The 13 Best Documentaries About Fashion

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Documentaries about fashion capture the incredible artistry and creativity behind the world of couture. They offer a unique insight into the lives, workspaces, and inspirations of leading designers as they strive to create iconic pieces. Whether you’re a budding designer yourself or just interested in taking a peek into this fascinating industry, these documentaries will give you an up-close view of fashion’s most influential innovators. From Balenciaga to Vivienne Westwood, this roundup will provide you with the best documentaries about fashion and its creators. Get ready for a journey into the world of designer couture!

1. Givenchy – Discovering Fashion

Truly get an in-depth understanding of fashion by uncovering the secrets behind Givenchy. This documentary delves into the history and evolution of this iconic brand, giving viewers a look at how it developed over time to become what it is today. Featuring interviews with current designers, as well as prominent figures from the past, this film explores their creative process and provides a unique insight into the fashion industry. It also takes a look at some of their most iconic designs and examines how they made an impact on the world.


2. Valentino – Discovering Fashion

This documentary dives deep into the creative vision of Valentino Garavani, showcasing his works and how it has impacted the fashion industry across the globe. Through interviews with models, celebrities and designers, we view the life of this legendary designer that has captivated audiences for decades. From beginning to end, viewers will be taken on a visual journey of the innovative fashion world of Valentino. From classic couture pieces to more modern and glamorous designs, this documentary captures the essence of his creations in an unforgettable way.


3. The Story Of Dior | The Fashion Revolution | Inside Dior

The Tale of Dior is a captivating documentary that tells the story of one of fashion’s most iconic house. Spanning from Christian Dior’s early days as an haute couture designer to his untimely death in 1950 and beyond, this film reveals the inner workings of how Dior became synonymous with modern fashion. Through interviews with the people behind the scenes, as well as archival footage and never-before-seen images of the designer himself, this documentary shows why Dior remains one of the most influential fashion figures in history.


4. Toxic Labels: What is Behind Cheap Clothes | Textile Industry | Fashion

The textile is an eye-opening experience. From the production of materials to their end-use, there are many unsavory truths behind those seemingly innocent and cheap clothes. Toxic Labels: What is Behind Cheap Clothes is a documentary that dives deep into this world of exploitation and slave labor in order to uncover its deepest and darkest secrets. Through interviews with people directly affected by the abuses of this industry, we get an honest look at its impact on both the environment and those who are forced to work in it.


5. Kanye West and Fashion

Kanye West and fashion have a long, intertwined history. From his iconic Yeezy sneakers to his designs in collaboration with Adidas or Louis Vuitton, the artist has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion. A look at the Best Documentaries About Fashion also reveals that Kanye West has been an inspiration for many creatives in the industry. Kanye West’s vision of fashion has been a major influence in the world today. His collaborations with top designers have made him an icon within the industry, and people around the world have taken inspiration from his unique approach to style.


6. Turkish Fashion: Talent Amidst Chaos

From Istanbul to Ankara, Turkish fashion is a melting pot of creativity and vibrancy. In a land where culture clashes with modernity, this documentary takes viewers on an inspiring journey through the unique talent that exists in the country’s diverse fashion landscape. From traditional styles to avant-garde silhouettes, we explore the stories behind some of Turkey’s most important fashion figures, their creative processes, and the chaos that shapes them.


7. Vivienne Westwood – Discovering Fashion

What do punk, art, and fashion have in common? Vivienne Westwood! This documentary is an exploration into the life and work of arguably one of the most influential designers of modern times. From her infamous punk rock designs to her more recent couture collections, viewers will gain insight into how Westwood’s avant-garde style has evolved over the years. Through interviews and archival footage, this film chronicles fashion history in a way that is both informative and entertaining.


8. Mary Quant – Discovering Fashion

This film takes a look at the life and work of pioneering fashion designer Mary Quant. We follow her journey, from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most influential figures in modern fashion. Through interviews with those close to her and exclusive access to her archives, viewers get an intimate look into the woman who changed the face of fashion forever. With vibrant colors, incredible designs, and a unique vision, Mary Quant pushed the boundaries of fashion and defined it for generations to come.


9. Fashion Giants | ANNA WINTOUR | Gucci | Vogue | Ralph Lauren

Fashion has long been a major influence in culture and art, inspiring the world with its ever-evolving designs. From Gucci to Versace, fashion designers have left an indelible mark on the modern world – but what about those behind the scenes? Let us take a look at some of the top documentaries that explore the fashion industry. Anna Wintour: The Editor Who Changed the Way We Dress is a documentary about the iconic editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine.


10. Fast fashion – The shady world of cheap clothing

Cheaply-made clothing has become a way of life for many, but at what cost? Fast fashion is both an economic and environmental disaster. It’s a disaster that harms people working in the factories, as well as those who buy these garments only to have them fall apart after just a few wears. This documentary dives deep into the shady world of fast fashion, examining the social and environmental costs of manufacturing these garments. From labor exploitation to water pollution, this documentary provides an eye-opening look into the dark side of fast fashion.


11. Sweatshops: Deadly Fashion | When Rich Fashion Bloggers Went to Cambodia

Style and fashion are often seen as superficial topics to discuss, but the truth is that there’s much more beneath the surface. Sweatshops: Deadly Fashion takes a hard look at some of the darker aspects of the industry. From dangerous working conditions to inhumane pay, viewers learn just how difficult it can be for those who work in often unseen parts of the fashion industry. When Rich Fashion Bloggers Went to Cambodia takes a different approach, examining the vast gap between those in the industry and those who have little access to it.


12. Fast fashion – Dumped in the desert

Fast fashion is a source of many environmental and ethical issues. This documentary takes a close look at these problems, taking audiences to the edge of the desert in Morocco where thousands of tons of clothing are dumped every year. The impact of this on the environment as well as the people affected by such disposal methods is explored through interviews with experts, activists, and local communities. It serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that our throwaway culture has on our planet and its people.


13. The truth behind fast fashion – Are fashion retailers honest with their customers?

We often assume that fashion retailers are upfront about their products and practices, but what is the real story behind fast fashion? This documentary dives deep into the industry to uncover the truth. From interviews with leading designers and industry insiders, to insights from experts in sustainable materials, this film provides a comprehensive look at how these companies operate – and it will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about fast fashion. From unethical labor practices to the environmental impact of unsustainable manufacturing processes, viewers are sure to walk away with a newfound understanding of what it takes to create and maintain a fashionable wardrobe.


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