The 12 Best Documentaries About Morocco

Sep 7, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, People

Morocco is a beautiful country that often leaves visitors in awe. It is a diverse nation with vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and fascinating history. From modern-day cities to ancient oases – there’s always something new to explore in this amazing country. But if you’re looking for another way to experience Morocco without leaving the comfort of your home, why not watch some of the best documentaries about the country?


1. Mediterranean journey

Sineb El Masrar and Jaafar Abdul Karim have explored the beauty of Morocco. They discovered the famous souk in Tangier, as well as its old city overlooking the strait of Gibraltar. During her solo journey, Sineb encountered an animal rights activist, got involved with a women’s cooperative, and heard the Hadra singers in Chefchaouen, also known as the Blue City.


2. Stories from Morocco

The wild landscape of Morocco is unlike any other place on the planet. A vast expanse of sand and desert, it’s an enchanting paradise that hides a myriad of secrets. From the legendary caravans that traverse its deserts to the aromatic saffron fields, this land has something unique for every traveler.


3. From Nigeria to Morocco

When he was just 18 years old, Ike Nnaebue left his Nigerian home in search of a better life. But the harsh realities of his journey forced him to abandon his ambitions in Mauretania. Years later, however, with his camera firmly in hand, he’s returned to take on the same difficult migration route again.


4. The Best of The Mountains of Morocco

Follow celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on a journey to some of the most extraordinary places on Earth. From the bustling ancient cities of Morocco to its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, he’ll explore incredible new culinary creations and cultural experiences he’ll never forget. Take a deep dive into this unique destination and discover how centuries-old traditions have been successfully preserved while embracing modernity.


5. Lost Civilizations

The city of Fes, founded by sultan Idris the 1st and existing since 12th century, holds an incredible amount of culture. Its mixture of modern elements with ancient relics edified by the Marinids is what makes it so attractive to tourists all over the world. It’s the perfect place to explore Morocco’s rich history.


6. The Kingdom of Morocco BBC Documentary

From snow-capped peaks to rolling sand dunes, the Kingdom of Morocco is a land of contrasts. From bustling cities like Casablanca and Marrakech, to the more tranquil coastal towns and villages along the Mediterranean Sea, it’s easy to see why this North African country is quickly becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world.


7. A Country Of Captivating Colors And Cultures

Morocco has had a diverse cultural influence throughout the centuries. Three individuals show us the unique facets of this country, starting with Abdullah who resides in Taliouine and shows us the precious secrets of saffron – a spice worth its weight in gold. We also meet Julie, a French nurse raising awareness about health care amongst remote communities in the high Atlas valley.


8. Beautiful Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is a country of captivating beauty and soul. From the vibrant markets of Marrakech to the vast Sahara Desert, this North African destination has something to offer all types of travelers. Its ancient medinas, intricate architecture, and flavorful cuisine are only a few highlights that make Morocco so special.


9. Morocco, how many languages do you speak?

As I wandered through the mesmerizing city of Tangier, Morocco, I asked its people what languages they could speak. A kaleidoscope of cultures and traditions come together in this Northernmost city, so it was not a surprise to hear that the locals spoke multiple tongues. Some were familiar like Arabic and English while others seemed almost alien in comparison like Spanish and Berber.


10. Marrakesh to the Sahara

My first trip to Morocco was the adventure of a lifetime! I created this two part documentary series about my travels through this unique and captivating country. From exploring the medina in Marrakech to feeling the warmth of the Sahara Desert, I endeavored on a quest for knowledge and discovery.


11. The Greatest Moroccan Sultan

I have spent much of my life exploring the beautiful nation of Morocco. I remember my first time there, it was a journey that changed my life. From seeing the grandiose architecture of Sultan Ismail’s Alaouite Dynasty to the rugged beauty of the desert plains, it is truly an enchanting country.


12. The Kings of Rif

Morocco, well-known for its culture and diversity, has recently made waves in the cannabis industry. After years of regulations and restrictions on hashish production, authorities have relaxed their standards to allow not only medicinal but also cosmetic and industrial uses for this powerful plant. Now thriving as one of the largest producers in the world.


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