The 15 Best Documentaries About Diamonds

Jul 31, 2023 | Best Of, Business, Economics, History

Have you ever gazed at a diamond and wondered where it came from? Or how the precious stone managed to travel all the way from its origin to your jewelry box? Well, with these 15 documentaries about diamonds, you can get all of those answers and more. From exploring the mining process in Sierra Leone to uncovering the secrets behind some of history’s most famous diamonds, these films will take you on an eye-opening journey into one of Earth’s most sought-after resources. So sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for a captivating exploration of “the world’s hardest substance.”


1. The Diamond Story

Diamonds are one of the most sought after gemstones in the world, and have been for centuries. Jewelry Television™ will take you on a journey to uncover the mystery behind these precious stones – their beauty, timelessness and power. From deep within the mines to magnificent jewelry pieces that adorn celebrities around the globe, explore with us how diamonds have become a symbol of wealth and glamour!


2. The Diamond Cartel: History’s Greatest Monopoly

The Diamond Cartel: History’s Greatest Monopoly is a gripping documentary that uncovers the incredible story of the world’s most powerful monopolistic cartel. From its beginnings in South Africa to its worldwide reach, this film reveals how one small group of businessmen controlled almost every aspect of diamond production and sales for generations. Through interviews with experts, archival footage, and rare documents, we learn about the cartel’s control over prices, supplies and even their own government. It’s an eye-opening look at power on an unprecedented scale – and a cautionary tale for today’s global economy.


3. Diamond Geezers & Gold Diggers

Welcome to the hidden world of Hatton Garden, London’s historic jewellery quarter. Here you will find a unique cast of characters who make their living buying and selling precious stones and metals. From scrap gold dealers Johnny and Steve to high end diamond trader Neil, each has their own story to tell about how they have made a living in this old-fashioned market. We’ll also meet veteran goldsmith Michael and Leigh who finds gold in unlikely places like teeth! Get ready for an inside look at the world of bespoke jewellery making – where deals are done on the shake of a hand and cash is king!


4. Diamonds Made Treasures Deep Within The Earth

Have you ever wondered where diamonds come from and how they are made? Deep within the earth lies a hidden treasure that has been sought after for centuries. This documentary takes an in-depth look at the process of forming these precious gems and offers insight into why they remain so valuable today. From their formation to their extraction, this is one of the best documentaries ever created about diamonds!


5. Emeralds: in the Heart of the Green Diamond Business

The Colombian emerald trade has been a lucrative and largely unchecked industry for years. 80% of the world’s total supply of emeralds come from Colombia, primarily from Muzo in the north, where ten mines produce the highest quality gems. But what lies beneath this big business? A journalist in Bogota is uncovering the truth behind this illicit industry and its traders – known as “esmeralderos” – who sell their wares on the streets. Watch this video to learn more about how these “esmeralderos” operate and discover what secrets lie behind Colombia’s illegal emerald market!


6. The Great Diamond Heist

This documentary is based on a true story of a group of Australian criminals who moved to London in the 1960s and caused chaos for more than 10 years. This dramatised account brings to life their most daring heists, as they outwitted Scotland Yard with their ingenious plans. Follow this thrilling journey from preparation to execution, and see how these Aussie thieves left an indelible mark on British criminal history.


7. Diamond Mining

Discover the fascinating world of diamond mining with this documentary short. We take you inside the largest mine in the world, where we explore the depths of a rich and vibrant ecosystem. From an exploration of how diamonds are formed to a look at how they are mined and processed for sale, this documentary will give you a unique insight into one of nature’s most precious resources. See what it takes to bring these dazzling stones from deep within the earth up to us!


8. Diamonds from Guinea

This is the story of Patrick Voillot, an incredible entrepreneur who risked his life to uncover the secrets behind diamonds from Guinea. Follow him as he navigates through dangerous and unknown terrain in search of these precious stones. Hear how he braved the odds to find out what lay beneath this mysterious source, and discover why diamonds from Guinea are so valuable. This documentary will have you on the edge of your seat with its thrilling narrative!


9. Super Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most valuable and beautiful substances known to man. Scientists believe that these unique gems could be used to revolutionize technology, from computer chips to space exploration. But while diamonds can be incredibly durable, they do contain minor flaws – which is why researchers are trying to create a perfect “super diamond”! In this video, you’ll learn about the incredible potential of diamonds and how scientists hope to make them even better in the future.


10. Find a Diamond Here

“The Diamond,” an eye-opening documentary directed by Caitlyn Greene, takes us on a journey to Arkansas and reveals the captivating stories of those who spend their lives searching for diamonds. We get a glimpse into their emotional motivations and struggles as they dig deep in search of these elusive gems. Follow along with the diamond hunters in this heartwarming documentary about hope, faith, and ambition.



This documentary looks at one of the most daring and audacious heists in history. Follow Pierce Brosnan as he takes you on an incredible journey to uncover how a group of criminals managed to steal over $100 million worth of diamonds. Uncovering never-before seen details, this documentary reveals the secrets behind one of the greatest robberies ever committed!


12. Discovery.Famous.Diamonds.

From the Beverly Hills of Los Angeles to Wall Street, diamonds have been a symbol of wealth and power for centuries. In this documentary, we explore the history and mystery behind some of the world’s most famous diamonds. From their discovery to their purchase by powerful individuals, we uncover what makes these gems so special. Join us as we journey through time and discover how these precious stones have shaped culture over the years.


13. The Surprising History of Diamonds

Diamonds are some of the most precious gems in the world, sought after by elites for centuries and believed to possess magical qualities. Nowadays they are still highly valued, but what is their story? In this video we will uncover the mysterious past of diamonds – from where they originally came from to why they remain so prized today. We’ll also explore how supernatural creatures were once thought to guard them and delve into their legendary powers. Get ready for a fascinating journey through time!


14. Most Beautiful and Biggest Diamond

Diamonds are some of the most captivating and mysterious minerals on earth. For centuries, they’ve been treasured for their beauty and rarity. But how did these precious stones come to be? In this video we explore diamond’s unique geological history, from its formation billions of years ago in India, to its discovery in Brazil and beyond. We’ll also look at the process of recovering diamonds through mining processes, as well as how diamond rough is cut and polished into stunning pieces of jewelry. So join us on a journey through time as we uncover the secrets behind one of nature’s most prized possessions – diamonds!


15. The Diamond District

The Diamond District is a mysterious place, home to the world’s hardest and most romantic rock. It’s also worth $24 billion dollars. Join Marcus Lemonis as he explores this unique area of New York City, learning from the men and women who work there to uncover its secrets. Don’t miss the series premiere of Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis on Tuesday, December 29 at 10P ET on CNBC!


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