The 12 Best Documentaries about Islam and Muslims

Jul 30, 2023 | Best Of, Religion

Islam is a religion with a rich history and over one billion adherents. It is based on the teachings of the Quran, which Muslims consider to be the verbatim word of God, as well as those of Muhammad, known as the sunnah. According to Islamic law, Islam is seen as a religion of sacredness and an eternal struggle between good and evil. Muslims believe that Islam is the culmination of a primordial faith, which was revealed to humans multiple times – starting with Adam and continuing through Noah, Abraham and Moses. God’s mercy, power and uniqueness are key components of Islam, which guides human beings through prophets, scriptures and natural signs. Read on to discover the best Islam documentaries !


1. Islam Unveiled

This documentary series uncovers the truth about Islam and its billion followers across the globe. From a heartwarming journey across four continents to an intellectual adventure, this video will offer insights into women’s lives in the Muslim world today, as well as look into beliefs and practices that many Westerners see as cruel or outdated. Discover if it is possible for Islam to become fully integrated into modern society, while exploring its origins and reasons why it is now seen as a bastion of sexism and misogyny. Join us on this quest to uncover fascinating truths about one of the world’s greatest religions!


2. Lost Secrets Of Quran

Have you ever wondered what secrets lie within the Quran, the holy book of Islam? This video will uncover some of its mysteries. We’ll look at how it was written over a 23-year period by Muhammad and his followers with help from angel Gabriel, who visited him on many occasions to deliver revelations from Allah. You’ll learn why the Quran is not organized like other books or scriptures, but rather chronologically according to when each revelation was received. And finally, we’ll explore what ‘Quran’ means – Recitation – and why this text must be transmitted orally instead of codified into a single book that remains unchanged for all time. Tune in now to discover the lost secrets of the Quran!


3. Muslim Schism: How Islam Split into the Sunni and Shia Branches

In this documentary, we explore the origins of the Sunni and Shia schism, which began in 632 AD after the death of Muhammad. We look at their differences today and why this division has been so important for Muslims around the world. Finally, we examine how Umar ibn al-Khattab was then elected by an assembly of tribal leaders as Khalifa (Caliph) after Abu Bakr died two years later. This video will help you gain further insight into Muslim Schism and its impact on modern society!


4. Is This The Real City Of Mecca?

Have you ever wondered the truth behind Mecca? Was it really created by Abraham and Ishmael as stated in many translations of the Quran, or is there more to this mysterious city? In this video we explore the fascinating history of Mecca, from its beginnings in ancient Arabia to its current location in Saudi Arabia. We uncover evidence that dates back 71 BC and look at how different religious traditions view this holy site. Plus, learn about the Syriac Book of Steps which may provide an answer to where exactly Abraham and Ishmael began their journey! Join us as we dive into this ancient mystery and attempt to uncover what makes up the real City of Mecca.


5. The Cultural Riches of Islam

Take a journey through the unknown and captivating world of Islamic art, architecture and carpets. This documentary will give you an inside look at these cultural riches from the medieval era to the present day. Learn about their history, design, patterns and more in this fascinating exploration of one of the most secretive cultures on Earth. Discover how it has been kept alive for centuries and why its influence is still seen today!


6. Inside Islam: Untold Story

This video presents the untold story of Islam, a religion that has been around for over 1400 years. It follows its journey from Arabia to various nations and reveals how it experienced economic growth due to international trade and an era of enlightenment. But this period was followed by persecution under dictators who wanted power back in their hands. Today, we are witnessing ongoing conflict with groups like ISIS seeking to reclaim what they believe is theirs. This documentary offers insight into the history of Islam and helps us understand its present-day struggle for survival.


7. Seven Wonders of the Muslim World

Discover the beauty and history behind seven of the world’s most beautiful Muslim sites. Follow six young pilgrims from across the Islamic world as they make their journey to Mecca, exploring their beliefs and lives along with some of Islam’s greatest architectural wonders. This visually stunning program is an amazing look into one of the oldest religions in human history!


8. The Art Of Paradise: Inside The World Of Islamic Art

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of Islamic art and culture? This feature-length documentary dives deep into the world of Islamic art, uncovering a wealth of awe-inspiring architecture, spectacular treasures and talented artists. Join presenter Waldemar Januszczak as he embarks on an epic journey across Central Asia to the Middle East, discovering a whole new world full of beauty and insight. For those who love music, theatre, art or just want to explore something completely different – this is one documentary that should not be missed!


9. Arabia Before Islam: Religion, Society, Culture

Discover the rich history of Arabia before Islam. This documentary takes you back in time to explore the religion, society and culture that shaped this region for centuries. Learn about ancient gods, grand palaces and the everyday lives of people living in this fascinating part of the world as we uncover what life was like in Arabia before Islam.


10. Is Indonesia Still A Bastion Of Moderate Islam & Diversity?

As Indonesia celebrates the 100th anniversary of Nahdlatul Ulama, the largest Islamic organisation in the world, it’s important to look at how its moderate brand of Islam is holding up against extremism and political influence. In this video we explore whether Indonesia’s unique form of Islam Nusantara can protect against religious riots and foreign interference as the Presidential election approaches. We also analyse how protests over Israel have caused a ripple effect throughout Indonesian society and see if moderate Islam can still remain strong in these turbulent times. Join us as we take an in-depth look into how religion plays out on a global stage!


11. While Writing Anti-Islam Book He Became Muslim!

Are you curious about the story of Joram Van Klaveren – a former anti-Islam politician who converted to Islam? In this video, we explore his journey and why he made the switch. We also discuss how people in Europe are becoming Muslims, what Islamophobia looks like in Europe today, and why it’s on the rise. It’s an interesting look at faith from a unique perspective – don’t miss out!


12. How Islam Shaped The West

This feature film explores the historical journey of Islam since its birth in A.D. 624, and how it has shaped the West to this day. From looking at conflicts between Muslims and Jews, to examining Bush’s reaction to 9/11 – this documentary sheds light on both contemporary implications of Islam as well as long-standing tensions between Muslims and Western society. An eye-opening exploration into one of humanity’s most influential religions!

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