The 13 Best Documentaries About Hong Kong

Aug 16, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History, People

Hong Kong’s complicated history and bustling culture make it a fascinating place, one that has captivated the world with its diverse stories. From political upheavals to tales of resilience and progress, Hong Kong has captured the imagination of filmmakers around the globe. If you’re looking for an inspiring window into this vibrant city, these are some of the best documentaries about Hong Kong.


1. Star Of China

The fascinating city of Hong Kong can easily be recognized from its skyline of tall buildings, piercing the night sky with an array of flashing neon lights. Across the bay, a junk boat is illuminated against the dark water, as its heavy sails ripple in the reflection of the Star Ferry’s luminescent wake.


2. Exploring The Diverse Cultures Of Hong Kong

Griff’s adventure into Hong Kong immerses him in the complexities of this unique city, where both the ancient and modern live side by side. He visits a bustling bird market, rides on a bus with some Chinese tourists for an insider look at the culture, enjoys a water fight with boy scouts and watches as schoolchildren learn mental arithmetic.


3. Interesting Facts about Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong has been at the center of news headlines in 2019. But what is really going on there? Let’s get to know the real, everyday Hong Kong by taking a look at its economy, politics and cuisine! We’ll talk to the people living in HK and see all the major sights while discovering more about this amazing metropolis.


4. Escape from Hong Kong to Britain

The four citizens of Hong Kong shared one goal: to fight for democracy in their homeland and build new lives abroad. In the past, Hong Kong was hailed as a beacon of freedom in Asia. Now it stands as a grim reminder of the global tension between democratic and authoritarian systems. Since a highly controversial security law came into force last July, these brave activists.


5. Hong Kong’s future as Asia’s financial centre

The city of Hong Kong has been a major financial centre in Asia for many years. But recently, the political and economic climate have changed dramatically due three years of protests, a crackdown by the government and an aggressive zero-Covid policy. FT’s Asian correspondent Tabby Kinder investigates whether or not Hong Kong can retain its status as the premier destination for business in Asia.


6. Hong Kong: The Countdown

A riveting documentary that follows the journey of Hong Kong from its handover to the People’s Republic of China, to the period leading up to it. Through experiencing this momentous event through the eyes of those living in Hong Kong, we get a personalised insight into how these changes have impacted upon their lives and their communities.


7. Inside Hong Kong’s Fight for Freedom

In the bustling city of Hong Kong, an uprising is taking place. Four brave individuals – simply referred to as the Daughter, the Believer, the Student and the Artist – are on a mission to protect their freedom and way of life against an oppressive authoritarianism. Exploring their lives up close, this documentary delves into each character’s story as they fight for justice in the wake of a controversial extradition bill.


8. The Hong Kong Story

Hong Kong has a fascinating history that is ripe for exploration. Before its handover to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, it was a city of many stories. The documentary Before the Handover captures this place and time through interviews with locals and historical footage.


9. Hong Kong’s Organized Crime Societies

The relationship between triads and China was a contentious one that left many in Hong Kong feeling helpless and afraid. On the 21st of July 2019, these fears were realized when a group of men in white shirts violently attacked protestors demanding independence for Hong Kong, an event now referred to as 721.


10. How Hong Kong is forever changed

Hong Kong has long been a cultural and social melting pot, with its inhabitants coming from various backgrounds to make up the vibrant city we know today. As the years go by, it is no surprise that Hong Kong is forever changed – both in physical form and in spirit.


11. Dark Side of Hong Kong: The Real Life Dystopia

The truth about Hong Kong is a harsh one. Once known as the “Pearl of the Orient,” this bustling metropolis has become increasingly desolate in recent years, with dystopian environments and an ever-growing police presence. Dark Side of Hong Kong: The Real Life Dystopia takes viewers on a journey through the daily lives of locals living in this troubled city.


12. China is Killing Hong Kong’s Indie Film Industry

In 2021, Chinese authorities imposed a ban on Hong Kong films that could pose a threat to National security. The consequences of unauthorised screenings are severe: three years in prison and a 1-million-dollar fine. Despite this law, some filmmakers still take the risk to screen their movies illegally; risking more than just being caught.


13. One Way Ticket Out Of Hong Kong

With increasing political tension in Hong Kong, the city is experiencing an exodus of people who are seeking a safer future. ¾ of HK’s population is now eligible for Britain’s BN(O) visa, enabling them to leave and start anew. This presents many Hongkongers with an unexpected opportunity to emigrate that they previously didn’t believe was possible.

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