The 12 Best Documentaries About Nepal

Jul 20, 2023 | Best Of, History

Nepal is a country of great beauty, with seven of the world’s highest peaks and an incredibly diverse culture. But despite its natural wonders, Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world and faces challenges from political instability. To learn more about this incredible nation, documentaries are a great way to start – here are seven that offer invaluable insights into life in Nepal! From exploring ancient traditions to uncovering stories of resilience and hope, these films provide insight into what makes this place so special. So before your next visit to Nepal, make sure you check out these must-watch documentaries!


1. Women in Nepal: Chhaupadi

This video is about Chhaupadi, a traditional practice in Nepal that restricts women and girls from participating in family or social functions during their period. It is based on the belief that menstruation brings bad luck and evil spirits to the home. The typical diet for these women consists of dry food and rice, while they are not allowed to use community water sources or bathe. In 2005, Nepal’s Supreme Court declared this tradition unconstitutional but it was overturned by 2018’s new law which imposes jail time or fines if anyone forces a woman into exile while she is on her period. This documentary follows the experiences of some girls as they go through this ritual and highlights how dehumanizing it can be for them psychologically. Watch now to learn more about Chhaupadi and help spread awareness about its effects on young women!


2. Deadliest Roads: Nepal

Far from any tourist hubs, the people of Gorkha fight against perils in the monsoon season. Trucks and mule caravans battle tirelessly to provide for villages cut off by mud ditches- which form during hard rains that don’t release anything without a struggle. Shaman witch doctors are always on hand to chase away bad spirits and watch over Nepalese populations undergoing hardship due to their meager living conditions caused by poverty or natural disasters.


3. Living on a Dollar a Day

This documentary offers a unique perspective into the lives of everyday people in Nepal. We hear stories from those living on less than $1 a day, and witness their struggles and triumphs at work, home, and in their communities. Join us on an extraordinary journey to gain insight into the Nepali culture – through the eyes of its people!


4. Living With Nepal’s Last Nomads

This documentary takes you on a journey through Nepal to see the last of its nomadic tribes. Follow these incredible people as they migrate across the country in search of food, shelter and safety. Experience their awe when they come into contact with an outsider for the first time, and witness how they navigate political changes that could mean their demise. See how this small tribe survive off what little resources are available to them while dodging bandits and avoiding civilization. Join us on our exploration of Living With Nepal’s Last Nomads!


5. Takasera: A Portrait of a Himalayan Village

Tucked away in the Himalayas, Takasera is a small village that may be forgotten by many, but it’s the centre of Kham Magar culture. With interconnected homes and roofs like those of bees, it has created its own sense of homeostasis. This documentary takes you to Takasera where you can experience everyday life and festivals as if you were actually there! The slow-paced shots provide glimpses into cultural realities while also touching upon social aspects too – making this an incredibly unique portrait of a Himalayan village.


6. Why Nepal’s Prince Organised A Royal Massacre

Nepal’s royal family has been a powerful force in the country for centuries, but their story came to an abrupt end in 2008 when they were ousted from power and forced out of their palaces. In this documentary, we explore the dramatic events that led up to this momentous shift from kingdom to republic and investigate the questions surrounding what happened during this bloody transition. From Elizabeth II to Cleopatra, Real Royalty takes you on a journey through some of history’s most influential families and reveals how these stories will be remembered for all time!


7. The Nepal Documentary

Nepal is a country of stunning beauty and captivating culture. This documentary takes viewers on an inspiring journey to Nepal’s remote regions, uncovering their long history and fascinating way of life. From high mountains to deep valleys, this film will give you a unique glimpse into the lives of the Nepalese people. Join us as we explore this amazing land!


8. Nepal: The Paths Of Wisdom

Nepal is a land of breathtaking beauty and deep-rooted culture, but the Gorkha region in particular has faced unique challenges. During the long monsoon season, mountain villages become isolated from the rest of Nepal, leaving their inhabitants to battle against the seasonal rains. But despite these difficulties, brave bus drivers and caravans of mules are determined to supply them with essential goods – an inspiring feat that few other countries can match! In this documentary we explore The Paths Of Wisdom in Nepal’s Gorkha region and witness first-hand how those who live there have embraced resilience despite incredible odds.


9. Nepal: The battle for souls

Nepal is a country with a deep and ancient history that has only recently begun to open up to the world. In this documentary, we explore Nepal’s journey from its beginnings as a predominantly Hindu state to its present day status as one of South Asia’s most diverse countries. We look at the battles for souls that have taken place in recent years and how they have impacted Nepali society today. Join us on an exploration of Nepal’s fascinating culture, religions, politics and people!


10. Behind The Herd an epic story form Karnali region of Nepal

Far away in the Himalayas of Nepal lies the isolated Karnali region. This is a unique place, where centuries-old customs and traditions have come together with nature and animals to form an incredible epic story. In this experimental documentary film, we get to see these customs firsthand without any artificial sounds or music or lighting hindering our experience. With cinema verite rules applied, you can witness the pure expressions and environment that make up this unforgettable story from Karnali!


11. Crashed: Nepal’s treacherous airspace

Nepal is a country known for its stunning landscape, but there is something else lurking beneath the surface. Over 700 people have died in plane crashes over the past three decades. In this documentary, explore why air safety in Nepal has been so poor and get insight from experts, victims’ relatives and a representative of the civil aviation authority. Learn what lies behind Nepal’s treacherous airspace and how it can


12. Most Dangerous Ways To School

It’s normal for kids in Kumpur, a mountain village in the highest situated country on earth to attend school in the valley. But just 50 years ago, this village was completely self sufficient and relied on an annual trek to refill their salt stock. Nowadays, kids have to cross dangerous rivers every day just to get an education! This video follows the brave children of Kumpur as they make this treacherous journey – while also exploring how their remote community is left behind with each passing day.

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