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Sep 6, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

If you’re a fan of crime documentaries, you’ve probably heard of the mysterious case of Michael Peterson. The real-life story has been explored in several high-quality documentaries over the years. From true-crime series to feature films, these powerful pieces tell an incredible story that will haunt and intrigue viewers long after they’ve finished watching.


1. The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

On the night of December 9, 2001, Michael Peterson made a call to report what he had discovered. He found Kathleen unconscious at the bottom of 15-20 stairs and suspected she had fallen down them. It was later revealed that Kathleen had a blood alcohol content of 0.07 percent and an autopsy report revealed she received seven lacerations to her head from a blunt object, which ultimately caused her death.


2. Who or what really killed Kathleen Peterson?

Michael Peterson, an accomplished novelist, made international headlines when he was accused of murdering his wife Kathleen. The case sparked the curiosity of millions around the world who wanted to find out what happened that night in Peterson’s home. Was it a fatal accident? A gruesome beating? Or something even more bizarre?


3. The True Story Behind ‘The Staircase’

We welcome Michael Peterson to the studio, who just 16 years ago was accused and ultimately jailed for murder. The case has since been turned into a hit drama series, but it’s time now to uncover the real story of ‘The Staircase’. On that fateful night in 2001, Kathleen Peterson was found dead at the bottom of her staircase – an accident?


4. What ‘The Staircase’ Got Wrong: Peterson Attorney Speaks Out

Michael Peterson’s murder trial captivated the world when it aired in 2004. Now, 16 years later, people are still talking about it and re-examining the facts of the case. In the new documentary ‘The Staircase’, we’re given an intimate look at Peterson’s life and a retelling of his story that includes commentary from some of those involved in the case.


5. What the Staircase left out about Michael Peterson’s son

Clayton Peterson, son of Michael Peterson, is a figure shrouded in mystery. His story remains largely untold but his life has been deeply affected by the events that transpired. He was just fourteen at the time of his father’s arrest and since then he has done his utmost to keep himself out of the spotlight.


6. Case Of Kathleen & Michael Peterson Murder Trial

Welcome to the Mile Higher Podcast hosted by Kendall Rae and Josh Thomas. Our goal is to open minds and provide our listeners with the latest news, true crime stories, science, mysteries, aliens – and particularly a topic that often gets neglected by corporate media – conspiracy theories.


7. Reasons for his innocence

Michael Peterson, a man whose life was changed forever after the tragic death of his wife Kathleen in 2001. As the investigation began at the scene, it soon become evident that there were more questions than answers. Was it an accident or murder? The media and public opinion swung towards pointing fingers at Michael for being guilty of his wife’s death.


8. GUILTY? Michael Peterson Body Language Reveals ALL on The Staircase

Durham, North Carolina was the setting for an extraordinary true crime story when novelist and Vietnam War veteran Michael Peterson called 911 on December 9th, 2001. Reports indicated that his wife Kathleen Peterson had suffered a tragic accident while lying at the bottom of their home’s staircase in a pool of her own blood.


9. “The Staircase” – What Really Happened?

It was the night of December 9th, 2001. I can still remember it like it was yesterday; the tension in the air and the feeling that something sinister had occurred. That night, Michael Peterson’s wife Kathleen died in a horrific fall down a staircase at their home. Although many believe otherwise, I am here to tell you what really happened that fateful night.


10. The “Staircase”: Did Michael Peterson Kill Kathleen Hunt?

The riveting tale of Michael Peterson and Kathleen Hunt has captivated people from around the world. In 2001, Kathleen was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her Durham home. Her husband Michael is the prime suspect in her death. But did he really murder his wife?


11. A Real Cold Case Detective’s Opinion

In December of 2001, USMC veteran and novelist Michael Peterson was charged with the murder of his wife Kathleen. According to Michael, however, Kathleen had accidently fallen down a staircase. But is this the full story? What role does the death of another female friend play into the events that occurred in 1985, when she tragically fell from a staircase as well?


12. Post Verdict Interview

After being found guilty of killing his wife, Kathleen Peterson, in 2003, Michael Peterson sat down for an interview. A documentary was created to provide an exploration of the events leading up to and following Peterson’s arrest. It delved into the highly controversial nature of the case, as well as the issue of reasonable doubt and what it really means.


13. Four LIES and a TRUTH

Michael Peterson is perhaps one of the most talked-about true crime cases of all time. His trial created a wave of interest among armchair detectives around the world, and now the truth can finally be revealed! This captivating documentary series examines Michael Peterson’s life and his potential involvement in his wife’s death.

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