The 12 Best Documentaries about Horses

Jul 26, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

For centuries, horses have been a part of our society – from being used for transportation to becoming beloved pets and even military mounts. But what makes these majestic creatures so special? Well, that’s exactly what these documentaries explore! From stories of heartbreaking beauty to inspiring tales of courage and resilience, get ready for an emotional rollercoaster as you watch some of the best films about horses out there. So sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey!


1. 500 Miles: The Story of Ranchers and Horses

This inspiring film follows two unlikely characters – wild mustangs and veterans of the military – as they discover purpose in their lives through an incredible journey. Through 500 miles of New Mexico and Arizona, these two characters learn how to overcome challenges that will change their lives forever. Witness this touching story about finding meaning and understanding the importance of struggle and perseverance!


2. The Path of the Horse

This documentary, “The Path of the Horse”, is an exploration into the complex world of horses. By understanding their behavior, we can learn how to work with them in a more meaningful way – without using pain, coercion or force. This film has touched many people’s hearts and even been used as a starting point for therapy groups and retreats. Viewers have said that they’ve cried watching this film and come back to it every year for another viewing. If you’re looking to gain insight into equine behavior, this is one documentary not be missed!


3. HERD: A Spiritual Journey

Take a spiritual journey to one of the most sacred lands on earth. This land is filled with forests, meadows, hills and lakes that provide breathtaking views. HERD: A Spiritual Journey takes you inside this divine place to explore the miraculous relationship between humans and animals. Witness how nonhuman life can help us reach higher levels of consciousness and well-being as we learn to focus our attention away from ourselves onto nature’s wonders. Let this documentary show you the power of asking for input from all living creatures in order to improve your vibration levels – it could be life changing!


4. Iceland: Home of Europe’s Strongest Horses

Discover the remarkable horses of Iceland in this documentary. Learn about their great stamina and how they can tölt over mossy banks and lava rock without being bothered, similar to Nordic mythology’s depiction of steeds never far behind warriors. This video dives deep into the centuries-old bond between Icelanders and their horses, which is still alive today. Explore the grandiose landscape of this North Atlantic island country and find out why its horses are some of the liveliest around!


5. The Wild Horses Of Australia

Wild horses are a sight to behold. From the open plains of Australia, they roam free and live life on their own terms. This documentary takes you on an immersive journey into the world of wild horses in Australia, giving you an up-close look at these majestic animals and their unique way of life. Get ready to explore the wild side!


6. Caballo: The Wild Horses Of North America

This documentary, Caballo: The Wild Horses of North America, is an eye-opening exploration into the history and current state of wild horses in North America. It dives deep into how these majestic creatures arrived on our continent and how they have adapted to their environment. We also look at the difficulties that arise when trying to manage a species both “exotic” and “wild.” This documentary will help you understand why wild horses are so important, as well as provide insight on how we can best protect them for generations to come.


7. The Greatest American Race Horse : Barbaro

Barbaro was known as one of the greatest American racehorses ever. In 2006, he won the Kentucky Derby in decisive fashion, only to suffer a catastrophic injury two weeks later during the Preakness Stakes. Barbaro broke his right hind leg in more than 20 places and eventually had to be euthanized due to complications from laminitis. This video is about Barbaro’s incredible story and how he went from winning the Kentucky Derby to becoming an inspiration for many people around the world. We will explore all of his accomplishments, his valiant battle against injury, and why so many people were touched by this powerful horse’s story.


8. 100 Days with a Mustang

In this documentary, two experienced horse trainers take on the challenge of taming wild American Mustangs. Follow them as they attempt to make these untamed horses suitable for competition and adoption within just 100 days! Will their methods be successful in achieving their goal? Watch now to find out who makes it into the top 10!


9. The man perpetuating horse rearing tradition in Mongolia

This documentary showcases the unique bond between Sai and his horses. Living in the middle of Mongolia’s desert, Sai and his family raise 50 horses to perpetuate the ancient traditions of Mongolian nomads. Despite being born in wildness, these animals share a special connection with Sai that is often overlooked. The film directed by Virginie Saclier highlights this relationship between man and horse, as well as how such traditions are facing extinction due to sedentarisation. Experience a beautiful story about an unlikely friendship while learning more about Mongolia’s culture.


10. Wild Horse Wild Ride

Do you want to learn more about the incredible bond between man and animal? “Wild Horse, Wild Ride” is a fascinating documentary that follows 100 people from across the country who take part in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge. They must tame wild mustangs in just 100 days, with their success being showcased at a public event that could potentially save these horses from captivity. Directed by Alex Dawson and Greg Gricus in 2011, this PG-rated film provides an insightful look into this amazing relationship!


11. The supreme Marwari Horse : India’s magical creature

14-year old Sonaram has dreamt of a life with horses for years. He has been hired as a stable boy and has been given the opportunity to purchase one of the rare ‘holy foals’ for his breeder. These ‘Panch Kalian horses’ have five white spots on their coats – a sign that they will bring their owners five times as much luck, the saying goes. Sonaram makes his way to the Thar desert with the old horse master from his farm to buy this ‘holy horse’. The film accompanies the two of them on their arduous journey through the heat and sand, with motorbike and camel-drawn carriage, from horse festivals to luxury farms.


12. Daryl Jacob: Being a Jockey

This documentary takes you on a journey with Daryl Jacob, Grand National winner and Sky Bet ambassador. He shares his story of highs and lows in his career as a professional jump jockey and the personal heartbreak that has motivated him to keep chasing his dreams. Get an intimate look at what it’s like to be a racehorse jockey from someone who knows it best!

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