The 12 Best Documentaries About Berlin

Jul 26, 2023 | Best Of, History

Berlin is an iconic city with a long and rich history. From the fall of the wall to its turbulent past, there are countless stories waiting to be explored. If you’re looking for a way to experience this vibrant metropolis without actually visiting, then look no further than documentaries about Berlin! Here we will explore some of the best films that have been made about this fascinating city from all angles – both recent and classic titles. So get ready – it’s time to take a virtual tour of Berlin through these powerful documentaries!


1. The Russians entered Berlin first | Colorized World War II

Witness the momentous events of WWII in vivid color! This documentary provides an immersive look at the war’s most defining moments, featuring rare archival footage that has been meticulously colorized. Be transported back to 1945 and follow along as Russian forces enter Berlin first and take control of the city. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to experience history like never before!


2. Why Berlin is still the Spy Capital | Spy Documentary

Berlin has had a long and mysterious history as an espionage hotspot. From the Cold War to modern-day scandals, it’s no surprise that Berlin is still a popular destination for spies. On this episode of Arts Unveiled, we will explore some of the most iconic spy locations in the city and meet ex-agents with unbelievable stories. Learn about Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstraße train station, Teufelsberg and Glienicker bridge – all places steeped in covert history. We’ll also uncover how famous double agent George Blake sabotaged top-secret projects like Operation Gold and why NSA wiretapping scandals continue to make headlines. So join us on our journey through Berlin’s secret side!


3. Sound of Berlin Documentary

Explore the vibrant and ever-evolving sound of Berlin! This documentary dives into the city’s musical diversity, from techno to jazz, featuring interviews with some of the most influential artists in each genre. Discover why Berlin has become a hub for music culture and how it continues to shape its soundscape today.


4. The Berlin Dilemma: The Dark Side of Germany’s Most Loved City

Exploring the dark side of Berlin, Germany’s beloved city, The Berlin Dilemma uncovers the grim reality that lies just beneath its surface. From rampant drug abuse to violent crime, this documentary film takes a closer look at what life is really like in one of Europe’s most popular and beloved cities. Watch it now and discover if you can finally make up your mind about Berlin – the city or the dilemma? This documentary is subject to fair use (Section 107 of the Copyright Act), as it contains only necessary copyright content for completion of work with highly modified originals.


5. Berlin After World War 2 | Berlin Before the Wall | Documentary | 1961

This documentary takes you back in time to Berlin before the Wall was erected. It shows how the city changed after World War 2, and how it was affected by this momentous event. You’ll get a glimpse of life in Berlin during this turbulent period, as well as some interesting facts about its history. Join us as we explore the history of Berlin before and after World War 2 – an era that shaped our world today!


6. The Stasi and the Berlin Wall

On August 13, 1961, the Berlin Wall was erected and would become a lifeblood to East Germany’s secret police force, known as the Stasi. This documentary follows their existence in tandem with the wall for decades leading up to its fall in 1989. It dives into how they kept people from escaping by building tunnels and underground listening stations, tracking down tunnel diggers and imprisoning thousands of refugees. We also learn about Mielke’s billion-dollar business of selling GDR prisoners to West Germany and how his power grew as he perfected the border system. The Wall became a key part of daily life for both citizens and Stasi agents alike until November 9th 1989 when it was finally taken down – ironically by a Stasi man himself! Watch this film to get an inside look at this sensitive chapter of history that shaped East Germany forever.


7. Berlin Now & Then: the Reichshauptstadt of Adolf Hitler

Discover the amazing transformation of Berlin from Adolf Hitler’s Reichshauptstadt to today’s modern metropolis. Trace the history of this fascinating city and explore how it has changed over time. From its dark past to its vibrant present, learn about Germany’s capital as we take a look at Berlin Now & Then!Berlin has come a long way since the days of Adolf Hitler’s rule. Join us as we take an in-depth look at how this fascinating city has changed over time, from its dark past to its vibrant present. From the Reichshauptstadt of Adolf Hitler to today’s modern metropolis, we explore Berlin Now & Then and discover what makes it such a unique place!


8. Berlin [1 hr full version]

Explore the history of Germany’s capital city, Berlin! This full 1-hour documentary follows my journey through the sights and tourist attractions of this incredible city. See how it developed over time and get a glimpse into its fascinating past. Discover why so many people are drawn to Berlin – from its iconic landmarks to its vibrant culture. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience as I trace the story of one of Europe’s most beloved cities!


9. The Battle of Berlin: The Soviet Victory That Ended WWII

In this video, we’ll explore the grand designs of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler’s motivation behind them. From renaming Berlin to “Germania” to building an immense domed Hall of the People that could seat 180,000 citizens in order to demonstrate its power, Nazi Germany was on a mission to become one of the greatest nations on Earth. But just twelve years after Hitler came into power, these ambitious plans were crushed under Soviet tanks as Allied forces sought to put an end to Nazi tyranny. We’ll also look at how this dream city was intended not only be technologically and militarily powerful but also scientifically advanced – leaving Rome and Athens far behind in comparison. Watch now for more insight into this fascinating period!


10. From Nefertiti to Beuys — Berlin’s museums (1/2)

Discover Berlin’s unique treasure trove, the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. This incredible collection of 20 museums holds over five million objects from prehistoric times to present day art. Explore the bust of Nefertiti in the Neues Museum, Hans Holbein’s portrait of Georg Gisze in the Gemäldegalerie, and Joseph Beuys’ installation “Das Kapital” at Hamburger Bahnhof. Learn how this remarkable collection is helping us better understand our world and shape reality through cultural heritage. Join archaeologists on their journey to China and delve into stories behind many spectacular pieces of art. Get a glimpse into these ultra-modern research centers that are not just temples of beauty but also home to fascinating tales!


11. A palace for Berlin and the world?

The Humboldt Forum in the newly rebuilt Berlin Palace has been one of the most talked about projects in recent years in Germany. But why was this project so controversial? Behind its Prussian baroque façade, what lies inside and does it really work? This documentary follows the debates surrounding the project from concept to completion, as well as giving viewers a glimpse into what awaits them behind its baroque walls. From understanding how Kaiser once resided here and why some critics asked for tearing down of Palace of Republic to debating on whether items originating from colonial context should be displayed here or not – this film will help you understand all sides of this complex German story.


12. The Fall Of The Berlin Wall: What Happened?

The Berlin Wall was a powerful symbol of division for almost three decades, but it has now become a reminder of hope and unity. This documentary series takes viewers on an incredible journey around the world to explore six iconic walls and borders. From the US-Mexico border to the Israel-Palestine Separation Barrier, this eye-opening series shares stories about these structures and how they affect people’s lives. It also looks at why these walls were built in the first place, and what happens when they come down. Narrated by 2018 Emmy® Award-winning actor Matthew Rhys, this documentary is shot in stunning 4K with amazing visuals that will take your breath away. Experience history like never before as you see how human spirit triumphs against all odds despite separation caused by manmade barriers.




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