The 12 Best Documentaries About Boston

Aug 7, 2023 | Best Of, History

Boston is a city with a long and fascinating history, and these documentaries explore the many stories that make up its past. From celebrated sports teams to inspirational individuals, each film showcases the unique culture of this great American metropolis. Whether you are a fan of historical documentaries or just want to learn more about Boston’s rich heritage, these ten films will take you on an unforgettable journey through time. So sit back and enjoy as we explore some of the 12 best documentaries about Boston!


1. The Most European City in the US

Boston is a city like no other. It’s the most European of all US cities, with its unique sights, people and amazing food! From historic landmarks to modern marvels, you’ll find something for everyone in this vibrant metropolis. Take a virtual stroll around Boston and explore its fascinating culture – from the quaint cobblestone streets to the delicious seafood specialties. Plus, get an up-close look at some of its famous residents and learn why they call Boston home. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through one of America’s oldest cities!


2. The TRUE Tale of The Boston Bomber

This documentary examines the events surrounding one of the most tragic terrorist attacks in U.S. history – the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. It looks into the stories and characters portrayed in a movie about this event to discover whether they correspond to reality or not, as well as how much information was known by the American government prior to it happening. Find out more about this devastating incident and get all your questions answered with this documentary!


3. Boston Stereotypes

Boston is a city of many faces, but there’s one thing they all have in common: the way it’s portrayed in movies. But where did those stereotypes come from? In this video we’ll look at some popular Boston movies and explore how these stereotypes are perpetuated through film. We’ll also discuss the implications that these movie portrayals have on people’s view of Boston and its culture. So join us and take a deeper dive into what makes Boston unique!


4. Boston The Tragic History

Boston was one of the most successful bands in history, but their story is not always a happy one. Follow along as we explore the tragic events that led up to the death of lead singer Brad Delp and how it changed Tom Scholz’s approach to music forever. Learn all about Boston’s journey from success to tragedy and witness Tom Scholz’s perfectionism first hand!


5. Catching The Boston Strangler

Albert DeSalvo was a notorious serial killer who terrorized Boston in the 1960s. He became known as the Boston Strangler and to this day, his identity is still shrouded in mystery. This documentary takes an intimate look at DeSalvo’s life and reveals how he went from being born into poverty to becoming one of America’s most infamous criminals. We explore how he became a serial killer, how his victims were selected, and the impact that his crimes had on society. Don’t miss out on this chilling exploration of one of history’s most notorious killers!


6.  Boston Strong

The city of Boston has a unique culture that is often admired and celebrated around the world. In this documentary series, Barstool Sports takes us inside the vibrant and resilient community of Beantown to discover what makes it so special. From its passionate sports fans to its strong sense of identity, this series will explore all aspects of life in Boston and show why people from all over fall in love with it. Join us as we go deep into the heart of one of America’s most beloved cities!


7. Boston’s Finest

Officer Jenn Penton has returned from Afghanistan and is now on patrol in Boston, determined to get drugs off the street. Meanwhile, Greg Dankers and the Fugitive Unit are hunting for a drug dealer convicted of selling crack cocaine and gun ammunition near a school zone in Roxbury. Watch this documentary as we follow these two stories, showing how each is committed to making their city safer!


8. The Boston Celtics

Relive the incredible day when Lebron James single-handedly destroyed the Boston Celtics. NBA legends share their thoughts and emotions on what was one of the greatest performances in basketball history. Hear stories from both sides of the court, as we explore how this amazing feat came to be. Get ready for an unforgettable journey as you witness Lebron’s dominance over his opponents!


9. Boston Marathon bombing

This video is an in-depth look at the tragic Boston Marathon bombing that happened ten years ago. In this documentary, we will revisit three interviews from 60 Minutes about the event. Scott Pelley speaks to then-Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis for his report on the bombing itself and also covers the manhunt to catch those responsible. Anderson Cooper’s report follows local marathon runner Shalane Flanagan as she reflects on how her city was impacted by the tragedy. We reflect back a decade later with these stories from just after the bombing occurred.


10. Freedom Trail in Boston

The Freedom Trail in Boston, MA is one of the most iconic urban trails in the United States. This trail showcases 16 important sights that played a role in the American Revolution. Grab your map and follow the brick path as it takes you through Downtown Boston over 2.5 miles! Along this journey, you’ll learn about each site’s history and be able to actually see them for yourself – an experience like no other! In this video, we share all the information you need for your walk along The Freedom Trail so get ready for a great adventure!


11. Boston Bruins

The 1970 Boston Bruins are remembered as one of the most iconic teams in NHL history. Led by legendary coach and player Bobby Orr, they were a team of big, bad bruisers who dominated their opponents with skill and ferocity. This documentary takes an in-depth look at the story behind this remarkable team, from its rise to fame to its heartbreaking end. Featuring interviews with former players and coaches, archival footage, and rare photos it provides an intimate portrait of what made these men so special. Don’t miss your chance to relive the glory days of The Big Bad Bruins!


12. Boston Trauma

Save My Life: Boston Trauma explores the heroic efforts of top tier trauma teams in the emergency rooms and operating theaters of America’s most prestigious hospitals. From Boston Medical Center to Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s, we witness miraculous feats of medical skill that save lives in moments of crisis. Featuring stories of heroism, poignancy, and unexpected humor, this remarkable series shows us how medicine can offer its very best when it matters most. Tune in for an inspiring journey into life-saving medical care!


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