The 12 Best Documentaries About Ned Kelly

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Are you curious about the life and legacy of Ned Kelly? Do you want to learn more about one of Australia’s most notorious outlaws? If so, take a look at these 12 documentaries about Ned Kelly. From his childhood growing up in poverty-stricken Victoria to his final days as a celebrated legend, these films provide an intimate glimpse into the story of the man who has become an Australian icon. Each film offers a unique perspective on the life and death of Ned Kelly, shedding light on his remarkable journey from criminal to folk hero. Whether you’re looking for an overview of his story or an in-depth exploration of his legacy, these documentaries will leave you with new insight into this fascinating figure. So come along and explore the life and legend of Ned Kelly with these 12 must-see documentaries!


1. The True Story of Ned Kelly

Introducing the definitive list of documentaries exploring the life and legacy of Australia’s most notorious bushranger, Ned Kelly. From the original ‘Story of Ned Kelly’ re-mastered from 2001 to Ian Jones’ biography on the iconic outlaw himself, these movies will take you inside the fascinating world of Ned Kelly’s tumultuous life. Prepare to be captivated by the incredible footage and interviews, and gain insight into the controversial figure that shaped Australian history. Discover why Ned Kelly has become such an icon in modern Australia — these documentaries will surely leave you enthralled!


2. TimeTeam : Ned Kelly Special

Are you curious about the life and times of Ned Kelly? Then, look no further than these captivating documentaries about Australia’s most famous bushranger. Discover the mysterious events that surrounded Ned Kelly’s last stand at Glenrowan Victoria Australia and explore some of the archaeological digs that have illuminated his story. From crime drama to archaeological finds, these documentaries provide a captivating glimpse into Ned Kelly’s life and legacy. From thrilling re-enactments to in-depth interviews, they offer an incredible look at the facts that make up his story. So, join us as we delve into the fascinating world of the legendary outlaw and explore some of the best documentaries about Ned Kelly available today!


3. Ned Kelly: Australia’s Most Famous Outlaw

“Is Ned Kelly a hero or villain? Australia’s most infamous bushranger has stirred up debate for more than a century. But now, you can make up your own mind by exploring the extraordinary life of this legendary figure with these must-see documentaries about Ned Kelly.” Dive into the incredible story behind one of Australia’s most iconic figures and discover why this notorious outlaw continues to capture the public imagination with these fascinating documentaries! From riveting portrayals of his daring stand against British rule, to controversial explorations of his life and legacy, delve into the incredible journey of Ned Kelly and make up your own mind on one of Australia’s most legendary figures. These must-see docos are sure to keep you captivated and give you a unique insight into the life of one of Australia’s most notorious figures. So get comfortable and dive into the extraordinary story of Ned Kelly – prepare to be amazed!


4. Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly: Unravelling the Epic Saga of Australia’s Infamous Bushranger!

Take a step back in time to the world of rebellion and adversity. Follow Ned Kelly, the Australian folk hero as you uncover his remarkable story through some of the best documentaries available! From tales of resilience and strength, to moments of injustice and despair – dive into an adventure that brings the legend alive. Witness what it was like for Ned Kelly as he stood for his rights despite great odds. A classic story of courage and determination that you won’t soon forget! So join us as we explore the life of Ned Kelly in these compelling documentaries.


5. Australia’s Most Notorious Outlaw – Ned Kelly

From the dusty outback of Australia to the hearts and minds of millions, Ned Kelly’s story has been immortalized through film. From epic feature-length films to gripping documentaries, there is no shortage of eye-opening stories that bring the legend of Ned Kelly back to life. Get ready for an incredible journey as we explore some of the best documentaries about Ned Kelly and the life of an outback outlaw. So, let’s put on our Iron Man outfits and take a look at an incredible journey through the crimes, motivations, highs, and lows of Ned Kelly!


6. The true story of the Kelly Gang Armour | Did it work? Who made it?

The story of Ned Kelly, one of the most iconic figures in Australian history, has captivated audiences for decades. From his daring escapades to his infamous demise, it is no wonder that so many have tried to uncover the mysteries surrounding him – and now you can too! With a plethora of documentaries to choose from, we’ve narrowed the list down to the best ones that explore the life and legacy of Ned Kelly. Get ready to take a fascinating journey into his world, from the streets of Glenrowan to the darkest days in Australian history. Buckle up – you’re about to embark on an adventure unlike any other!


7. The True History of Ned Kelly Places – Ian Jones

Are you curious to learn about the life, times and crimes of Ned Kelly? If so, then this is the article for you! We take a look at some of the best documentaries that have been released over the years to explore the man behind Australia’s most notorious bushranger. From Ian Jones’ Screenwriter/Director/Producer film ”The Story Of Ned Kelly” to Michael Spencer and Darren Jones’ Picture Pond Media production, these documentaries bring the legend of Ned Kelly to life. So buckle up as we take you on a journey through time to uncover the true story behind Australia’s most famous outlaw. Come along with us and discover just what drove this legendary figure to become one of our nation’s greatest icons.


8. The Death of Ned Kelly

It’s been over a century since Ned Kelly, the infamous Australian outlaw, met his fate at the gallows in Old Melbourne Gaol. Since then, Ned has become a legendary figure that many have sought to document and explore through film. From award-winning documentaries about his life to historical recreations of his death, here are some of our favorite movies that tell the story of Ned Kelly. Dive into this list to uncover the truth behind Australia’s most notorious outlaw and learn why he is still talked about today.


9. The NOTORIOUS Execution Of Ned Kelly – Australia’s Outlaw

If you’re looking to explore the life and times of one of history’s most notorious outlaws, then look no further! Here we have a list of some of the best documentaries about Ned Kelly, Australia’s infamous bushranger who led the now-famous Kelly Gang. Dive deep into this fascinating story to gain insight into the man and his actions, and learn about the legacy he left behind. Get ready for a wild ride as we explore these incredible documentaries!


10. Absolute Mad Lads – Ned Kelly

From his iconic bushranger armor to his swashbuckling escapades, Ned Kelly remains one of Australia’s most notorious folk heroes. As such, he has been the subject of countless films and TV shows. But for a truly riveting experience, seeking out some of the best documentaries about Ned Kelly is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. From the Emmy award-winning “Outlaws of Love and Death” to the in-depth exploration of his life in “The World According to Ned Kelly”, these documentaries offer an exciting look at Australia’s notorious outlaw! Here are our top picks for the best documentaries about Ned Kelly. Enjoy!


11. Feature History – Ned Kelly (1/2)

When it comes to Australian folklore, there’s one name that stands tall: Ned Kelly. This controversial figure has inspired countless films and books, as well as a variety of documentaries. These documentaries offer insight into the life of this iconic outlaw – from his relationships with family members to stories about his death – providing an engaging look at the history behind the legend.


12. Feature History – Ned Kelly (2/2)

It’s difficult to deny the legend of Ned Kelly, and even more captivating is the story behind him. With so many pieces of evidence that come in various forms, it can be hard to make sense of them all. However, documentaries have proven to be a great way to learn about and understand this fascinating Australian figure. From historical explorations to biographical perspectives, here’s our list of the best documentaries about Ned Kelly that will give you a deeper understanding of his life. So read on and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the times of one of Australia’s most notorious outlaws.

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