The 12 Best Documentaries on Stoicism

Jul 11, 2023 | Best Of, History

The path to inner peace and joy is a lifelong journey, but Stoicism provides an invaluable guide. Beginning with Socrates and enduring throughout history, this ancient philosophical tradition offers a way to harmonious fulfillment through logic, physics, and ethics. Marcus Aurelius (Meditations), Epictetus (Discourses), Seneca, Zeno and William Irvine in A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy have all offered timeless wisdom on how we can use formal logic for effective rhetoric while exploring our relationship with the divine. By recognizing how changing circumstances shape our lives, we can learn from Stoicism’s teachings so that we may achieve a life of joyous fulfillment.


1. STOICISM: A Practical Guide

Stoicism is a practical philosophy that can help you to live life more fully and with greater intention. This documentary presents an insightful guide on how to use Stoic principles in everyday life, offering different ways to practice this ancient wisdom for success and happiness. Learn the basics of Stoicism, discover its potential benefits, and gain insight into how it can change your perspective on life!


2. Epictetus: His life, Stoic Philosophy, Quotes & his book Discourses

Epictetus was one of the most influential and revered philosophers in ancient Greece. This documentary takes us back to his life, highlighting his Stoic philosophy, quotes, and book Discourses. It explores the essence of wisdom, self-mastery & power that Epictetus embodied – even though he died thousands of years ago! His teachings still hold true as we can learn from them how to deal with difficulties while maintaining patience and composure. Watch this inspiring documentary about Epictetus for a greater understanding into his life & work!


3., Seneca the Younger (In Our Time)

This documentary, presented by Melvyn Bragg, dives into the life of Seneca the Younger – one of the first writers to live in a new Roman empire following its fall. Seneca was also a stoic philosopher and his teachings have had an immense impact on philosophy as we know it today. Learn from this inspiring figure and discover more about his contributions to our understanding of modern-day wisdom!



4. Marcus Aurelius: Emperor’s last triumph

This Marcus Aurelius documentary is a special look into the life of one of Rome’s most famous and beloved emperors. His love for wisdom and belief in justice enabled him to become an enduring symbol of strength, courage, and dignity. Witness his last triumph as darkness descended over Rome, along with his own inner struggles as he fought to maintain peace within the empire. This video gives you a glimpse into how his beliefs have become timeless meditations that we can still learn from today!


5. Stoicism 101

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that still has relevance today. This documentary by Professor Massimo Pigliucci provides a comprehensive overview of the history, theory and modern practice of Stoicism – perfect for those new to the subject! Through this documentary you will learn about critical ideas in Stoicism and discover how they can be applied to your life. So join us on this journey as we explore what it means to live a stoic life.


6. Introduction to Stoicism

This video introduces viewers to the timeless philosophy of Stoicism. From Socrates to modern-day manifestations, this philosophical tradition offers a path to inner peace and joy amidst life’s many challenges. We explore core doctrines such as logic, physics, and ethics in order to gain harmonious fulfillment. Featuring insight from ancient philosophers such as Marcus Aurelius (Meditations), Epictetus (Discourses), Seneca, and Zeno; along with William Irvine’s A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy for a fresh perspective. Learn how formal logic can help us develop effective rhetoric while also exploring our relationship with the divine. Discover how changing circumstances shape our lives so we may achieve a Good Life!


7. Marcus Aurelius – The Meditations of an Emperor?

Marcus Aurelius was one of the most influential emperors in history. His Meditations are still studied and quoted today, providing timeless wisdom on how to live a life of purpose and meaning. In this documentary, we explore the life and philosophy of Marcus Aurelius – from his rise to power as emperor to his philosophical writings that continue to inspire us centuries later. Learn about the man behind The Meditations of an Emperor and become inspired by his words!


8. Stoicism: Become Undefeatable

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that teaches us how to become undefeatable. In this video, we explore the timeless wisdom of Stoics and learn how to make peace with life’s uncertainties. We will also look at the ways stoicism can help us persevere in difficult times and find joy even when our ship sinks. Discover the secrets to becoming unshakeable in this inspiring documentary!


9. Ryan Holiday of Daily Stoic on the Fascinating Life of Marcus Aurelius

Ryan Holiday of the Daily Stoic takes us on a journey through Marcus Aurelius’ life in this fascinating documentary. Learn about his rise to power, his philosophical musings and how he used stoicism to lead an extraordinary life. Discover what made him one of history’s most influential figures and gain insight into why people still look up to him today!


10. 12 Stoic Lessons That Will Immediately Change Your Life – Ryan Holiday

Are you looking to make a change in your life? Join Ryan Holiday as he shares 12 Stoic lessons that will help you immediately transform your life. Get insight into the philosophy of Stoicism and learn how it can be applied to everyday aspects like relationships, career, and health. Tune-in today for an inspiring journey!


11. Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations: The Stoic Ideal

Are you looking to learn about the Stoic Ideal from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations? This video is for you! Learn how to be resilient and never give up, even when it feels like everything in life is against you. We will take a look at Marcus’s inspiring words: “The man who always fights one more round is never whipped.” Discover what this means and how it can help you stay strong in the face of adversity.


12. Marcus Aurelius The Philosopher King

Take a journey through the life of Marcus Aurelius, one of history’s most influential philosophers and Roman Emperors. Learn how his writings on Stoic philosophy still influence us today. Discover how he kept peace during tumultuous times in Rome and hear stories from those who knew him best as we explore the legacy of this great leader.

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