The 12 Best Documentaries About Evolution

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Evolution is one of the most fascinating and mysterious topics in science. It has been a topic of debate for centuries, and despite numerous advances in our understanding, the process continues to challenge our ideas. But where do we turn when we want to learn more about this amazing process? Documentaries are one fantastic way to become educated on evolutionary theory and its implications. This article highlights the best documentaries about evolution, providing a comprehensive overview of what’s available and a great starting point for anyone looking to dive deeper into the subject.


1. Evolution – What Darwin Never Knew

Combining scientific inquiry and captivating storytelling, “Evolution – What Darwin Never Knew” takes us to the forefront of scientific research and discovery. This documentary explores the latest evidence that has been unearthed on the evolution of life and its implications for humanity today. From uncovering new fossils to analyzing DNA, this documentary gives viewers an inside look into how our species came to be. Along the way, viewers will learn about the incredible complexity and interconnectedness of life on Earth, as well as how tiny changes throughout history have shaped our planet.


2. Great Moments in Evolution – The Miracle of Life

From the beginning of life on Earth, evolution has been a miraculous process to behold. The Best Documentaries About Evolution explore how species have adapted over time and the incredible journeys they’ve taken to reach their current state. From the earliest forms of single-celled creatures to impressive animals like birds and mammals, these documentaries take viewers through a journey that spans millions of years. Through stunning visual effects, expert interviews, and captivating narration, viewers will gain an understanding of how natural selection has shaped the world around us.


3. Charles Darwin – Evolution vs Creation

Charles Darwin’s famous work, Evolution vs Creation, is a groundbreaking exploration of the origins of life. For centuries, scientists have been exploring and debating how life began and developed on Earth. This documentary delves deep into Charles Darwin’s theories and explores how they changed our understanding of evolution. The film features interviews with modern-day scientists who discuss their current theories on evolution, as well as archival footage of Darwin himself. Weaving together the threads of scientific theory, this powerful documentary gives us insight into how far we have come in understanding our world and the


4. Evolution

Evolution is one of the most fascinating phenomena in nature. It’s a force that shapes and reshapes our planet’s ecosystems as time passes. The Best Documentaries About Evolution take us on an incredible journey through the process, from its beginnings to how it influences our lives today. From documentaries about the development of life on Earth to those focusing solely on human evolution, these films offer an engaging and educational window into the science behind this incredible process. One of the most comprehensive documentaries about evolution is Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s “Oceans”.


5. The Evolution Of Humans

Humans have come a long way since our primitive roots. Through the ages, we’ve seen changes in how our species interacts with each other and the environment around us. The Evolution Of Humans is an exploration of this journey—from our beginnings as hunter-gatherers and agriculture to today’s complex societies built on technology and modern life. This documentary looks at different theories of human evolution, how modern humans spread across the world, and the impact that our ancestors had on our current civilization.



6. A Journey Back to the Beginning of Times

Travelling back to the dawn of life is a journey that few have had the pleasure of experiencing. But now, with documentaries about evolution, you can travel back in time to witness the beginning of all life on Earth. Learn how plants evolved, animals changed over generations, and how our planet has been shaped by natural forces over the millennia. From deep sea creatures to human beings, explore the evolution of life on Earth and gain insight into why we are here today. With documentaries about evolution, you will get a deeper understanding of our place in the universe and how everything


7. Evolution: The Incredible Animal Kingdom

We often take for granted the vast and varied wonders of nature, but Evolution: The Incredible Animal Kingdom takes us on a journey that opens our eyes to what an incredible and diverse environment we live in. From the tiniest insect to the mightiest mammal, this documentary showcases how evolution has allowed life to adapt and survive in the world’s most extreme environments. Narrated by esteemed naturalist Sir David Attenborough, viewers are taken on a journey from the sea to the sky as they learn about evolution’s impressive ability to create new species and nurture their survival.


8. What Is The Link Between Human Evolution And The Universe?

It’s easy to forget how interconnected the earth is with the universe. But human evolution can’t be separated from its cosmic context. In fact, a study of our evolutionary history reveals a fascinating relationship between us and the stars above. Whether it’s through discovering our common ancestors or exploring how our environment shaped us, these documentaries investigate what links us to the great unknown — and how we fit into the grand scheme of things. From our distant history to the far-reaching future, these films look at the vital connection between humanity and the cosmos.


9. Evolution Of The Human Mind & Technology of our Ancestors

For centuries, the human mind has been evolving along with technology. Our ancestors created tools to provide for their needs and improved upon those designs as time passed. In recent years, we’ve seen a rapid expansion of our intellectual and technological capacities – connecting us in ways never before imagined. The documentary “Evolution of the Human Mind & Technology of our Ancestors” explores the incredible journey of mankind, from the invention of fire to the development of computers. The documentary delves into a variety of topics related to human evolution, beginning with our most primitive ancestors.


10. Human Evolution: Evidence of Our Ancestors

From our humble beginnings as small primates in the jungle, to our current state of civilization, human evolution has been an ever-evolving process. From the discovery of ancient fossils that link us to our ape ancestors, to the science behind evolution that helps explain why we look the way we do today – it is a remarkable journey. This documentary dives into the evidence of our ancestors, from the fossil record to genetic analysis. It examines how these discoveries have changed our understanding of human evolution over time, and explains why some of these ideas were wrong. A look at the advances


11. Evolution Of Plants/Animals/Continents & Mass Extinctions

Evolution never stops, no matter how much time has passed. The process of adaptation and natural selection that leads to the emergence of new species is unceasing. It’s an amazing phenomenon that has shaped our world for billions of years, and documentaries have documented this fascinating journey with great detail. From plants and animals to continents and mass extinctions, explore the incredible stories of evolution through some of the best documentaries about this topic. See how life has adapted and flourished over time, or take a look at some of the biggest extinction events in history.


12. Evolution – Part 1 of 7 – Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

The story of evolution is a fascinating one – a tale as old as time and yet ever-evolving. Charles Darwin’s landmark work, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, has provided us with an insight into how life on this planet has changed over millions of years. But what did Darwin really mean when he said that species change through natural selection? In this documentary series, we explore the implications of Darwin’s ideas, following his legacy as it has developed over the centuries. From the incredible diversity of species to cutting-edge research into genetics and evolutionary theory, this series of documentaries takes.


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