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When it comes to basketball legends, Michael Jordan is at the top of list. His extraordinary performances on the court have made him a household name for generations. But beyond his impressive accomplishments, there are multiple documentaries that explore his life and career with greater depth and insight into what drives one of the greatest athletes of all time. From in-depth interviews with Jordan’s friends, family members, and former coaches to a behind-the-scenes look of his famous commercials and iconic moments in basketball history, these documentaries provide an unparalleled view into the life of Michael Jordan. Here are some of the best documentaries about the man that changed basketball forever.

The name Michael Jordan has become synonymous with greatness. From the moment he stepped onto a basketball court, this 6’6″ superstar set records and blazed trails that would not be challenged or surpassed for years to come. Michael Jordan’s incredible skill on the court is what earned him the nickname “Air Jordan”. His gravity-defying dunks, spectacular speed, and seemingly effortless agility made him the most celebrated athlete of his generation. Throughout his career, Jordan cemented himself as one of the greatest basketball players in history. His impact on the game was unparalleled and he was instrumental in leading the Bulls to a total of six championships during his tenure there. His Airness also had an effect off the court, becoming one of the most influential and celebrated athletes in history. His face graced countless magazine covers, his name was featured on merchandising lines from clothing to video games, and his style became the blueprint for future generations of basketball stars.


One of the greatest to ever play on a basketball court, Michael Jordan has been an iconic figure in the sport for more than two decades. Now, ESPN takes viewers back to some of his most memorable games and moments with their latest documentary, Michael Jordan: Unfinished Business. The comprehensive look at the career of one of sports’ greatest legends takes a deep dive into both the highs and lows of Jordan’s career. From his three-peat championships in the 90s to his brief foray into baseball and eventual return, fans get an intimate look at the man behind the legend. Interviews with former teammates, coaches, and other basketball figures provide insight that only those who played alongside him can give. They share stories of his intense drive and competitiveness, as well as the locker-room hijinks.


From his iconic dunks to the “Air Jordan” logo, Michael Jordan is remembered as one of the greatest basketball players in history. But behind the show stopping moves was a man who dedicated himself to perfecting every aspect of his game. He could do it all — score, rebound, pass, defend — and he set the bar for excellence. Jordan was more than a great player; he was an entertainer, motivator and leader. He inspired his teammates with passionate speeches in the locker room, before games and at halftime — never letting them forget their goal of winning championships. That relentless drive to win pushed him to practice harder than anyone else on the team, and to practice the most difficult shots so he could master them.


The career of Michael Jordan is legendary. From his electrifying dunks, to his stomach-churning buzzer beaters and championship winning moments, he truly was a force of nature on the court. Now, with Joseph Vincent’s original documentary, you can re-live all these moments in one place. All of Michael Jordan’s greatest achievements are encapsulated in this documentary, from his all-star moments to his finals victories. Re-live the career of one of the greatest players to ever set foot on a court with this one-of-a-kind documentary. Be transported back in time and experience what it was like to watch Michael Jordan take over the game.


Every single day, Michael Jordan is here to inspire and motivate you to do the best in your life. A famously successful businessman and retired professional basketball player, he has a powerful story that can help you become the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Soak in his words and let them sink deep into your soul. His motivational speech will provide you with the courage and strength you need to become successful. His inspiring words will help you break free of any limiting beliefs and embrace a life full of possibilities. Believe in yourself, never give up, and take action! These are all key elements that Michael Jordan encourages us to practice every day. He reminds us that failure is just part of the journey, so don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things.


Michael Jordan’s career is one of the greatest successes that sport has ever seen. With six titles with the Chicago Bulls, he became an NBA icon and changed basketball forever. But what happened after his 1997 retirement? The Encore Documentary tells the true story of Michael Jordan’s Last Dance – his comeback from retirement and his two seasons with the Washington Wizards.


Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players to ever grace the courts. His unparalleled skill and dedication to the sport have made him an icon in his own right, and stories about his feats on the court continue to be retold even after all these years.



Michael Jordan, the G.O.A.T., is a basketball legend who rose to prominence in the NBA and beyond. He was an athlete of unprecedented skill and finesse, amassing 6 championship rings in his career, making him one of the most successful players ever seen on a court. His popularity extended out of sport, becoming one of the most recognisable people in the world and earning billions from his brand. But, Jordan was more than just an athlete – he was a symbol of excellence and determination, inspiring generations of players to pursue their dreams. His legacy will live on long after he leaves the court for the final time. Such is his greatness that even now it’s almost impossible to compare him with any other player; Larry Bird might be the only one to come close. Jordan was a true icon of the game and his name will never be forgotten.



It’s time to take a quick look at one of the greatest basketball legends of all-time: Michael Jordan. In honor of his 60th birthday, we’re counting down MJ’s top 60 career plays – get ready to be amazed! From iconic dunks and buzzer-beaters to clutch jump shots and mind-blowing 3 pointers, there are too many amazing highlights to count. Whether he was gliding through the air with a dunk or draining an improbable shot from beyond the arc, Michael Jordan left us all in awe of his greatness. So sit back and enjoy as we relive some of MJ’s greatest moments! We guarantee you’ll find yourself watching these classic plays over and over again. Happy 60th birthday Michael Jordan! No list of Michael Jordan’s greatest plays would be complete without his famed “The Shot”. With just five seconds left on the clock, MJ drained a buzzer-beater over Craig Ehlo to send the Cleveland Cavaliers packing in 1989. An iconic moment that will never be forgotten, The Shot is widely regarded as one of the most memorable moments in NBA history.


With an impeccable sense of style, a flare for the dramatic, and a magnetism that was unparalleled on the court, Michael Jordan became an icon of success. His career spanned two decades and included several winning streaks and MVP awards. But it was during his time with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s that he truly became the soul of basketball. Although Jordan was always an incredible player, it was during this time that he rose to legendary status. He won five NBA championships with the Bulls from 1991-1998 and four MVP awards during this same span. In 1993, he famously scored over 40 points in four consecutive playoff games against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. His ability to lead his team right when they needed it most was unmatched.


Michael Jordan was the king of the court. His trash talk was legendary, and it’s impossible to forget the many battles that took place both on and off the court. There are countless stories of how his opponents backed down when they stepped into a verbal altercation with him. One particular video stands out as a perfect example of this phenomenon: two unsuspecting players thought they could get the better of him, only to be met with his razor-sharp wit and an unforgettable lesson. Even today, this video is a reminder never to underestimate Jordan’s incredible intelligence, charisma and ability to turn any situation into a win for himself. Jordan’s legendary trash talking skills weren’t just limited to the court either; he was also known for using his sharp mouth to take down opponents in the media. His infamous “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots” quote is a perfect example of how he could make even the most difficult situation into an opportunity to win over fans and opponents alike.


Michael Jordan is an NBA legend, and his time with the Chicago Bulls was the stuff of dreams. Many people have wondered what it was like to be on a team led by MJ himself—what kind of leader he was, and how that leadership contributed to their success. ABC’s Australian Story recently spoke to Michael Jordan for insight on this topic, as well as his remarkable career. When asked what it was like to lead the Bulls, Jordan spoke candidly about how he strived to bring the team together and push them to be their best. He went on to say that although his leadership style could occasionally be seen as “carnivorous”, in his view, this approach worked well for the team.

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