The 13 Best Documentaries About Castles

Jul 14, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

Are you fascinated by the majestic grandeur of castles? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in one? If so, then exploring documentaries about castles can give you a glimpse into the architectural beauty and historic significance of these iconic structures. From royal palaces to fortresses, watch as these films take viewers on a journey through time, showcasing the unique stories behind each castle’s construction and how they have been used throughout history. Learn how different cultures have incorporated their own design elements into their castle builds and delve deeper into why castles remain an enduring symbol of power even today. So if you’re looking for a way to experience this timeless architecture first hand, check out some amazing documentaries about castles!


1. What Life Was Like In A 13th Century Castle

Explore the unique and fascinating world of 13th century castles with this documentary as your guide. From the majestic Guedelon Castle in France to royal families such as Elizabeth II, you will be taken on a journey through time to uncover what life was like for those who lived within these imposing structures. Discover stories from different parts of history including the Crusades and Cleopatra, all brought to life through stunning visuals and engaging narration. Take a step back in time and explore the secrets that lie hidden within medieval Europe’s castles!


2. Building A Medieval Castle Using Authentic Tools

Are you fascinated by medieval castles and their construction? In this documentary, join historian Ruth Goodman, archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold as they take a journey back in time to 13th century England. Learn the authentic tools used to build these majestic structures, including hand-digging stone from quarries and using cranes with treadmills for winching stones into place! Follow along as our experts use traditional techniques to construct an impressive castle of their own!


3. The Hidden Architectural Genius Of The Medieval Castle

Travel back in time to the 13th century and explore the hidden architectural genius of medieval castles. In this captivating documentary, Ruth, Peter and Tom uncover how these majestic structures fit into a world of bustling trade, development and travel. Learn about pilgrimages, Crusades and more as you discover the awe-inspiring wonders of castle architecture!


4. The Castle Builders: Masters & Masons: How Medieval Castles Were Built

Get ready to explore the incredible world of medieval castles, and how they were built with spectacular grandeur! In this series, we’ll examine the architectural masterpieces that held the key to understanding a crucial period in civilization. From their construction prowess to ideas about kingship and chivalry that developed over time, these castles are fascinating examples of history coming alive. Join us as we take an in-depth look at The Castle Builders: Masters & Masons!


5. Great Castles of Europe

Explore the majestic castles and palaces of Europe in this captivating documentary. From Versailles to Graceland, discover the history behind some of the most iconic structures across Western Europe. Learn about their intricate design, royal heritage and fascinating stories that make these architectural marvels so remarkable!


6. The Castle Builders: Dreams & Decorations – Castles as Homes & Palaces

Explore the fascinating history of castles and their transition from fortresses to palaces! Follow us on a journey as we visit some of the most remarkable châteaux in Europe, including one that has been owned by the same family for thirty-three generations. Discover how castles have become tourist destinations and global icons, with Windsor Castle standing out as an example of this transformation. Plus, explore why Legoland chose to feature a castle-themed roller coaster at its resort – highlighting our fascination with these grand structures even today!


7. The Giant Forest Castle Of Tregruk

Join Tony Robinson and the team as they explore the mysterious Welsh forest while uncovering one of Britain’s largest castles – Tregruk. Follow them as they get lost in the mists and discover what remains of this giant fortress, learning about its history and secrets! Unravel the mystery behind Tregruk Castle with Tony Robinson today!


8. The Art Of Defending A Medieval Castle

In this video, we explore the fascinating art of defending a medieval castle. Ruth, Peter and Tom take us on a journey to discover the ingenious features that were put in place by castle-builders to protect their fortresses from invaders. We’ll learn how they used siege engines and other tactics to keep attackers at bay. Join us as we uncover the secrets of these magnificent structures!


9. The Darkest Secrets From The Medieval Tower Of London

The Tower of London, one of the United Kingdom’s most iconic tourist attractions, has been part of London’s royal heritage for over a thousand years. But what secrets do its stones contain? From tales of torture to treason and bizarre executions – this video reveals the dark history held within the walls of The Tower. Discover how it changed roles from fortress to palace to prison and uncover some tragic yet heroic characters who have passed through its gates. Uncovering these events that have shaped the destiny of Britain – this is an intriguing look into The Darkest Secrets Of The Medieval Tower Of London!


10. Britain’s Best Buildings – Harlech Castle

Take a journey with Dan Cruickshank as he visits some of Britain’s best buildings. In this episode, explore Harlech Castle – one of the finest examples of British architecture. Discover its history and marvel at its beauty in this BBC documentary series. Learn why it is so special and how it has survived centuries!


11. Eltz Castle in Germany: Would you like to live here?

Eltz Castle in Germany is a fairytale come to life. But what’s it really like to live there? We spoke with owner Jakob Graf zu Eltz, who gave us an exclusive look inside the castle and shared his thoughts on living in such a unique place. With 80 rooms, all requiring regular maintenance, could this be your next home? Find out as we explore the beauty of Eltz Castle and discover if it would be something you’d like to experience for yourself!


12. Castle: Caernarfon, Conwy, Harlech and Caerphilly

Have you ever wondered how Britain came to be full of castles? Get ready to learn the history behind the construction of some of Britain’s most iconic strongholds. In this video, historian Marc Morris details an era in British castle-building that includes four great fortresses: Caernarfon, Conwy, Harlech and Caerphilly. Learn about their purpose and significance as you explore these majestic structures!


13. British Families That Still Live In Historic Royal Castles

Discover the fascinating lives of modern and historic royalty with Real Royalty. From Elizabeth II to Cleopatra, this documentary series gives you an inside look at some of the most influential families in history. Follow these powerful dynasties as they live their everyday lives in grand castles – from Britain to Egypt and beyond! New full length documentaries are posted every week, so don’t miss out on all the royal drama!

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