The 13 Best Documentaries About Obesity

Jul 16, 2023 | Best Of, Health

Are you aware that obesity has serious effects on both physical and mental health? From breathing problems to depression, the consequences of being overweight can be severe. To understand this complex issue better, why not take a look at some documentaries about obesity? These insightful films will help you learn more about how this chronic disease affects people’s lives – and what they do to combat it.


1. The Difficulties of Child Obesity

This documentary focuses on the struggles of seven overweight children as they journey to adulthood. It highlights what life is like for a generation affected by obesity, and how their food choices can have lasting effects on their body size. The film is an eye-opening experience for both overweight kids and their parents alike, providing insight into the difficulties faced when dealing with childhood obesity. Watch this documentary to gain a better understanding of what it feels like to be growing up in such conditions.


2. Welcome To The Fattest City In The USA

Welcome to Houston, Texas – the fattest city in the US. Join us as we take an inside look at how food advertisements can tempt people into unhealthy eating habits and cause them to gain weight. We meet some of the residents living here and explore why size matters so much in this city. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind documentary that explores obesity in America’s fattest city!


3. USA’s Obesity Epidemic: Heart Attack Grills, Fat Camps and Plus-Size Beauty Pageants

In a captivating documentary that delves into the complex issue of obesity in the United States, an eye-opening exploration unfolds. Witness the rise of plus-size beauty pageants and their unique contribution to the body positivity movement. Simultaneously, a counter-trend emerges, questioning societal norms and embracing self-acceptance. Delving deeper, the film sheds light on the aggressive treatment methods employed in tackling this pervasive condition.


4. Obesity: A Deadly Risk

Prepare to embark on a gripping journey as this compelling obesity documentary uncovers the stark reality of a global pandemic that threatens lives. Shockingly, statistics reveal that a staggering 55% of individuals in the United States find themselves in a perilous situation, carrying excess weight that jeopardizes their well-being.


5. Obesity and corporate greed

Are you aware of the global health crisis surrounding obesity? Half of the world’s population is projected to be overweight or obese by 2030, and it’s causing a rapid rise in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. But why has no country managed to stop this epidemic?


6. China’s Big Problem: The Obesity Crisis

The Obesity Crisis. In the early 1960s, a terrible famine shook China and killed nearly 20 million people. Now, the country is facing an entirely different issue — an obesity crisis caused by Western-style food consumption and lifestyle changes brought about by economic growth. Only Human explores this unique problem through various TV series and documentaries that showcase human experiences and life journeys – highlighting their struggles while celebrating ordinary people who become everyday heroes in challenging times. Watch our videos to learn more!


7. Inside The Hospital Fighting The Obesity Epidemic

Meet Terry – a 29-year-old man who is housebound and pathologically obese. He weighs in at 47 stone, making him one of the biggest patients ever seen by Sunderland Royal Hospital’s Obesity Unit. In this exclusive video, get an inside look into how this hospital is fighting the obesity epidemic and helping patients like Terry confront their addictive behaviour before going under the knife for surgery. Learn why Terry has become so overweight and what he can do to take control of his health!


8. Obesity: England’s most pressing healthcare challenge?

Obesity has become a pressing healthcare challenge in England. In this new film, Professor Rachel Batterham OBE meets with experts and patients to discuss what needs to be done to tackle this complex issue. Hear from the leading authorities on obesity as they share their insights and advice on how best to address this public health crisis. Learn more about the causes of obesity and get tips for taking meaningful action against it!


9. My Kid Can’t Stop Eating

Are you worried about your child’s eating habits? Do they seem to be out of control and can’t stop eating? In this video, we explore the world of compulsive overeating and how it affects those who suffer from it. We discuss the consequences that come with not intervening in such cases, as well as provide tips on how to help a loved one who is struggling with their food consumption. Join us for an insightful look into this difficult issue!


10. How Badly Does Obesity Affect Your Heart?

Do you know the effects of obesity on your heart health? Comedian and actor Frank Payne, aka “The Big Guy”, is here to show us how excess fat impacts our body’s organs. With state-of-the-art imaging technology and medical advances, doctors, scientists, and engineers take viewers inside his big fat body to reveal the shocking truth about what extra pounds can do. Learn more about this fascinating journey as we uncover how obesity affects our heart, liver, bones, and joints.


11. How Much Weight Can a Colossal Size Mother Lose? – Obese

Helen Clark is a 38 year old woman with an incredible story. Weighing 190kg, Helen was obese and wanted to make a life change. Follow her journey as she embarks on an intense fitness regime in order to lose weight and reclaim her life! Discover how much weight she can shed off with the help of experts and find out if it will be enough for her to become healthy again.


12. New Documentary Tackles Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the United States and worldwide, but a new documentary film offers hope. “Bite Size” follows four inspiring children as they take on their weight issues, while director Corbin Billings talks about the importance of the message of this powerful movie. Learn more in this video and discover how to tackle childhood obesity!


13. Can I Lose Weight Even If I’m Super Obese?

Are you struggling with obesity and want to make a life-changing transformation? In this video, Deborah Hutton will introduce six people who are determined to lose weight. A weight-loss expert and trainer will be on hand 24/7 for the next 12 months to guide them through this journey as they battle against temptation and strive towards their health goals. This is not an ordinary competition; there’s no prize money or winners here – just real people striving for a new lease of life. Watch now and join these individuals in their inspiring mission!

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