The 12 Best Documentaries about Somali Pirates

Jul 25, 2023 | Best Of, Crime, History

Pirates have long been a source of fear and fascination in the world, but recently Somali Pirates have become a very real threat to international trade. With over 100 attacks reported in just three months, it’s clear that something needs to be done to combat this growing menace. In this article we’ll explore what has already been done so far, as well as discussing possible future steps that could help put an end to the Somali Pirate problem. We’ll also take a look at some documentaries about these modern-day pirates which can help us gain insight into their motivations and actions. By understanding more about them, we may be able to come up with better strategies for combating piracy on the high seas.


1. 10 Real Somali Pirates Attacks Caught on Camera

Are you ready to witness some real-life pirate raids? In this video, we bring to you 10 Somali Pirates Attacks caught on camera! This is a far cry from the romanticized version of piracy depicted in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. Instead, these daring buccaneers zip across the waters on motorboats and have been captivating audiences for years. So come join us as we take an up close look at what goes down when pirates attack!


2. Kidnapped by Somali pirates

When two psychologists and a team of former FBI negotiators are called in to save four people kidnapped by Somali pirates, they know the stakes are high. With just hours left before their clients will be executed, these experts must use all their skills to make sure everyone comes out alive. Watch this incredible documentary as we follow the negotiations between the pirates and Somalia’s president for six weeks until an agreement is reached that leads to their release.


3. How Modern Pirates Are Still a Threat in The Coast of Africa

Pirates are still a very real problem in many parts of the world, particularly off the coast of Africa. This documentary follows soldiers, sailors and pirates as they conduct raids on their targets to reveal what goes on behind-the-scenes. It also looks at how modern piracy is impacting those living there by stealing natural resources without giving anything back. We explore why some view themselves as Robin Hood figures and take a look at the 73 attacks that resulted in 62 abductions in 2015. See an up close and personal account of life as a pirate today!


4. Ross Kemp In Search of Somali Pirates

In this documentary, Ross Kemp embarks on a mission to explore the issue of piracy in Somalia. He boards the HMS Northumberland and investigates why piracy has become such an issue recently and how it is threatening global trade. Along his journey he discovers what steps are being taken to reduce the threat of Somali pirates. Join him as he uncovers why piracy is so rampant in Somalia and what can be done to prevent it.


5. How To Combat Modern Somali Piracy: Pirate Hunting

The Somali piracy issue has been a highly debated topic in recent times, with many people divided on how best to combat it. On one side, some argue that removing the pirates from their homes will only cause more problems for Somalia by creating an even larger group of unemployed and desperate youth. But others believe that taking them out could lead to greater peace and prosperity for both sides of the conflict, as well as new opportunities for economic growth within Somalia itself. This documentary dives deep into this complicated issue, exploring all angles and perspectives – from those who say pirate hunting is worth the effort to those who claim there would be no incentive without being able to profit off attacks. Watch now for an engaging look at modern Somali piracy!


6. Inside the Operations of Pirate And Kidnappers in Africa

This documentary provides an in-depth look into the operations of pirate and kidnappers in Africa. From their strategies to the consequences they face, this video will show you what it’s like to be a criminal on the African continent. We’ll explore how these criminals use violence, threats and extortion to carry out their illegal activities, as well as examine how local authorities are combating these crimes. Get an inside look at life for those who choose crime over safety and security.


7. Faces Of Africa – Big Mouth and The Somali Pirates

The African coastline is home to the longest shoreline in Africa, and one of its most notorious inhabitants – Somali pirates. “Faces Of Africa” takes you on an eye-opening journey to meet Mohamed Abdi Hassan, better known as Afweyne or Big Mouth in Somali, and his group of fellow ship hijackers. Discover their stories and learn how Somalia has become a hotbed for piracy over the years.


8. Pirate Hunt 1/6 Danish Counter-Piracy Documentary

This documentary follows Danish soldiers on the warship HDMS Absalon as they take part in a UN-led counter-piracy mission off Somalia and the east coast of Africa. Watch to see how these brave men and women combat piracy, protect international shipping lanes, and bring stability to an area that has been plagued by criminal activity. Join us for this six-part series as we explore one of the most important missions facing our world today!


9. Somalia: investigation in the land of pirates

Somalia is a land of pirates and danger. In this documentary we explore the Horn of Africa, one of the most dangerous places on earth. More than half of all acts of piracy have been perpetrated here and in this video you will witness firsthand how these criminals operate. We give you an inside look into their world so that you can understand what is happening in Somalia first-hand. Join us as we investigate the land of pirates!


10. Somali pirates – chasing somali pirates

This news documentary from 2010 takes a look at the EU’s Naval task force and their efforts to combat Somali pirates off the coast of Africa. In 25 minutes, you’ll discover how these brave men and women are defending international shipping lanes against these dangerous criminals. Get an inside look into this important mission and its importance in maintaining global safety!


11. Kidnapped By Pirates For 93 Days – The Unbelievable True Story Of Jessica Buchanan & Her Captivity

We have an amazing guest with us today, Jessica Buchanan! She is a survivor of a 93-day kidnapping in Somalia by pirates. Hear her incredible story as she talks about how she kept her faith and inner strength alive during those long days in the desert. Jessica also shares how this ordeal helped her heal from personal trauma and inspired her to write Deserts To Mountaintops, which dives into the role intuition played during this frightening experience. Get ready for an inspiring conversation you won’t want to miss!


12. Somalia: The Forgotten Story

Somalia is a country with a complex and tumultuous history. From independence, democracy, and prosperity in the 60s to military dictatorship in the 70s and 80s followed by civil war and chaos – this video will tell you all about it. Learn how Somalia gained its independence from Britain and Italy in 1960, held free elections for nine years of democratic rule before it was cut short by General Siad Barre’s military coup. Understand how Barre’s 22-year rule created modern Somalia but also dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution and curbed press freedom before leading an ill-fated Ogaden War that sparked serious international opposition. Discover how this ultimately led to fragmentation of power among myriad competing factions including Al Shabab which still controls large parts of Southern Somalia today.

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