The 12 Best documentaries about lularoe

Sep 1, 2023 | Best Of, Business

If you are looking to learn more about the incredible success story of Lularoe, then look no further! In this article we have put together a list of the best documentaries that provide an in-depth exploration into the rise and fall of Lularoe. From gripping interviews with former employees to touching stories from members of the beloved fashion brand’s fan base, these documentaries will provide an all-encompassing view into the history and impact of Lularoe. Get ready to be captivated as you watch how one company’s ambition changed the entire fashion industry!


1. Leaving LuLaRoe

Dozens of women have been drawn to LuLaRoe’s dream of getting rich quick, only to be left disillusioned and without their investments. To uncover the truth behind this controversial MLM company, we spoke with three former LuLaRoe consultants about their experiences and why they decided to leave.


2. Terrifying Things We Learned From the LuLaRoe

Amazon Prime’s new docuseries, LuLaRich, has taken the world by storm. It chronicles the story of MLM company LuLaRoe – you know, the one that sells those slightly disfigured leggings! After watching it multiple times I wanted to go deeper and explore some of its more shocking moments.



It’s hard to believe that a documentary about the explosive growth and success of LuLaRoe could be so incomplete. While it was certainly an inspiring account, there were things that we would have liked to see included in the film. For one, the film made no mention of the criticisms and legal troubles that were also part of LuLaRoe’s story. There was also very little discussion about what it took to build an empire like LuLaRoe, or how its founders created their unique brand.


4. The Woman Who Took LuLaRoe To Court

Roberta Blevins is outspoken about her experience with the MLM company, LuLaRoe. In this documentary, Roberta takes viewers back to where it all began. She provides insight on how she was lured into the company in the first place and details her grievances that have led her to take legal action against them. Through analyzing her own experience as well as other’s accounts, Roberta paints a vivid picture of the dangers associated with being involved in an MLM scheme. The documentary also sheds light on the increasing prevalence of MLMs and how they can become predatory if not monitored closely. Roberta is a strong advocate for truth and justice in this fight against LuLaRoe.



I’ve been selling Lularoe for a few years and I want to share my experience with it. It was quite the journey; when I first started in 2015, things were pretty good – but then they started to take a turn for the worse. In this video, I’m going to talk about why I got into selling LuLaRoe, how it works, the red flags that I encountered during my time with it, and why I ultimately decided to stop selling Lularoe altogether.


6. The Insane LuLaRoe Documentary

LuLaRich might be one of the most sought-after documentaries about LuLaRoe. From fashion entrepreneurs to diehard fans, no matter who you are, this documentary will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the stylish and daring brand. The film dives deep into the story of LuLaRoe’s rise to success and examines its controversial business practices.


7. LuLaRoe: The REAL Untold Story

LuLaRoe has created quite the stir in the world of multi-level marketing. Founders Deanne and Mark have achieved an impressive level of success with their women’s clothing business, sparking conversations from both supporters and critics alike. With multiple Facebook groups and Reddit forums documenting every move this intriguing company makes, it’s obvious that people are hungry for knowledge about LuLaRoe. That’s why I decided to create a documentary about this company, providing an in-depth look at the soap opera that truly is LuLaRoe. By delving into their story and gathering all of the necessary information in one place, viewers will be able to learn more about their story first-hand.


8. LuLaRoe Retailers have a Choice

When it comes to discovering the truth about lularoe, documentaries are a great source for learning. Documentaries provide insights into the trends, stories and lives of those involved in this business. There’s no better way to understand what’s going on than getting to know the people who are directly affected by it all. Here are some of the best documentaries about Lularoe that you should not miss.


9. LuLaRoe

No longer is the company LuLaRoe synonymous with success and prosperity. The MLM powerhouse, responsible for many of today’s most popular fashion trends, is quickly falling out of favor not only with potential customers but also with its own team members. In this documentary, you will learn more about why LuLaRoe is struggling and what it means for those already involved with it.


10. The Fall Of The Lularoe Empire

From the heights of its multi-level marketing success to its fall from grace, LuLaRich Review takes you through the history of the Lularoe Empire. As one of the most successful MLMs in recent years, it soared in popularity with its unique “butterfly” logo and inventors Mark and DeAnne Stidham’s relentless approach to sales and marketing. But as big success comes with big risks, soon the company was embroiled in lawsuits and its reputation plummeted. LuLaRich Review takes a closer look at what went wrong; from the notorious lack of quality control to the customers who felt taken advantage of, this documentary follows the rise and fall of Lularoe’s once-promising empire.


11. State of Washington v LuLaRoe

The founding of LuLaRoe was a highly documented event for many fashion fans across the country. The business, started by DeAnne Stidham in 2012 with just $5,000, quickly grew to become one of America’s leading clothing companies. However, in 2017 Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed suit against the company accusing them of running an “illegal pyramid scheme”.

12. The REAL Truth About Lularoe

Welcome to Part Two of Why I Quit Selling Lularoe. If you’re looking for a comprehensive look into the business practices, culture and lifestyle that comes with being an independent fashion retailer, then this is the video for you. I’ll cover everything from why I started selling Lularoe in the first place to why I ultimately decided to quit my venture.


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