The 12 Best Documentaries About Taoism

Jul 14, 2023 | Best Of, Philosophy

Do you want to explore the mystery of one of the oldest and most popular religions in the world? If so, then Taoism is definitely worth looking into. To help you better understand this fascinating religion, here are some documentaries that will give a deep dive into its history and beliefs. So sit back, relax, and get ready to take a journey through the ancient wisdom of Taoism!


1. Tao Te Ching Explained

The Tao Te Ching documentary is an insightful exploration into the teachings of Taoism, which speaks to us all in different ways. By taking a journey through its wisdom, we can learn how to let go and open our minds to new possibilities. This inspiring documentary helps us understand how we can use these teachings to transform our lives for the better. It encourages us to empty ourselves and fill up with knowledge that will help us reach our fullest potential. Discover the power of Taoism and start your path towards enlightenment today!


2. Taoism’s World Changing Wisdom

Are you looking for an ancient and effective way to improve your life? Then this documentary is for you! Taoism’s World Changing Wisdom will take you on a journey of enlightenment and exploration. Through the teachings of Taoism, we can learn how to reconnect with nature and our fellow humans in order to live more peacefully. This documentary will show us how ancient solutions can be applied to modern problems, allowing us to experience a sustainable lifestyle. Join us now as we explore the wisdom of Taoism that has the potential to change our world!


3. Taoism: A Question of Balance

This documentary explores the various religious beliefs that shape the spiritual living of Taiwan, including Confucianism’s respect for the past and Taoism’s cosmic pattern. It features a community temple where people perform rituals to manifest their wishes – from money and children to other things. We also get an in-depth look into how Taoist traditions and rituals maintain balance between yin and yang. Join us on this journey as we uncover what makes up Taiwan’s spiritual life!


4. The Art of Letting Go

Discover the power of letting go with this compelling documentary. Follow a journey of uncertainty and extraordinary wonder as it captures the essence of Lao Tzu’s principle that a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. Learn how to live in harmony with nature, attain a peaceful way of life, and experience true freedom by relinquishing control. Join us for an inspiring exploration into The Art of Letting Go!


5. Taoism Explained In A Most Entertaining Way

Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy that encourages effortless living and enlightenment. This documentary will give you a comprehensive guide to this way of life, featuring longevity, self-discipline, and the Taoist way of life. You can learn how to experience the best living through understanding this unique philosophy and its teachings. Dive into the history and culture of Taoism with this informative video!


6. The Art of Effortless Living

Are you looking for a way to live life effortlessly? Look no further! This documentary will introduce you to the essential teachings and traditional philosophy of Taoism, specifically the non-forcing, non-doing aspect called Wu-Wei. Learn how the principle of Wu-Wei can help you trust in different aspects of your life and attain an enlightened, effortless state of mind. The Art of Effortless Living features these ideas as well as provides insight on how to enjoy living without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Tune in now and learn more about this ancient wisdom that is sure to bring balance into your life!


7. TAOISM | Be Like Water


8. Effortless Action: The Art of Spontaneity

Do you wish to tap into your inner potential and reach optimal performance? In this documentary, Effortless Action: The Art of Spontaneity, we explore the Taoist wisdom of wu-wei in order to gain access to our natural state of mind – a state that is akin to being “in the zone”. Through modern science and ancient sages such as Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu, we learn how world class artists and athletes are able to achieve peak performance. By harnessing wu-wei, we can make our actions effortless, enjoy intelligent spontaneity and ultimately unlock our true self! Discover the real freedom that comes from effortless action – a spontaneous nature that is deeply embedded within us all.


9. The Art of Synchronicity

Do you want to experience the power of synchronicity? The Art of Synchronicity will explore our relationship with Tao and how it allows us to unlock the miracle of this phenomenon. We often cast off the unconscious as a useless preoccupation, but this documentary reveals its hidden potential in bringing fate into our lives. Learn how faithfulness to its processes can open up a realm of possibilities and unravel the mystery behind synchronicity itself!


10. The Way of Effortlessness

Are you looking to find inner peace and tranquility in this chaotic world? Learn how to embrace change, tap into your own intuition, and discover joy in the present moment. This video is packed with stunning visuals and expert commentary that will provide you with the tools needed to cultivate a deep sense of inner peace. Unlock your potential by watching this documentary today!


11. Lao Tzu – 4 Ways To Simplify Your Life (Taoism)

Are you looking for ways to simplify your life? Then look no further! In this video, I’ll be discussing 4 ways that Lao Tzu’s teachings of Taoism can help you do just that. From understanding the importance of being in the present moment, to embracing nature and its beauty – these are all essential concepts for living a simpler life. Tune in and find out how you can apply these ideas to your own lifestyle and start feeling more content with less.


12. Why You Need to Trust the Universe

Have you ever felt like the universe is against you? Have you ever wanted to trust in something greater than yourself, but don’t know how? Join me on a journey of harmony and understanding as I explore Taoism from a perspective that will help us learn to trust the universe. Through this film series based on my Effortless Living audiobook, discover how trusting in the power of unity can bring peace and light into your life. Experience firsthand what it feels like when we are brought back into accord with the function of the universe and understand why allowing ourselves to be empty of all that blocks our union allows us to resonate with its answers. Let’s embark on this adventure together and unlock the secrets behind trusting the universe!




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