The 13 Best Documentaries About John Wayne Gacy

Aug 24, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

John Wayne Gacy, the notorious serial killer in the late 1970s, is a subject of intense fascination among true crime fans. From Gacy’s victims to his legal proceedings and eventual execution, the story of John Wayne Gacy has captivated audiences for decades. If you’re interested in learning more about this infamous criminal, there are plenty of documentaries about John Wayne Gacy available to watch. From in-depth character studies to archival footage, these documentaries offer a comprehensive glimpse into the life and legacy of John Wayne Gacy. Here’s our list of the best documentaries about John Wayne Gacy that you need to watch.

1. The Killer Clown- John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy is a name forever etched in the annals of history. Dubbed ‘The Killer Clown’, he brutally snuffed out the lives of more than 30 men – and buried his victims under the crawl space of his suburban home. Born to Kill takes an unflinching look at cases such as this, into how it could be nature or nurture that creates a serial killer. Our Life delves into the mysterious and complex world of social issues through award-winning documentaries, films and reports that will entertain, inform and inspire. Explore stories from around the globe, such as John Wayne Gacy’s case which has shocked the world with its depravity. Discover more about his insidious motives — from luring hitchhikers and runaways to his home, where he tortured and eventually killed them — before being found guilty in 1980 and sentenced to death. Explore the dark side of modern culture as we seek to understand why people are driven to commit such heinous acts of violence, or look into more uplifting tales that can leave you feeling positive about the world around us. At Our Life, you’ll never miss a beat. Join us on an unprecedented journey as we take a closer look at our society today.


2. John Wayne Gacy Documentary

John Wayne Gacy Jr. had a dark side, hidden from the public eye by his friendly clown persona. A man of immense evil, he was responsible for the torture and murder of at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois. Victims were enticed to his Norwood Park ranch house by force or deception and subsequently killed via asphyxiation or strangulation with a makeshift tourniquet. 26 of his victims were discovered buried in the crawl space under his home, while three of them were unearthed elsewhere on the property and four more found discarded in Des Plaines River. The “Killer Clown” had a history of charity work at various fundraisers, parades, and children’s parties, where he donned the faces of “Pogo the Clown” or “Patches the Clown”, two characters he created. This masked his true nature from those around him until it was too late for many. Gacy was eventually convicted of 33 counts of murder, earning him a sentence of death on March 13, 1980, for 12 of those killings. He was eventually executed via lethal injection at Stateville Correctional Center on May 10, 1994. The case of John Wayne Gacy Jr. serves as a chilling reminder to be careful who you trust and keep your wits about you. While the friendly clown may be nothing more than an innocent facade, it could also simply be masking deeper and darker intentions. We can never be too sure in whom or what we put our faith.


3. John Wayne Gacy- The Original Killer Clown

Gacy, the original ‘Killer Clown’ was a notorious and prolific serial killer whose crimes left an indelible impression on the collective consciousness. He lured 33 young men and teenage boys to his home with the promise of alcohol, then handcuffed them claiming he wanted to demonstrate a trick from his clown routine. Once they were bound, Gacy would viciously torture and sodomize them before ultimately strangling them to death. His victims were mostly buried in the crawl space beneath his home, though he was also an active member of his community that often dressed up as a clown for charitable events and parties. Gacy’s story has been retold and reinterpreted over the decades in film, television, books, comics, video games and other media. Many believe he was the inspiration for Stephen King’s terrifying character Pennywise the Clown. In May of 1994, Gacy was executed by lethal injection. His legacy lives on as one of the dark and sinister figures of criminal history – a reminder that no-one is safe from evil when it lurks in the shadows.


4. Serial Killer- John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy, also known as the Killer Clown, was a notorious serial killer in the 1970s and 1980s. He preyed upon young boys and men, luring them with promises of money or employment before taking their lives. His reign of terror ended abruptly when he was arrested for his gruesome murders in 1978, but not before he had killed at least 33 victims. Gacy’s notoriety makes him one of the most infamous serial killers in history, and his story has captured the imaginations of writers, filmmakers, and readers for decades. He became notorious for dressing up as a clown while committing his crimes, earning him the nickname “The Killer Clown.” His criminal exploits have been immortalized in literature, television, and film. Gacy was known to be a cunning and manipulative man who charmed victims into trusting him before taking their lives. He used his charm as a tool to gain access to vulnerable people’s homes, where he would then drug and murder them. His victims were typically young men in their teens or early twenties.


5. Serial Killer – John Wayne Gacy

The dastardly deeds of John Wayne Gacy remain a taint on clowns of all kinds. Although not every clown was evil during Gacy’s lifetime, there is now an urban legend that they are ever present in our world today. His horrible acts against young men and boys shocked the nation as it emerged he had lured them to his home before murdering them in the basement. Gacy presented himself as a charitable, albeit strange, entertainer under the guise of ‘Pogo the Clown’ and ‘Patches the Clown’, holding performances at hospitals and events around the country. However, to this day his name is synonymous with malevolence and fear amongst clowns everywhere. Despite his repugnant actions, the legacy of Gacy lives on in the form of popular culture references and urban legends. Whether it be movies, TV shows or books – his memory is far from forgotten. Unfortunately, this means that for many people clowns are associated with pure evilness – something Gacy will be remembered for until the day he dies.


6. A&E Biography John Wayne Gacy A Monster In Disguise

John Wayne Gacy was a man of two faces: the jovial, clown-costumed entertainer that children knew and adored, and the darker figure hiding a lifetime of secrets. Born on March 17th, 1942 to John Stanley Gacy and Marion Elaine Robinson, Gacy had a difficult childhood as his father grappled with alcoholism and his mother with depression. Gacy’s own missteps as a troubled teen led to jail time, but he continued to challenge the law and carry out his criminal behavior when released at 22. Despite this, Gacy still found time for family; in 1964, he married Marlynn Myers and became a father of two children. To onlookers, it seemed that Gacy had finally found a way to keep his darker impulses in check and live a normal life. He got involved with charity work, ran for office, and was known to delight children as a clown at birthday parties. But the truth behind Gacy’s outwardly normal facade was far more sinister—a nightmare that no one could have predicted.


7. John Wayne Gacy- The Serial Killer Clown

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8. A&E Special – American Justice – John Wayne Gacy

Robert Piest, a teenage boy, was the only one to survive the terror that John Wayne Gacy brought into the lives of thirty-three people. Born in Chicago, Illinois on March 17th, 1942 to an abusive and alcoholic father, Gacy’s life was full of humiliation and isolation. In response to this mistreatment he took on the persona of Pogo the Clown—a character that would become a part of his gruesome legacy. Between 1972 and 1978, Gacy went on to commit a series of heinous murders in Cook County, Illinois. In December of 1978 he was finally caught and sentenced to death for twelve of those cases; eventually being executed by lethal injection in May of 1994. The A&E documentary “John Wayne Gacy: The Serial Killer” offers a detailed and insightful look into the life of the killer as well as interviews with the affected family members of his victims, and survivors like Robert Piest. It is an exploration not only into John Wayne Gacy’s personal history, but also the heartbreaking stories of those who suffered at his hands. The documentary offers an in-depth look into how Gacy was able to get away with murder for so long and what happened to Piest after he escaped. It is an important reminder of the darkness that can lurk in plain sight and a tribute to those who had their lives taken by Gacy’s wickedness.


9. John Wayne Gacy’s Sister Expresses Remorse for Her Brother’s Victims

John Wayne Gacy’s sister, Karen Kuzma, recently spoke publicly about her brother’s heinous crimes for the first time. In the interview she expressed deep remorse to his victims and shared stories of growing up with him. Karen described her childhood home as “filled with love and laughter,” but also violence that was inflicted upon her by John. She says that in a way, she was as much a victim of John’s as those whose lives were taken by him. Karen says that it wasn’t until after hearing about the crimes and victims’ stories that she began to understand what had really happened. She expressed sorrow for the families who endured such an unimaginable tragedy, saying that “I can only imagine the pain they have gone through, and I feel a tremendous amount of sadness.” Karen spoke about her brother in terms of regret, admitting that she wishes she could have done something to prevent his violence from escalating. She said, “I wish so desperately I had been able to do something to help him. To save him from himself.” Karen’s story has become a source of comfort for those who have lost loved ones to John Wayne Gacy, as it reminds them that even the family members of perpetrators can feel significant amounts of pain and sorrow in the wake of such tragedy. Her words are a reminder to us all that there is no one-size-fits-all response when it comes to dealing with tragedy. Everyone is affected differently and we must respect each other’s emotions and experiences during difficult times.


10. Unmasking John Wayne Gacy- A Deep Dive into the Mind of a Serial Killer

John Wayne Gacy was one of the most notorious serial killers in history. Fascination with this cruel murderer has been building ever since his capture. Now, we can take a deep dive into the mind of a killer to uncover what made him tick and how he could commit such heinous acts. This documentary will bring viewers on an intense journey as experts explore Gacy’s past, uncovering evidence and details of his life that no one has ever seen. Through this exploration, we will gain insight into the psychology behind his actions and motivations. We will also explore the lives of those affected by this murderer, from family members who have to live with the burden of their loved ones’ actions to the survivors who still have to live with the trauma of their experiences.


11. The One That Got Away From John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy’s shadow loomed large on the city of Chicago, claiming countless lives in his wake. But one young man miraculously escaped unscathed. Join Smart Cookies Production as we peel back the curtain and uncover what really happened in this remarkable story: “The One That Got Away.” We follow this survivor’s path, from near death to a life of resilience and hope. Through never-before-seen footage, interviews with family and friends, and compelling evidence that could have changed the course of history, we piece together the puzzle of how he was able to walk away from John Wayne Gacy’s grasp. We also explore the lives of those left behind in the wake of Gacy’s horrible crimes. We talk to families of the victims, who still grapple with the unimaginable loss and ongoing pain caused by Gacy’s actions. We trace how these people moved forward in life despite their tragedies and what they have done to honour their loved ones.


12. John Wayne Gacy the Boy killer Documentary

John Wayne Gacy was born into a troubled home in Chicago on March 17, 1942. His father was an alcoholic World War I veteran who would often physically and emotionally abuse his son for no apparent reason. Growing up close to his mother and two sisters, Gacy developed a heart condition which prevented him from participating in sports at school. He had several blackouts throughout his childhood, though it was never determined what caused these episodes. At school, Gacy was often made fun of and called a ‘Mama’s boy’ or ‘sissy’. This only increased when a family friend molested him in his truck at the age of nine. Meanwhile, Gacy’s father continued to physically beat him with a razor strop and emotionally berate him. In 1949, Gacy’s father caught him and another boy sexually fondling a young girl and whipped them both as punishment. Gacy’s troubles continued into adulthood. He was convicted of sodomy in 1968 for which he served 18 months in prison. After his release, Gacy went on to commit 33 murders – the most by an individual in US history at the time. He was sentenced to death on March 13, 1980 and executed by lethal injection 14 years later. Most of his victims were buried in a crawl space beneath his home while four were discarded in the Des Plaines River. It was the disappearance of Robert Piest which eventually led to Gacy’s arrest and subsequent conviction for murder.


13. Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy: Visited Children’s Hospitals As A Clown

John Wayne Gacy’s alias, the Killer Clown, is a name that has become synonymous with terror and violence. Although he was most known for his gruesome acts of murder, it’s also worth noting that it wasn’t all death and destruction in John Wayne Gacy’s life—he even visited children’s hospitals as an entertainer dressed up as Pogo the Clown! Gacy was known to wear his clown costume, complete with a red nose and bright colors, when he visited the hospitals. He would entertain children who were either sick or disabled in any way, as well as those who simply had to spend extended amounts of time in the hospital due to unfortunate circumstances. Although it is difficult to reconcile Gacy’s heinous crimes with his clown persona, it is important to note that he was not a monster 24/7; indeed, even killers have moments of humanity. Despite the fact that Gacy found pleasure in taking away life from innocent people, he still had enough empathy to give joy to those children who desperately needed it. At the end of the day, John Wayne Gacy was a deeply troubled individual who was capable of both kindness and depravity. His acts of charity towards these children are often forgotten in light of his more monstrous crimes—but it is essential to remember that even serial killers have some sense of humanity, however warped it may be.

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