The 12 Best Documentaries About New York Mets

Jul 18, 2023 | Best Of, History, Sports

Are you ready to explore the world of ‘86 Mets? Get your popcorn ready and join us on a journey through an array of captivating documentaries about one of baseball’s most memorable teams. From stories of underdogs achieving greatness to tales of spectacular feats, these films will draw you into the lives of the ’86 Mets and bring that season’s magic alive. So step into the dugout, grab a seat in center field, and experience the many facets of this legendary team.


1. Mets 1986 – A Year to Remember

The New York Mets’ 1986 season was an unforgettable one. From the start of the year to their incredible World Series win, it was a magical journey for fans and players alike. This documentary takes you through that historic season, featuring highlights from every game along with interviews from key figures in the team’s success. Relive this amazing year as we celebrate the Mets’ championship victory!


2. 1986 Mets: Simply Amazing

Relive the amazing story of the 1986 New York Mets championship team in this documentary. Hear from some of the players and coaches who were part of that incredible season, including interviews with members of the Mets’ organization that aired on SNY for the 20th Anniversary celebrations. This is a must-watch for any fan looking to relive one of baseball’s greatest moments!


3. Battle Lines – 1986 World Series – Boston Red Sox v New York Mets – Bill Buckner

The Battle Lines documentary chronicles the unforgettable 1986 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets. Relive all of the thrilling moments, from Bill Buckner’s infamous error to Ray Knight’s game-winning home run. Witness one of baseball’s most iconic series with this vivid retelling!


4. The History of the New York Mets Part 1 1962-1986

The New York Mets have a long and storied history, from their beginnings in 1962 to winning two World Series titles in 1969 and 1986. In this documentary, we explore the team’s journey over 25 years – from its formation to those iconic championship moments. Get an inside look at how the Mets developed into one of baseball’s most beloved teams!


5. Meet the Mets: A History of the NY Mets

The Mets are one of the most beloved teams in all of baseball. This documentary gives a comprehensive look at the history of this iconic team, from their beginnings as an expansion franchise to their World Series championship. From interviews with players and coaches to footage of some of the best moments in Mets history, you’ll learn what it takes to be part of such a storied franchise. Join us on this journey through New York Mets history and relive some amazing memories!


6. Kid – A Gary Carter Story

He is remembered as one of the most beloved Mets players and this documentary captures the highs and lows of his life, including his battle with brain cancer. It’s an emotional journey that will make you appreciate the career Carter had, both on and off the field.


7. Bring It Home Mets – RARE 1986 WWOR Channel 9 SEASON RECAP

This video takes you on a journey inside Shea Stadium during the 1986 Mets season. It’s a rare look at what was going on behind the scenes as the team prepared to make their playoff push. Hosted by Alberts, this special includes interviews and footage not seen in other recaps of that year. Get ready to Bring It Home Mets!


8. Mets 2015 MLB Documentary

Relive the glory days of 2015 when the Mets made it to the MLB World Series! This documentary takes you through all the thrilling highlights of their amazing season. From intense team moments, to individual player’s shining moments, this film captures every emotion and excitement from that memorable year. You won’t want to miss out on this incredible retelling of one of baseballs greatest seasons!


9. 1969 World Series Film New York Mets

It was a season to remember for the New York Mets, and now you can relive it with this documentary film about their 1969 World Series run. Follow the team as they battle through an unforgettable series of games that culminates in one of the most iconic moments in baseball history. This is a must-watch for any fan of sports or classic cinema!


10. Millennium Mets – 2000 Mets highlight video

Relive the glory days of the 2000 Mets with this highlight video. From Mike Piazza’s home run to Bobby Valentine’s managerial style, you’ll get a glimpse into what made the team so successful that year and why they will always be remembered for their incredible season. Join us as we look back on all of Millennium Mets’ greatest moments and explore how they shaped the world of baseball!


11. The 2016 Mets: A Forgotten Playoff Story

The 2016 New York Mets: a team of underdogs that rose to the challenge and made it to the playoffs despite all odds. In this documentary, you’ll follow their story – from the highs that brought them close to winning a World Series title in 2015, through the lows when everything seemed lost for good in 2016. Relive every moment as they battle back against adversity and prove why they are true champions!



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