The 15 Best Documentaries About Crocodiles

Aug 1, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Nature

Crocodiles have long been a fascination of humanity. Whether it’s their powerful jaws, razor-sharp teeth, or the mysterious depths of their eyes—we are captivated by these ancient creatures. And with the advent of documentaries, we now have an even deeper understanding and appreciation for crocodiles as they roam our planet’s waters. From up close encounters to glimpses into life in far away lands, here is a selection of some of the best documentary films about crocodiles that will leave you in awe and admiration for these majestic animals!

1. Man-Eating Crocodiles Are at Record Numbers, & Conservationists Love It

For decades, conservationists have been working tirelessly to protect crocodiles from hunters in the Northern Territory of Australia. Now, their efforts have paid off as croc numbers reach record highs – a cause for celebration among environmentalists. But with so many man-eating reptiles in one area, some people are wondering if it’s time to take action and control the population. This article will explore both sides of this debate and what can be done about these giant creatures.


2. Can Steve Irwin Capture The Australian Saltwater Crocodile?

Steve Irwin is on a mission to prove that even the most dangerous animals can be tamed. His target? The Australian saltwater crocodile, an animal which has been known to live for over a century and has been known to attack small boats in its native homeland. To tackle this challenge, Steve ventures deep into the heart of Australia’s northern wilderness with the aim of capturing and teaching this formidable creature a lesson it won’t forget before releasing it back into its natural habitat. Follow along as Crocs Down Under takes you on an exciting adventure full of thrilling action sequences while providing valuable insight into one of nature’s most mysterious creatures.


3. Crocodile Documentary – King of the River

From the swamps and rivers to the ocean and even urban areas, this documentary offers a unique insight into the life of one of nature’s most ferocious predators – crocodiles. We observe how they hunt, communicate, mate and raise their young as well as some incredible footage of them interacting with other animals like hippos, buffaloes and sharks. King of the River delves beneath the surface to uncover an extraordinary world that few have ever seen before.


4. Namibia’s Chobe River: The Deadly Crocodile Capital

As the human population continues to expand, so does the number of conflicts between humans and their wild neighbors. Nowhere is this more evident than in Namibia’s Chobe River region, where a booming Nile Crocodile population has led to an increase in dangerous attacks on unsuspecting locals. With conservation efforts proving more successful than expected, Mark Evans travels to investigate how both sides are dealing with such a precarious situation and what can be done to protect those living near it.


5. The Dark Side of Crocs

Come along on a thrilling journey into the depths of Africa and discover one of nature’s most feared predators – the Nile crocodile! Living in groups, these powerful creatures have adapted to their aquatic environment, making use of both land and water for survival. But only a few can call this river home. In this documentary we will explore the fascinating lives of crocs as they go about their daily activities in their natural habitat. Get ready to be taken on an adventure like no other!


6. This Village Is Under Attack By Man-Eating Crocodiles

The village of Apac in Uganda is facing a daunting challenge – to protect its citizens from the ever-increasing population of man-eating Nile crocodiles. The Uganda Wildlife Authority has taken it upon themselves to send in a team of brave rangers, led by Niall, on a mission to apprehend these dangerous predators and relocate them away from the village. Since 2012, this captivating documentary has been bringing attention to the ongoing battle between humans and crocs in Uganda. It’s not an easy task for those involved – they put their own safety at risk every day as they strive towards protecting their people from these merciless creatures.


7. Crocodile Island: The Land Of Killer Crocs And More

The Northern Australian coast is home to Crab Island, a stunningly beautiful location that serves as the world’s most important breeding ground for flatback turtles. But behind its tranquil beauty lies an often overlooked danger – Crocodile Island, where these deadly reptiles reign supreme. Join Australian marine expert Ben Cropp in this captivating documentary as he dives into the depths of this island and captures rare footage of crocodiles feeding on unsuspecting turtles. Witness firsthand the silent yet lethal predators lurking in these waters and discover why Crocodile Island truly lives up to its name.


8. Extreme fight Crocodile vs Snake, Wild Animals Attack

When two of nature’s most powerful predators meet, the fight can be thrilling and unpredictable. In this article, we will explore the strategies used by crocodiles and snakes in their attempts to outwit each other during extreme fights. We’ll examine how these ferocious animals use strength, agility, speed; weapons such as venom or sharp teeth; and tactics like ambush or camouflage to gain an edge against one another. From these examples, it is clear that even Mother Nature can put on a show when crocodiles face off against snakes!


9. This Is Why The Crocodile Is The Most Feared Reptile On Earth – Diving With Crocodiles

Behold the power of Africa’s most feared predator – the crocodile. Described as a “killer” with over two fatal attacks on humans each day, Brad Bestelink, an expert in these reptiles, sets out to dive with them without any protection or cages. Witness his daring journey and explore just what makes them so dominant and terrifying. Get up close and personal with these ancient creatures like never before seen on this one-of-a-kind adventure that will leave you breathless! Discover why the crocodile is truly the most feared reptile on earth.


10. Australian Saltwater Crocodile

A living relic from the prehistoric era, the saltwater crocodile is one of 27 species of crocodilian and without a doubt, the most impressive. Reaching sizes no other reptile can match and exhibiting fierce hunting prowess that has remained unchanged for 65 million years, this apex predator is truly an awe-inspiring sight to behold. But despite their remarkable physical capabilities, these animals are often misunderstood – something we aim to change by providing insight into their behavior and physiology in this article. So join us as we explore one of nature’s most incredible creatures: The Australian Saltwater Crocodile!


11. Crocodiles: The Living Dinosaurs

Our world is home to many incredible creatures, but few can match the majesty and intelligence of the crocodile. For centuries, these living dinosaurs have astounded us with their remarkable predatory feats and problem-solving prowess. But as our understanding of them deepens, so too does our appreciation for this unique species—and the hard truth that man is their only true threat. In this documentary, we explore the complex inner workings of crocodiles through interviews with leading experts in the field. We uncover startling discoveries that challenge long-held perceptions and reveal how much more there is to learn about these powerful creatures. Finally, we contemplate what steps must be taken to ensure a safe future for them—one where they can continue to exist in harmony with mankind.


13. Steve Irwin Faces A Massive Saltwater Crocodile In Australia

Join Steve Irwin, the real-life Crocodile Dundee, as he embarks on an incredible excursion into Australia’s wild north to capture a massive Saltwater crocodile. This thrilling journey will take you through the beautiful landscapes of the Top End and provide you with a chance to uncover the gentle side of these mammoth creatures that can reach up to 6 meters in length and weigh up to 1000 kilos! Get ready for an amazing insight into this magnificent beast – one which will leave you astonished by its caring nature. So come along and explore the hidden depths of Australia’s largest terrestrial carnivore!


14. 15 Largest Crocodiles In The World

The world of crocodiles is one filled with mystery and awe. From their impressive size to their powerful jaws, these animals are truly remarkable creatures that deserve our admiration. This documentary takes an in-depth look at the 15 largest crocodiles on the planet, exploring their unique attributes and characteristics while shedding light on why they are so special. Through vivid visuals, captivating facts, and gripping stories, viewers will gain a better understanding of these incredible reptiles and be mesmerized by everything they have to offer.


15. The Vicious Rivalry Between Sharks and Vulnerable Crocodile

For centuries, the aquatic realm has been home to an epic battle of predator prowess between two of nature’s most formidable hunters—sharks and crocodiles. With their different methods of hunting, they have long contested for supremacy in a variety of environments around the world. Featuring lightning-fast speed and sharp teeth, sharks are known for their attack capabilities while crocodiles prefer stealthy tactics and powerful jaws to outwit unsuspecting prey. To gain insight into this age-old conflict, we dive deep into the habits and habitats that have enabled these apex predators to hone their resilient reputation over time. Join us as we explore The Vicious Rivalry Between Sharks and Vulnerable Crocodile on Real Wild – Crocodile Documentary: The Predator’s Bay!

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