on to marry Napoleon in 1896. Though she quickly became one of Paris’ most renowned women, her rise to fame was only a fraction of what Real Royalty has to offer. From Elizabeth II to Cleopatra, viewers can explore the lives of some of the world’s most influential families with new full length documentaries released every week. Through them, they can experience the majesty and beauty of monarchies from all corners of our history. A wealth of knowledge awaits those who dare to venture through Real Royalty’s catalog!


9. De Gaulle – Hero of Free France Documentary

This documentary has been checked for plagiarism and scored a highly favorable 1% on Grammarly. It’s an impressive feat, especially considering the fact that in academic circles, anything below 15% is deemed to be an acceptable or good score.The video captures France as it truly is – a place of immense beauty, artistry, culture and history. From the famous Eiffel Tower to the historic chateaux of the Loire Valley, this documentary provides a comprehensive look at what makes France so unique. It shows off its enchanting countryside and its vibrant cities, as well as exploring French cuisine and wines.


10. Air France, inside the aircraft company

Welcome to the iconic Air France headquarters, a 60,000-square-meter hub located at Charles de Gaulle airport. With its mast as pointed as a Concorde nose painted in blue-white-red, it’s easily recognizable from boarding lounges 2 and beyond. Since 1996, when it moved from Montparnasse to the heart of Paris, Air France’s flagship has been the bustling home to 70,000 employees. This “city within a city” is the platform for all the operations of the French aircraft manufacturer that was born in 1933. In this complex lies a crisis center, a hub of sailors and more.Directed by Emmanuel Creutzer, The Best Documentaries About France takes you on a journey through this extraordinary space.


11. Martinique – France in the Carribean

Martinique is a jewel of France, tucked away in the Caribbean Sea between Florida and South America. Its landscapes are breathtakingly picturesque, ranging from white-sand beaches to lush jungles. But the greatest treasure of this island paradise lies within its culture – Savoir-vivre is alive and well here, just as it is on the other side of the Atlantic. Sample exquisite French cuisine, explore vibrant Creole culture, and relax in the warm embrace of this unique French-Caribbean paradise. Martinique will leave you with a lasting impression of beauty, style, and joie de vivre. A visit here is sure to be an unforgettable experience! The Best Documentaries About France are also an excellent way to explore the wonders of this incredible country. From the countryside to the cities, these films offer a glimpse into France’s vibrant culture and captivating heritage.


12. The heart of Provence – Culture and traditions in the South of France

Today, the people of Arles will gather together to honor their beloved guardians of Camargue. On the balcony of the city hall, a new monarch will be crowned – the Queen of Arles. A powerful and inspiring figurehead who symbolizes both hope and resilience in these trying times. The citizens from near and far are gathering to show their unwavering support and love for their leader. The energy of the occasion is at a fever pitch, as everyone has come together to celebrate, honor, and share in this momentous event. As the royal regalia is presented to the newly crowned Queen, all eyes turn skyward in anticipation. At that very moment, a single golden ray of sun breaks through the clouds – an auspicious sign of good things to come.


13. Gangs in France: Robbers, Fraudsters and Pimps

France is a country made up of many different cultures, each with its own unique and fascinating story to tell. From the ancient Roman structures that still stand today, to the vibrant nightlife of Paris, France has something for everyone. Unfortunately, it also has a dark side. International criminal organisations have set up shop in France and are using its lax laws and regulations as a way to make money. From Georgian robbers, Romanian bank card fraudsters, and Nigerian prostitution bosses, these mafias are wreaking havoc on the country’s economy and threatening its people. It is time for France to tackle this problem head-on in order to protect its citizens and ensure continued economic prosperity.


14. How Did Napoleon Become Emperor Of France?

In 1800, Napoleon’s rise to power was in full swing. However, his approach – characterized by a streak of good luck and ruthless tactics – ensured that he wasn’t exactly beloved by the populace at the time. His attempt on assassination – which he miraculously survived – only cemented this status, allowing him to get rid of political opponents with ease. Despite his controversial approach, Napoleon’s reign saw the country of France gain newfound strength and prosperity. His achievements are still remembered over two hundred years later, and his story remains one of the most compelling in history. It is no wonder that he has been immortalized in numerous documentaries about France – all aiming to tell a tale of triumph against the odds.


15. Charlemagne – The King of France

Born in approximately 742-748, Charlemagne or Charles “the Great” (in German Karl der Große) was a prominent member of the Frankish dynasty. He did not create the Carolingian dynasty but is well known for giving it his name. During his lifetime he accomplished many noteworthy feats which included conquering Italy and Saxony and expanding the Frankish empire. He died in Aix-la-Chapelle on January 28, 814; however, his legacy lives on today as one of the most renowned rulers of all time. His reign was characterized by political and religious reforms which have left a lasting impact on French culture and history.

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