The 12 Best Documentaries About Birth

Jul 26, 2023 | Best Of, Health, Science

Watching documentaries can be an incredibly inspiring and educational experience. It’s a great way to learn about the world around us, from stories of incredible people to events that changed history. But one topic that is particularly fascinating when explored through documentary films is birth—the miracle of new life coming into the world! From exploring different cultures’ traditional practices to delving into modern medical interventions, these 12 best documentaries about birth will take you on an amazing journey through childbirth experiences from all over the world. Whether you are expecting a baby or just curious about what it takes for babies to come into this world, these films will provide an eye-opening look at how mothers bring their little ones into this beautiful and mysterious planet. So get ready; it’s time for a cinematic exploration of one of humanity’s oldest rites: birth!


1. Life Before Birth – In the Womb

Witness the amazing and awe-inspiring journey of life from conception to birth. Using cutting edge technology, explore the hidden world of the foetus and follow its nine month journey as it battles for survival. Enhanced by poet Roger McGough’s reading of a series of poems written for this occasion, you will be moved by this gripping battle that turns into a miracle. Open a window into this incredible event and experience each trimester in detail with us!


2. Pregnancy

This animation gives a glimpse into the incredible and mysterious process of life. Starting with fertilization, it shows how a baby grows in mom’s belly until it is ready to come out into the world. From tiny cells to an entire human being, watch this video and marvel at the small miracle that occurs during pregnancy!


3. The Most Extreme Births

Pregnancy is an amazing journey for women of all kinds. From ballerinas to bodybuilders, expectant mothers are looking to be their healthiest and look their best during pregnancy and birth. But how can they reclaim control from the medics? In this documentary, explore fake tans and fillers, dolphins in paradise, lotus births and fruitarian births – a range of options that pregnant women have when it comes to taking care of themselves!


4. Baby’s First Day

Prepare to be taken on an emotional journey. Baby’s First Day follows two families as they experience the chaotic and exciting arrival of their newborns at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, one of the busiest maternity wards in the world. We’ll capture every moment – from tears and screams to smiles – as we chronicle all of their emotions throughout this life-changing event. Then our cameras will join them in the transition from hospital to home, where they will have a new set schedule and on-call assistance for their little ones. Don’t miss out on this touching documentary about love, family, and welcoming a baby into the world!


5. Separated From Birth

This powerful documentary tells the story of four siblings who were separated as infants during Canada’s infamous Sixties Scoop. Betty Ann, Esther, Rosalie and Ben never knew each other until now – but their connection is undeniable. As they piece together their shared history, they discover a deep bond that only family can provide. Follow these four siblings on an emotional journey to uncover the truth behind 20,000 Indigenous Canadian children being taken from their families between 1955-1985 and find out what it means to be part of something bigger than themselves.


6. Natural childbirth workshop

The 1960s was a time of change and progress in many aspects. This documentary looks into the shift from traditional hospital births to natural childbirth, focusing on the workshops and birthing centers that made it possible. Learn about this important moment in history as we explore how these innovative centers helped make natural childbirth a popular option for expectant mothers!


7. Sextuplets

When Vicky and Andy decided to build their family, they were unaware of the risk posed by fertility drugs. Unfortunately, Vicky was suffering from polycystic ovaries which caused problems with her hormone production and ovulation; she took Clomid as a treatment for this condition in order to conceive their first child Grace who is now five years old. Without fully understanding the risks involved, they again used Clomid when trying for another baby resulting in multiple births. Watch this documentary to learn more about how infertility can affect couples and what treatments are available.


8. Born Too Soon

The birth of a child is one of life’s most joyous occasions, but for those whose babies are born too soon, the trauma can be overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. This documentary follows the stories of pre-term babies and their families as they grapple with this difficult experience. It provides an intimate look into the struggles faced by parents and extended family in these tough times, offering a unique glimpse into their lives during this time.


9. Haley Daquara’s Unusual Birth

Meet Haley Daquara – a young girl whose life has been impacted by undiagnosed medical conditions. Follow her inspiring journey of finding a diagnosis and learn how she’s pushing through the challenges that come with it. At All Documentary, we bring you amazing stories about real people who have faced difficult circumstances in their lives. From true crime to science and medicine, our documentaries are sure to give you insight into these topics like never before!


10. Giving Birth With Two Wombs

Real Families takes you on an exploration of the unique challenges and joys that come with modern day family life. Through the eyes of children, parents, and parenting experts from around the world, we’ll discover what makes families tick. Join us as we explore how different cultures approach parenthood – from discipline to education – and get a glimpse into real-life stories of love, resilience, and strength.


11. The Birth of Civilisation

Explore the history of early settlements in the Near East and discover how they gave rise to some of the world’s most impressive monuments. In this three part series, we’ll look at why these peoples chose to settle where they did, what their lives were like as farmers and herders, and how their monumental architecture shaped our modern societies. Get ready for an adventure back in time!


12. Triplets Birth Days

It’s a special time for couples when they bring a new life into the world. Real Families takes you on an intimate journey following the lives of families after giving birth, exploring how women experience pregnancy differently and bringing to light untold stories from around the globe. Join us as we meet parents, children, and parenting experts to share their perspectives on modern day family life.


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