The 11 Best Documentaries About Zombies

Jul 19, 2023 | Best Of, Drugs, Health

Do you find yourself captivated by the dark and mysterious world of zombies? From Michael Jackson’s Thriller to The Walking Dead, these mythical creatures have been a staple in pop culture for centuries. But where did this fear of the undead come from? The ancient Greeks were the first civilization to be terrorized by tales of reawakened corpses with an insatiable appetite. Archaeologists even discovered graves containing skeletons that had been pinned down with heavy objects – believed to prevent them from rising again! If you’re intrigued by such folklore, why not explore some documentaries about zombies? Here are some great ones that will give you a glimpse into this fascinating world.


1. The Origins of the Zombie, from Haiti to the U.S.

This documentary is a must-watch for zombie fans! We explore the fascinating history of zombies, from their voodoo origins in the U.S. to why they still capture our imagination today. Our experts give us unique insights into how “zombi” evolved into “zombie”, as well as other types of undead creatures throughout history. Get ready to learn something new about your favorite horror movie monsters!


2. History of Zombies

Are you ready for a zombie apocalypse? This documentary dives into the origin of zombies and why it remains popular today. Featuring experts discussing collection of scenes from “Cannibals and Killers,” this video answers where did the idea of zombies come from, as well as how every culture has its own stories about them. Watch to find out if humankind is truly prepared for a potential zombie outbreak!


3. The Zombie Apocalypse

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? It’s here and it’s time to find out if you have what it takes to survive. From finding food, shelter and training your body, this video will show you how to stay alive during a zombie outbreak! Watch as we explore the strategies that some of the luckiest survivors have used to make it through week one – can you do the same? Find out now!


4. Scientists Reveal How a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

The Zombie Apocalypse has been a popular topic for years, and now scientists believe they’ve uncovered the real way it could spread across the globe. Check out this jaw-dropping new video to find out where it all got started! From there, we’ll explore four tips on how you can prepare yourself in case of an outbreak – no matter where you live! Plus, learn about some crazy zombie facts that may shock even the most seasoned horror fan. Get ready for your mind to be blown with today’s insane new video!



The Zombie Virus has been trending worldwide. But what should we do? This video provides an in-depth analysis of the virus and offers some tips for staying safe during this pandemic. We explore the origin, symptoms, and treatments of this viral infection so you can be prepared to face any challenges that come your way!


6. USA Military Actually Has A Zombie Plan

Are you ready for a zombie apocalypse? The U.S. government is! Conplan 8888 is the government’s contingency plan in case of a zombie outbreak. In this video, we’ll take an inside look at how the U.S. government plans to deal with such an event and what steps they are taking to prepare for it – no joke! Don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide to preparing yourself and your family for the walking dead!


7. Zombies have developed intelligence, riding skeleton horses, raising zombie tigers as pets

The zombie crisis has been a major issue in P-city. With the zombies besieging the city, an owner of a casino is desperate to get his 200 million cash out of his basement. He hires mercenaries for this mission, but will they be able to succeed? Watch this video and find out if these brave souls can survive the zombie onslaught and take back what’s rightfully theirs!


8. Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave

Philadelphia is a city with many issues. With the national average and other cities of comparable size, it has an elevated rate of violent crime. Even more concerning is the drug abuse crisis in Philadelphia: between 2013 and 2015, fatal overdoses increased by fifty percent – twice as many deaths from overdoses than homicides! In Kensington specifically, the high levels of crime and drug use have contributed to these problems for Philadelphia as a whole. This video dives deep into this issue to provide viewers with insight on how to address this problem.


9. The very first days of the zombie apocalypse in the United States

Are you looking to explore the world of sci-fi movies? This video will take you through some of the best science fiction films, and provide a detailed overview of each. From horror stories to romantic comedies, this selection is sure to have something for everyone. Plus, get an in-depth look at Daniel CC’s movie review channel and Story Recapped’s catalog of recaps and summaries! Whether you’re new to the genre or just want a refresher on old favorites, don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide


10. Rock Band THE ZOMBIES Tell Their Story

The classic rock band, The Zombies, are the stars of a feature-length documentary that tells their extraordinary story for the first time. Hung Up on a Dream captures interviews with both Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent as well as director Robert Schwartzman. Find out what this incredible documentary means to the legacy of The Zombies.


11. Why Will This ‘Zombie’ Mushroom Destroy Humanity?

We all have times when we know what to do, but somehow can’t seem to follow through. As if something else is controlling us and telling us that we’re not good enough. This video explores the silent voice that tries to keep us from succeeding and how to recognize it for what it is so you can take back control. Learn about powerful strategies for dealing with this inner critic so you can finally achieve your goals!






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