The 12 Best Documentaries About Canada

Aug 7, 2023 | Best Of, History

What’s the best way to get a glimpse into Canada’s fascinating culture, history, and people? Through documentaries! Documentaries can transport us to places we may never be able to visit in person and give us an up-close look at different cultures. Canada is home to some of the most captivating documentaries ever made. From exploring First Nations communities and celebrating Canadian sports teams, these films are sure to leave viewers with a newfound appreciation for this diverse country. So grab your popcorn and join us as we explore the 12 best documentaries about Canada!

Explore all of Canada’s provinces with Our Provinces, an amazing documentary film! Join us on a cross-country journey to discover the unique people and stories that make up this beautiful nation. We’ll uncover the differences between each province while celebrating what it means to be Canadian. Witness the beauty and diversity of our land first-hand – don’t miss out on this incredible experience. Watch Our Provinces now! From the majestic landscapes of British Columbia to the bustling streets of Montreal, explore Canada through the voices and journeys of its people.


2. Canada 4K – Scenic Relaxation Film With Calming Music

Canada’s breathtaking beauty and majestic landscapes have captivated visitors from all over the world. Impressive mountain ranges, lush forests, tranquil lakes, and stunning coastlines make up the Canadian landscape. From British Colombia’s snow-capped mountains to Nova Scotia’s crystal blue waters, you won’t find anywhere else like it! Experience Canada like never before with this 4K Scenic Relaxation film featuring some of the country’s most stunning locations.


3. The Real Canadian Rockies

Take a journey through the breathtaking natural beauty of Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, and Jasper National Parks with Les McDonald – documentary filmmaker and longtime resident. Get an inside look into these Canadian Mountain National Parks as you are immersed in stunning mountain views, rich wildlife, and ambient soundscapes that feel so close they can almost be touched! For Les McDonald, this project has been a labor of love and personal exploration, as you will discover when viewing the full-length feature film.


4. TOP Things to Do in Jasper National Park, Canada

Victoria is the perfect destination for a Canadian adventure. Nestled in the picturesque Alberta Rockies, this national park offers some of Canada’s most breathtaking views and unique experiences. With rugged mountains, scenic hikes, turquoise glacier lakes, thundering waterfalls, abundant wildlife, shimmering glaciers, and soothing hot springs – it has something for everyone! Discover the best of Tarun National Park with our travel guide. Explore one of the country’s most diverse ecosystems, take in the stunning views, and immerse yourself in nature – from alpine meadows to ancient forests.



5. 16 Things to Do in Victoria, BC, Canada


Victoria, British Columbia is a beautiful city that offers plenty of activities to explore. On this tour, we will take in the stunning views of the harbor, visit historic downtowns, ride on pickle boats, and experience some fresh fish & chips at Fisherman’s Wharf. We’ll also get to journey through castles and gardens and go whale watching – something truly unforgettable! But don’t forget about all the amazing brunch spots that are similar to San Francisco – a must for any foodie! So get ready to be amazed by one of Canada’s most elegant cities – Victoria, BC.



6. The Canadian Residential School Genocide

The legacy of Canadian residential schools is one of immense pain and suffering for generations of Indigenous peoples. From 1800 to 1990, the Canadian Government funded and ran institutions that aimed to assimilate children into Western culture. Thousands of children were taken away from their homes, denied access to their own cultural traditions, and subjected to cruelty beyond belief. In recent years, survivors have been able to tell their stories and a powerful documentary has been produced which brings these accounts into the light of public awareness. Hear the voices of those who experienced these atrocities first-hand, as they share their stories for the very first time.



7. The dark legacy of Canada’s residential schools, where thousands of children died

Canada has been the home of many stories, both tragic and uplifting. Last year was no exception as archaeologists uncovered 200 unmarked graves at a residential school in Canada, stirring up deep emotions across the nation. Anderson Cooper reported from 60 Minutes, possibly one of the longest-running television broadcasts in history known for its hard-hitting investigative reports and interviews with people making headlines. This story brought to light the darkest and most shameful chapter of Canadian history. To further highlight this devastating episode, Anderson Cooper decided to investigate that same residential school from 60 Minutes.



8. Canada – Geography, History and Attractions

Let’s embark on an unforgettable journey across Canada! From the East Coast to Western Canada, this majestic land offers something for everyone. To begin, let’s explore the breathtaking ocean views of the East Coast – a perfect destination for beach lovers and outdoor adventurers alike. Next, we’ll traverse through charming small towns and explore Western Canada’s stunning mountain ranges. Whether you’re looking for the best tourist attractions or simply want to admire nature’s beauty, Canada has something for everyone! So get ready to grab your passport and explore this incredible country!



9. Night Jazz – Toronto, Canada Smooth Piano Jazz Instrumental Music

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10. Canada information and beautiful country tour drone view

Come join us on a thrilling journey across Canada! From the bustling cities to the stunning natural beauty of its countryside, you’ll be amazed by all that this great nation has to offer. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history as we explore some breathtaking sights and sounds from coast to coast. Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with wonders both ancient and modern. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the wild north, come explore Canada and discover its many secrets! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go on an adventure!



11. How Work Culture in Canada Works | Work Tips for Promotion

Are you looking for opportunities to get ahead in the Canadian workplace? In this video, we provide insight on how to optimize your career growth and be successful in Canada. We explore work culture norms, behaviors, and actions that can help you achieve great professional heights – from getting promoted to receiving a well-deserved raise! Discover tips on how to stand out from the competition, find great job opportunities, and how to stay ahead of the curve. With this video, you can gain a better understanding of Canadian work culture – and use it to your advantage!



12. Canada’s Biggest Problems | Pierre Poilievre | EP 253

Pierre Poilievre is currently in the running to become Prime Minister of Canada. From his early days growing up in Calgary, he has achieved success as a Member of Parliament for seven terms and held senior cabinet positions within Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government. His mission to tackle housing ill-affordability, lower the cost of living, defund Canadian media, and help develop natural resources has made him a trusted and popular leader. In this documentary, we look at Poilievre’s journey to the top of Canadian federal politics.



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