The 13 Best Documentaries About Global Warming

Sep 12, 2023 | Best Of, Environmental

A growing phenomenon is documentary films that shine a spotlight on the issue of global warming. As the effects of climate change become more visible and extreme, these documentaries are becoming increasingly important as catalysts for social action and awareness. From exploring the impacts of rising sea levels to tracing the history of carbon emissions, these documentaries offer an invaluable look at how humanity can combat this issue. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most notable documentaries on global warming, to discover their stories and gain insight into how we can make a difference.


1. 2 Degrees Till The End | Global Warming Documentary

The world is in a precarious situation. Catastrophic events caused by global warming are becoming more and more of a reality, as poisonous methane accumulates in our atmosphere. We have been warned that if the temperature rises two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the consequences for humanity could be dire. Scientists around the globe agree that we must act now or risk irreversible damage to our planet. It is time to take a stand and commit to finding solutions that will protect the future of our planet and its inhabitants.


2. Global Warming: The Decade We Lost Earth

This inspiring story of a man who faced the odds and changed history is one everyone needs to hear. Step into the shoes of the unsung hero of global warming, who has gone unrecognized for far too long. Learn about his journey from 1979 to 1989 as he takes on an inconvenient history and turns it into something beautiful. How did he do it? You’ll have to watch to find out. But one thing is for sure, his story will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on the challenge of climate change yourself.


3. The fight for water | DW Documentary

The world is changing. The weather is becoming more extreme and unpredictable as temperatures rise, leading to droughts that threaten livelihoods and nature’s resources. Water has become a precious commodity; its scarcity has sparked battles for control of the limited reserves that remain. With our future at stake, we need to act now to find solutions to secure water for all people around the globe. Let’s act together to confront this global crisis and protect our planet from its effects.


4. Fine-tuning the climate | DW Documentary

We’re in a desperate race against time to try and stop the irreversible effects of climate change. Our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions have been primarily focused on cutting back, but new strategies suggest that geoengineering may be an answer. But is it merely human arrogance? We’re struggling with complex geochemical cycles – yet engineers and scientists are still trying their best to intervene. Is this a real solution? Or just another way of pretending we know what’s best for the planet? It’s time to find out… before it’s too late.


5. A World Without Water

Vanessa and her family live in El Alto, Bolivia. They are mere metres away from the city’s main water treatment plant, yet they must walk a mile downhill to collect water from a well that is unreliable at best. This isn’t through any fault of their own but rather the commodification of waters – something that Vanessa and her parents know all too well as they watch the millions of gallons beyond the barbed wire fence. Every day, Vanessa and her parents must make this grueling journey to ensure that their basic needs are met.


6. The Power of Big Oil Part One: Denial

This docuseries takes us into the depths of decades-long failure to address the mounting threat and impacts of climate change. Delve into what corporations, politicians and scientists have known about human-caused global warming for years, and the missed opportunities to stem its effects. “The Power of Big Oil” brings centuries-old evidence to light, uncovering a multi-pronged story of power, politics, and profit. a better understanding of climate change from the people who have seen its effects first-hand and learn how we can move forward in this pivotal moment for our planet.



7. Global Warming Documentary – 2023

The consequences of global warming are becoming increasingly apparent. Ice caps are melting, flames burning and temperatures rising at a rate quicker than anyone could have predicted. Each region is being affected differently; some may experience more rainfall while others endure regular droughts. In Alpine countries, ski resorts depend on snowfall that is rapidly decreasing due to the warmer weather. Northern California’s wineries are experiencing weaker harvests and tourist industries around the world are feeling the impact of the changing climate.


8. Global warming and wine | Viticulture and Climate Change

Global warming is causing massive disruptions to the world wine map. The expected increase in average temperatures by 2050, combined with decreased summertime precipitation and more regular heat waves (over 35°C), will make grapevine cultivation increasingly difficult. Additionally, soil erosion and irrigation challenges could spell disaster for growers who depend on their crops. As a result, winemakers are searching further and further to the poles for new land on which to cultivate their grapes.


9. THE BIG EV LIE. Why They Won’t Save the Planet & All About Dirty Electricity |

THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND THE EV CRAZE: The Environment’s Greatest Enemy Is Dirty Electricity. | Are electric vehicles really the answer to saving our planet? With more and more people investing in EVs, it might seem like a panacea for climate change. But the truth is far from what we’ve been led to believe. digs deep into the real cost of electric vehicles – and what it takes to power them up.


10. Earth Under Water Global Warming Future Disovery Documentary HD

Global warming is an urgent issue of our time. The ocean, atmosphere, and land masses across the globe are all experiencing the effects of rising temperatures as a result of human activity. Increasing evidence from scientists shows that climate change is happening at an alarming rate.[2][3] Warming oceans are absorbing much of this energy, leading to melting ice caps, sea level rise, and other irreparable damage to our environment. Additionally, temperatures on land have been steadily rising in the past decades.


11. Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? Featuring Physicists Willie Soon and Elliott D. Bloom

At this special event, Willie Soon, a geoscientist and astrophysicist, separates climate myth from reality. He reveals how the predictions from carbon dioxide-driven climate models have been wide of the mark – and why solar influences on clouds, oceans and wind are responsible for the alteration in climate instead of CO2 emissions. Elliott Bloom, a renowned physicist from Stanford University, then provides his expert opinion. Here, the audience can get a first-hand look at the science behind global warming and its effects on our environment. Get ready to dive into the depths of climate change and learn more about one of today’s hottest topics in science!


12. Global Warming: Greens vs Nuclear – “Th” Thorium Documentary

In our quest to find the best solution for climate change, we engage with renowned environmentalists and climatologists who are passionate about nuclear energy. The idea of using nuclear power may not be new, but it has recently gained tremendous traction. Even just one year ago, creating this video would have been unthinkable. With the help of experts in the field, we have gathered the evidence to show that nuclear energy can be a viable path forward. Our van of Thorium advocates are determined to make sure that this message is heard!


13. Climate Change Documentary | Climate Change 2022 documentary | Global Warming Documentary 4k

A new report from Deloitte predicts that the US economy could suffer a loss of $14.5 trillion over the next 50 years, without action on climate change. Conversely, proactively tackling carbon reduction initiatives may yield as much as $3 trillion in added economic value to the US economy over the timeframe. Such transformational growth requires immediate attention and investment from the public and private sectors alike. With mounting evidence of global warming’s detrimental effects, it is clear that we must take action now if we are to prevent irreversible damage in the future.


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