The 12 Best Documentaries About Babies

Jul 23, 2023 | Best Of, Health

Do you want to learn more about the miracle of life? Do you have a special connection with babies and infants? If so, then watching one of these documentaries about babies is sure to provide an enlightening experience. From exploring the science behind a baby’s development in utero to learning how different cultures raise their children, these documentaries will leave you feeling inspired and educated. So grab your popcorn, curl up on the couch, and get ready for an amazing journey into the world of babies!


1. ‘Modern Baby’: Follow four families on their IVF journeys

Infertility is a physical, emotional and financial burden that many couples face. ABC News Documentaries looks into this issue with an in-depth examination of the struggles couples go through when trying to conceive. We also look back at the milestone event from 40 years ago when the world’s first ‘test tube baby’ was born. Watch for exclusive stories about those affected by infertility and get insight into how science has helped them overcome their struggles.


2. Babies | Love

This documentary series dives deep into the amazing science of infant development during their first year. It explores how nature and nurture both play a role in the physical, emotional and psychological growth of newborns. This episode specifically looks at how bonds are formed between parents and babies, as well as how caregiving, social interaction and stress all have an impact on them both. Tune in to learn more about this groundbreaking research!


3. Life Before Birth – In the Womb

From the moment of conception to the miracle of birth, join us on a journey through the hidden world inside the womb. Using cutting-edge technology, explore each trimester in amazing detail and observe how half of all runners are doomed to die before even reaching the starting line. It’s a gripping battle for survival that will leave you awestruck as poet Roger McGough’s reading of his poems written for this occasion helps bring it all into perspective. A 50-50 chance is not great odds but witness first hand how every effort is made to ensure life prevails in this incredible nine month journey from within!


4. Babies | Sleep

This documentary series investigates the fascinating world of infant development during their first year. In this episode, researchers explore the importance of sleep and how it affects babies. Learn about studies on twitching, apps that help monitor baby’s sleep cycles and why naps are so important for infants. Get an inside look at the groundbreaking science behind infant development and how nature and nurture play a part in their growth!


5. The Race For Babies: Our Fertility Issues

Falling birthrates are causing alarm bells to ring worldwide. In this video, we explore the different reasons why fertility is declining and take a look at how governments and doctors in various countries are attempting to improve the situation. We’ll visit Singapore where single women can freeze their eggs with the help of new legislation, South Korea where marriage and children have become unpopular among youth, Israel where pro-birth attitudes have led to overcrowding in maternity wards, and Denmark which has achieved a balance between liberal policies such as free IVF treatment for couples’ first child while also ensuring that women can access fertility treatments up to age 46. Tune into our documentary now for an insightful exploration of falling birthrates around the world!


6. When Is The Right Time To Have A Baby? | Seven Ages Of Pregnancy

Cherry Healey is 27 and her life couldn’t be better – she has a successful career, a great flat and an amazing boyfriend. But when she finds out she’s pregnant, everything changes. With just 7 weeks to go before the baby arrives, Cherry embarks on a journey to discover if there’s ever really a “right time” to have a baby. She meets seven different women who are all at very different stages of their lives: from 15 year old schoolgirls to high-flying businesswomen with C-sections planned; from desperate 40 something IVF patients. Through these stories, Cherry discovers what it means for her own life plan as she prepares for the biggest change yet – becoming somebody’s mum!


7. Pregnancy – How a Wonder is Born

This incredible animation brings to life the process of how a small miracle is born. From fertilization, through pregnancy and finally birth, this video shows all the amazing things happening in mom’s belly as her baby grows and develops. Witness this wonderful journey with us!


8. Babies | First Words

Join us in exploring the incredible science that reveals how babies learn and develop during their very first year. In this episode, experts examine the rhythm and flow of language to show how infants break down linguistic beats before they even know how to speak. From nature to nurture, this docuseries takes a deep dive into understanding the growth of babies during their most formative years!


9. In the Womb: Animal Babies

Embark on an incredible journey and witness the pregnancies of four animals from different species! Follow a dog, lion, meerkat and elephant as they experience life’s greatest adventure with cutting-edge imagery that provides an inside look. Get ready to be amazed by this unique and breathtaking experience!


10. PRESSURE BABY (2021)

PRESSURE BABY follows the emotional journey of Zin, a young woman living in one of the most remote places in Myanmar. This captivating film gives viewers a special insight into her life as she navigates between being a mother, wife and daughter while dealing with the realities of development and changing family dynamics. Her story may be unique, but it reflects the everyday struggles faced by millions of women around the world – their health and future at stake with every decision they make. Dive deeper into this touching tale to gain greater understanding about how these issues can affect communities everywhere.


11. Born Too Soon: Part One

When a baby is born too soon, the joyous moment of birth can be overshadowed by fear and uncertainty. This documentary follows the stories of pre-term babies and their families as they navigate this difficult journey. It shines light on the experience of parents, extended family members, and healthcare providers who are all working together to provide care for these special little ones. From unexpected medical challenges to emotional hardship, Born Too Soon explores it all with grace and compassion.


12. Babies | Crawling

This groundbreaking docuseries takes you on a journey of exploration and discovery as we delve into the science behind infant development during their first year. From nature to nurture, learn how babies discover life through sensory experiences and interactions with caregivers. Witness the amazing transformation that occurs in such a short span of time!


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