The 13 Best Documentaries About Greece

Aug 13, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the wonderful culture of Greece than through its documentaries. From ancient ruins and breathtaking landscapes, to the country’s unique flavors and fascinating stories, a well-made documentary will transport you right into the heart of it all. Whether you’re looking for an insightful look at the past or an exciting glimpse into the present, Greece’s many documentaries are sure to capture your imagination. From ancient myths to modern-day issues, these films offer an in-depth look at a country and its people that is far more than just sightseeing. In this article we will explore some of the best documentaries about Greece that you can find.


1. Greece : Athens And The Islands – Travel Documentary

Exploring the extraordinary beauty of Greece, this documentary invites viewers on a journey across the Aegean Sea. From majestic Athens to the stunning Greek islands, Pierre Brouwers and his crew capture Greece’s incredible evolution with exceptional camera work. Ancient archaeological sites show how far back their culture goes, while still embracing modernity. The film offers an inside look into the mysterious and vibrant culture of Greece. Clichés are thrown aside to give a glimpse into what life is truly like in this captivating country.

2. Exploring Crete: Greece’s largest island – Mediterranean journey | DW Documentary

Sineb heads to Chania Old Town, a city with an unparalleled mix of traditional old-world charm and vibrant modernity. As she strolls through the narrow streets, her gaze settles on the ancient olive trees that decorate them. She can’t help but marvel at these timeless guardians of Cretan land, and so decides to venture further outside the city to discover more about olive oil production.

3. Greece. The Oldest People In The World

Icaria, an idyllic isle in the Aegean Sea, has a population of just nine thousand people. Yet this small island possesses what many consider to be the ultimate gift of longevity with locals regularly reaching ninety two and a half times as often as people in other European states. Such remarkable vitality can be traced back millennia when Ikaria was first settled by Greeks in the 10th century BC. Heracles, a hero from Greek mytholgy, is said have buried Icarus’ body among the island’s misty cliffs giving birth to its name.

4. History: The Greek Empire Documentary on Ancient Greece

Greece has a remarkable history that’s seen it play an important role in the development of Western culture. From the Classical period of 800 BC to 600 AD, Greece was a vibrant society that left its mark on European civilization. It all began with the Athenian repelling of a Persian invasion and ended with Alexander the Great’s conquests through Central Asia and the Mediterranean Sea.

5. The Eight Ages of Greece – A Complete History

Greece is a place unlike any other. It is the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy and the first European alphabet. The land has also seen some of the world’s greatest feats in sculpture and athletics, along with an incredible history that has shaped our modern world. In this video, I will explore the FULL story of Greece – from its beginnings through to today. It is an extraordinary journey, and one that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for this amazing nation.

6. Golden Dawn: Neo-Nazis in Greece

Greeks living in Germany have a unique tale to tell about the emergence of fascism in their homeland. Familiar and unfamiliar alike can learn some valuable lessons from their stories. They narrate the journey of how one of the most notorious political movements, Golden Dawn, rose to power in Greece and the impact it had on those who experienced it first-hand. Through their words, we can gain a sense of the heartache and oppression they endured, all the while exploring how this period changed them and shaped the future course of Greece.

7. Ancient Greece: A Complete Overview | The Ancient World

The narrative begins in the Bronze Age, when civilization first flourished in Greece. The Minoans and Mycenaeans emerged as two distinct cultures, showcasing their respective innovations. As these civilizations faded away, a period of decline set in – known as the Greek Dark Ages – before being replaced by centuries of revolution and progress with the Archaic Period. Athens and Sparta rose to power, while the Mediterranean was explored and colonized. After the Greco-Persian Wars, both Athens and Sparta were at their peak during the Classical Period – where much of the culture we have come to associate with ancient Greece originates.

8. The Greco-Persian Wars: Ancient Greece’s Fight For Survival | History Of Warfare | Odyssey

Explore the real history of the Greco-Persian Wars – a momentous series of battles that would shape Europe for centuries to come. Delve into ancient cultures and discover how these civilisations clashed in an epic showdown. Marvel at the extraordinary events that would eventually shape our modern world, as told by experts on this captivating documentary. Unearth the incredible stories behind these monumental events and uncover the ancient secrets that went on to influence our present day world. Delve into tales of bravery, courage and strength as we explore how both sides risked everything in a desperate bid for power.

9. The Olympian Gods Of Ancient Greece | The Lost Gods | Odyssey

Greece, the cradle of civilization and birthplace of democracy, is a place steeped in history. A land where philosophy and mythology intertwine; where the gods ruled from atop Mount Olympus. But what lies beyond these myths? What secrets do the ruins tell us about this remarkable time in history? Documentaries on Greece can unlock its mysteries and explore the truths behind the legends. Discover ancient temples and monuments, learn about the customs of the people, and uncover tales from a bygone era. Dive into an age-long journey of knowledge and marvel as you travel through time on this captivating expedition!

10. The Cyclades – Greece’s enchanting white blue island world

The Mediterranean is a playground of islands, with the Cyclades serving as an unmissable highlight. A chain of 200 islands lay just south of Athens, forming a circle around the sacred island of Delos – its name deriving from this fact; ‘Cyclades’ coming from an ancient Greek word for ‘circle’. From legendary Mykonos to the iconic Santorini, each island offers its own unique character and atmosphere. From sandy beaches to ancient ruins, there is something for everyone here in this Mediterranean paradise.

11. How Rome Conquered Greece – Roman History DOCUMENTARY

Greece has a long history of being conquered by external forces, ranging from the Romans to the Persians and more. This fascinating series delves into this complex history, following famous battles such as Pydna, Cynoscephalae, Aous, Magnesia and Thermopylae – all of which are examined in depth. We also look at some of the most renowned generals involved in these wars, such as Titus Quinctius Flamininus, Philip V, Perseus, Eumenes II and Hannibal.

12. The Ancient World

Greece is a country steeped in thousands of years worth of history. From the Paleolithic period to the fall of Rome, it has been witness to many pivotal moments throughout time. This documentary dives into what life was like during these periods and how events shaped culture and daily life. It examines not just major events, but also offers an insight into everyday activities, offering viewers a comprehensive overview of these eras. This documentary will take you through the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, all the way up to the fall of Rome. Get ready for an exciting journey that will explore Greece’s ancient past!

13. Daily Life In Ancient Greece

For thousands of years Greece has maintained a rich and vibrant culture, known for its inspiring art, literature, and philosophy. But what many may not know is how this captivating country came to be. It all began with the unification of numerous city-states that had long been in conflict – a process which would ultimately lay the foundations for the world’s oldest democracy. One of the most defining aspects of ancient Greece, however, was its people’s love for leisure.

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