The 18 Best Documentaries About Ed Gein

Aug 2, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

When it comes to notorious serial killers, one name stands out in particular: Ed Gein. From his gruesome and grisly murders to his twisted artifacts crafted from human remains, the life of Ed Gein has been depicted in numerous documentaries over the years. For those looking for a collection of some of the best documentaries about this murderer’s story, here are 15 of the must-watch films. From brand-new releases to classic documentaries, these are some of the best ways to explore Ed Gein’s disturbing legacy.


1. Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein (2023)

Ed Gein was a name that struck fear into the hearts of many during his reign of terror. This MGM+ original docuseries delves into the twisted mind of this infamous grave robber and serial killer, exploring the depths of his depravity.




2. Ed Gein: The Real Psycho (2021)

In this chilling documentary, Steve Shippy and Cindy Kaza delve into the dark past of Ed Gein, a notorious serial killer known as “The Butcher of Plainfield”. As they explore his hometown, their goal is to make contact with the twisted mind behind these heinous crimes and uncover the truth: does evil truly have no end?




3. Ed Gein – Biopic/Movie (2001)

Discover the chilling tale of America’s first infamous serial killer. Growing up in the quaint town of Plainfield, Wisconsin, Ed was known as an eccentric figure among his neighbors. Little did they know, he carried a deep-rooted trauma from years of family abuse.







The 15 Best Free Documentaries About Ed Gein


1. Serial killer – Ed Gein The Real Leatherface Serial Killer

Edward Theodore “Ed” Gein was a famous American murderer and body snatcher who created quite the stir in Plainfield, Wisconsin. He committed some of the most gruesome crimes known to man – he exhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned macabre keepsakes out of their bones and skin. Gein’s heinous acts shocked the world when they were discovered.

2. His Real Life House of Horrors – The Ed Gein Documentary

Trace the footsteps of Ed Gein, arguably one of the most infamous killers in American history. Known as the “Butcher of Plainfield,” Gein’s appalling acts were not limited to murder. He was a grave robber who committed unspeakable atrocities against those he captured. In this documentary series, viewers follow in Gein’s footsteps and explore how he managed to commit such heinous acts without being caught.

3. Ed Gein: The Ghoul of Plainfield

Ed Gein was an infamous murderer and body snatcher from Plainfield, Wisconsin. His heinous acts and crimes quickly became the stuff of legends. He had a horrific fascination with desecrating gravesites to secure body parts for his trophies and assorted trinkets. Unspeakable atrocities were committed in the town that would remain seared into infamy long after his death.


Ed Gein, one of America’s most notorious serial killers, has inspired many horror films like Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now, we go behind the scenes to join his footsteps and investigate his haunting old stomping grounds. We were granted access to a jail that held Ed Gein at one point in time, allowing us to uncover secrets surrounding his past. We had the chance to handle and examine some of his hunting rifles, skis, razor blade, and knife.

5. Ed Gein’s House Of DEATH || SCARIEST Place I’ve Ever Been || The Plainfield Butcher Documentary

Today I’m highlighting the Best Documentaries About Ed Gein, a notorious serial killer who disturbed and horrified the nation with his gruesome acts. In this episode, I give an intimate look into his life and crimes in great detail, while also taking a trip to Plainfield, Wisconsin – the very place he once called home.

6. You won’t believe what he made from the skin of his victims! Ed Gein – the butcher of Plainfield

Ed Gein was a notorious criminal whose grisly actions earned him the title of “Plainfield Ghoul”. His life and story have been extensively documented over the decades, inspiring countless books and movies that delve into his terrifying legacy. From biopics to documentaries, viewers can now get an in-depth look at this infamous figure. Here are a few of the very best documentaries about Ed Gein:


Modern horror fans are no strangers to the name Ed Gein. This deranged serial killer, born in 1906 in Wisconsin, inspired some of the most iconic characters in horror film history. It’s said that he was the muse for Norman Bates from Psycho, Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs and many more.

8. Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield – REAL Crime Scene Locations 4K

Take a journey with us as we explore the life and times of famous serial killer and body snatcher Ed Gein. Visit the scenes of the crime with us as we recreate his ghastly acts, including grave robberies, murders, and more. We’ll give you an in-depth look into Gein’s depraved world and all its dark secrets. See for yourself the destructive path he left behind, and understand why his horrific deeds earned him a place in history as one of America’s most notorious madmen.

9. Ed Gein: The Butcher Of Plainfield – Lights Out Podcast #28

Ed Gein – the man who inspired so many horrifying tales in the movies. His life story is horrific enough to leave you petrified and wondering why it has been immortalized by filmmakers throughout the years. Ed’s real-life exploits were even more shocking than any movie plot, and they’re worth delving into. Who was this mysterious figure that terrorized audiences in film and left such an indelible mark on the horror genre? Find out if you dare to listen to his story.

10. Murderous Minds: The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho & Buffalo Bill | Ed Gein

Norman Bates, Buffalo Bill, and Leatherface are all notorious characters brought to us through some of the most gut-wrenching horror films. Despite their despicable acts against humanity, these predators could never exist in the real world… or could they? The truth is that Ed Gein was a real-life serial killer who terrorized people in rural Wisconsin in the 1950s. He served as an inspiration for some of Hollywood’s greatest killers, such as Norman Bates and Buffalo Bill.

11. Alone Inside Serial Killer Ed Gein’s Jail Cell and The Creepiest House I’ve Ever Been To

Ed Gein, otherwise known as the Butcher of Plainfield, was a notorious criminal whose grisly murders shocked and horrified people around the world. His legacy still lives on in books and horror movies that have been inspired by his tragic story. Born Edward Theodore Gein in August 1906, his childhood was one of extreme poverty and hardship – plus an abusive, morally bankrupt father. His own mother passed away when he was a young man, leading to his eventual descent into darkness and depravity.

12. Ed Gein The Butcher of Plainfield Wisconsin | Real Crime Scene Locations

Edward Theodore Gein, otherwise known as the Butcher of Plainfield or the Plainfield Ghoul, was a notorious American criminal. He became infamous for his heinous crimes committed in the small town of Plainfield, Wisconsin. On August 27th, 1906 Gein was born, and on July 26th, 1984 he died – but not before becoming one of the most well-known murderers and body snatchers in United States history.

13. ED GEIN – ‘Skin on Skin’ – ObsoleteOddity Historical Feature

The eerie case of Ed Gein has brought fear and terror to the small Wisconsin town in the 1950s. He was a man driven by an insatiable urge for women, though his love for them was anything but normal. His grotesque obsession led him down a path of terrible deeds, creating one of the most notorious cases in US history.

14. The Story of Ed Gein – The Real Life Leatherface

Ed Gein, also known as Edward Theodore Gein, is a name that will forever remain infamous in the history of America. This man did something that shook the people of Plainfield, Wisconsin back in 1957 – he committed one of the most horrendous acts by using human skin and body parts to make pieces of furniture and masks. His story has since been documented in numerous books and films, making him a subject of both fear and fascination.

15. The Butcher Of Plainfield – The Ed Gein Story

Ed Gein’s legacy as one of the most infamous serial killers of all time is unparalleled. His story has inspired multiple movies, including Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and is a subject of intense fascination for many people. From his small-town Wisconsin roots to his horrifying murders, Ed Gein was a force of evil that still looms large over the landscape of crime. Gein’s story is a chilling one and has been documented in several excellent documentaries.


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