The 14 Best documentaries about mathematics

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Math is often thought of as a complex and challenging subject, but it can also be incredibly fascinating! If you’re looking for an entertaining yet edifying way to explore the world of mathematics, then look no further than documentaries about math. From exploring some of the most captivating mathematical concepts to uncovering little-known stories about remarkable mathematicians, these documentaries will spark your curiosity and inspire you to continue learning more about math. While documentaries provide a captivating glimpse into the world of mathematics, students and researchers often face the challenge of producing their own mathematical research. This is where a dissertation writing service can be invaluable. These services provide expert guidance and assistance to students pursuing advanced degrees in mathematics. They can help with various aspects of the dissertation process, including research proposal, literature review, data analysis, writing and editing. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best documentaries about mathematics that will help you gain a deeper understanding of this captivating topic. So get ready to be mesmerized by the story-telling power of math!


1. The HISTORY of MATHEMATICS. Documentary

If you’re looking to explore the history of mathematics, then look no further than the documentary “History of Mathematics”. This remarkable film takes viewers on a captivating journey through time to uncover the evolution of math in various civilizations. Starting with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, this documentary showcases how their mathematical discoveries impacted other regions like Greece, China, India and the Middle East. Along the way, viewers get to experience the contributions of famous mathematicians and their influence on this field of study.


2. Mathematics is the queen of Sciences

This documentary takes viewers on a journey into the mysterious and beautiful world of mathematics. From the origins and applications of mathematical concepts, to its use in explaining the physical universe, this is an exploration like no other. It features interviews with thinkers from all walks of life, including mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, and more – who ask us to consider how math shapes our understanding of the universe, and whether it’s something humans have invented or a hidden language that binds us all. An intriguing piece of work, this documentary is essential viewing for anyone interested in math and its many secrets


3. The Fathers of Mathematics – The Ancient History of Arabia – The Ascent of Civilization

The incredible advances of the Arabs in the fields of medicine, mathematics and philosophy have been pushing science forward since the 8th century. Despite not having one unified nation or leader, they were united by a shared language which brought them together and allowed for scientific developments to be passed from one area to another. It wasn’t until Mohammed revolutionized their beliefs that polytheism was abolished and all of the Arabic tribes were brought together in their faith in Allah. This unified the Arab people and with that, a powerful new culture emerged from which advanced science was born. The achievements of the Arabs in mathematics, medicine and philosophy still shape our world today.


4. High Anxieties – The Mathematics of Chaos – BBC documentary

Math has become one of the most important and revolutionary tools in our lives. From healthcare to business, mathematics is used in a variety of ways to make our lives better. In this documentary, we examine how math has grown over the past 40 years and how it has changed our perspective on all aspects of life. We’ll uncover how this powerful tool allows us to make sense of the world around us, from unlocking our understanding of the human brain to constructing complex machines. We’ll explore how mathematics is used in both the public and private sectors, from helping predict economic trends to aiding in medical breakthroughs. This documentary will provide insight into what makes mathematics such an invaluable tool.


5. The Unknown Genius Who Knew Infinity – Srinivasa Ramanujam – Mathematics Documentary

A rousing documentary about Srinivasa Ramanujam, the Indian mathematician who revolutionized the field of mathematics. From his humble beginnings in a rural village to becoming an international superstar, this film highlights the life and achievements of one of the most influential figures in modern history. Discover how this remarkable individual rose to fame on the world stage despite all odds, and how his influential work continues to shape the field of mathematics today. An inspiring story that will captivate any audience, this film is a must for anyone interested in mathematics or human achievement. Don’t miss your chance to witness the journey of one man who changed the world!


6. Journeys of Women in Mathematics Full Length Version

The International Mathematical Union (IMU) has created a great documentary about the inspiring work of women mathematicians. This film celebrates their achievements and shows the importance of mathematics in our lives. It highlights the remarkable contributions that female mathematicians have made to science, education, and society. Through interviews with leading mathematicians from around the world, this documentary provides an insightful look at the impact of their work and how it has shaped our understanding of mathematics. The documentary also highlights the obstacles they face in achieving success. It serves as a reminder that while technology can often make things easier, nothing beats hard work and dedication.


7. HIDDEN MATHEMATICS – Randall Carlson – Ancient Knowledge of Space, Time & Cosmic Cycles

Randall Carlson is a visionary and teacher. He explores the ancient mysteries of geometry, sacred monuments and the mathematics embedded in our everyday lives. His deep exploration into these topics will take you on an incredible journey through time, uncovering secrets hidden in plain sight for centuries. Through his knowledge and passion for these topics, he provides a unique insight into what we thought was previously known. With a deeper understanding of the power of geometry and mathematics, he shines new light on how we see world in the modern day. Whether you’re looking to explore sacred monuments or uncover hidden mysteries, Randall Carlson’s documentary is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in unlocking the secrets hidden within these ancient concepts.


8. Father of Mathematics and Computers

While the achievements of Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi are immeasurable, we must also recognize that he was not alone in his contribution to mathematics and science. The ancient knowledge our ancestors built upon enabled him–and many others throughout history–to advance our understanding of the world. From this perspective, it is remarkable how far humanity has come in so few centuries. Al-Khwarizmi’s work on algebraic principles, zero and equations are important to remember, as it allowed the development of algorithms used today by programmers throughout the world. This progress has helped humanity reach its current level of success and continues to be a major factor in modern innovation.


9. Episode 2: The Story Of Pi – Project MATHEMATICS!

The Story of Pi explores the enigmatic number that is used to calculate the circumference of a circle. By transforming a circular disk into a rectangle with the same area, this documentary breaks down and simplifies how Archimedes estimated pi using perimeters of approximating polygons. Not only has pi been integral in calculations related to circles, but its use extends far beyond into many formulas that have nothing to do with circles. With animated sequences and expert explanations, this documentary shows how pi is an incredible feat of mathematics that has shaped our understanding of the universe. A must-watch for anyone interested in the history of mathematics!


10. The Golden Ratio: Is It Myth or Math?

The golden ratio has captivated people for centuries, and its mysteries are just as present today as they were thousands of years ago. From the spirals in a sunflower to the perfect proportions of the human face, this number is everywhere you look. This documentary dives into its history and examines how it continues to shape our world. With interviews from mathematicians and experts, we’ll explore the beauty of this mysterious ratio and its impact on our lives. Join us as we unravel the secrets of one of the most important mathematical concepts – the golden ratio. You won’t want to miss out!


11. Mathematics, Common Sense, and Good Luck My Life and Careers

Documentaries are powerful tools, for they can make us see the truth in a way that is not biased or prejudiced. They can educate and inform us of facts, people, places, events, and more – far more than traditional fiction can ever do. While it’s true that some documentaries may be used to discredit certain individuals or groups, we can still find plenty of unbiased and honest films here on TDF. These are the documentaries that are truly worth watching. They provide us with a unique perspective, allowing us to learn about something from an unbiased point of view – and it’s this kind of insight that makes them so special.


12. Episode 2: The Story Of Pi – Project MATHEMATICS!

Pi is a mathematical constant that will forever remain an enigma. Its existence can be seen everywhere in mathematics, even in formulas that have nothing to do with circles. As pi’s complexity grows the further we delve into its depths, so does our admiration for its mysteries. In Episode 2 of The Best Documentaries About Mathematics series, we dive right into the heart of this concept. Animations illustrate how pi can be found in circular disks, and how Archimedes was able to estimate its value using perimeters of approximating polygons.


13. The mathematics of weight loss

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14. A History of The Division of Applied Mathematics

Charting the history of mathematics at Brown University, this documentary delves into how the Division of Applied Mathematics has pushed boundaries in the field. From its early days as a pioneering research center to its current reputation as an innovator and leader, the program’s legacy is told through interviews with long-time members and others who have made major contributions to its success. It is a unique look into the impacts of mathematics on society and how this field has helped shape our world. Through their stories, viewers learn of the impact that mathematics has had on areas such as economics, engineering, and the exploration of space.


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