The 11 Best Documentaries And Videos About Val Kilmer

Oct 11, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities

When it comes to Hollywood’s A-listers, Val Kilmer is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and respected stars. With an impressive list of credits under his belt, from leading roles in films like Batman Forever and Top Gun to providing voice talent for animated favorites like The Prince of Egypt, Kilmer’s body of work has had a lasting impact on audiences everywhere. And now, you can also experience the life and career of this legendary star through some of the best documentaries about Val Kilmer. So come along with us on an in-depth journey to discover the real story behind one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors!


1. Val Kilmer: Voiceless but not Silent (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

Val Kilmer is the epitome of true acting talent. His iconic performance in Tombstone as Doc Holliday should have earned him an Oscar. However, it’s unfortunate that he has been battling throat cancer for some time now. Thankfully, Val is surrounded by friends and family who love and support him – like the singer Cher who proved a faithful friend to him during his struggles. Val Kilmer is truly a remarkable actor who has been given some amazing opportunities in the industry. Jerry Skinner’s documentary captures this perfectly, shedding light on Val Kilmer’s life and truly showcasing the enormity of his talent.


2. WTF Happened to VAL KILMER

A Look at Val KilmerOur latest WTF series takes a look at the life of Val Kilmer, one of our favorite stars that seems to have had a career transformation in recent years. We will explore his story by looking into all angles that led him to where he is today – it’s certainly an interesting tale! Val rose to fame in the mid 80’s with roles in films such as Top Gun, Willow and The Doors. But it was his lead role in Batman Forever that solidified him as an A-list actor. From there, he appeared in a variety of box office hits such as Heat, The Saint and Red Planet.


3. VAL KILMER – The Biography Channel

Val Kilmer é conhecido por seus papéis memoráveis, com seu talento para transmitir emoção e profundidade às personagens. Nesta biografia, entraremos nas lembranças de sua carreira artística a partir do início de sua vida na Califórnia, até os papéis marcantes que ele interpretou nos cinemas. Vamos acompanhar o caminho percorrido por Val Kilmer para se tornar um artista renomado e descortinar alguns dos momentos mais importantes da sua vida. Veja por dentro como ele lutou contra a doença de sua ex-esposa e o apoio que recebeu para se tornar o grande ídolo dos fãs, até a transformação nos filmes atuais.


4. ‘Val’ a Documentary about Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer’s story is an inspiring one. He has gone through a lot of health battles, and yet he continues to stay strong. In the documentary VAL, we get an inside look at the life and struggles of this Hollywood actor, complete with behind-the-scenes footage. It’s truly remarkable how he manages to stay so positive despite his circumstances – something that we can all learn from. We see his determination and resilience in overcoming the odds, as well as his appreciation for art and creativity that he has been able to explore throughout his journey.


5. IDA Documentary Screening Series: Val | Val Kilmer, Actor, Biographical Doc

The Val Kilmer International Documentary Association (IDA) Screening Series is an exclusive cinematic experience. Each year the IDA selects a handful of acclaimed biographical documentaries that focus on the life and career of actor Val Kilmer. Through this series, filmgoers can access some of the best films about one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. From exploring his acting style to examining his influence on the film industry, audiences can discover Val Kilmer like never before. In addition to viewing the films, creators of these documentaries have been invited to be present and discuss their work at each screening. Join us this season for an unparalleled look into Val Kilmer’s life and career!


6. Val Kilmer – Interview on Jonesy’s Jukebox – June 2018

Val Kilmer’s career as an actor started at a very young age, performing on stage at the age of 4. His talent quickly became appreciated by both critics and audiences alike, leading to his iconic roles in Top Secret!, Real Genius, Top Gun and Willow. Kilmer attended the Juilliard School of Drama where he co-authored and acted in the play ‘How It All Began’. The production was premiered at the Public Theatre in New York with Ben Donenberg and other classmates under Des McAnuff’s direction. His success on Broadway continued when he starred in “The Slab Boys” alongside Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon.


7. Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer is an amazing actor, and his movie career has spanned decades. His filmography includes several iconic roles that have been remembered by generations of movie-goers. From Top Gun to Tombstone and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Val Kilmer’s presence can be felt in nearly every genre of movies he’s taken part in. Recently, there have been a number of documentaries about Val Kilmer that provide an in-depth look into his life and career. These films chronicle different aspects of this multifaceted actor’s life, from his ongoing battle with throat cancer to the roles he’s taken on since 2017.


8. 40 Years of Val Kilmer | VAL (documentary) – Filmmaker Q&A

Dave Karger, from Turner Classic Movies, invites you to take a journey through the life of Val Kilmer with the filmmakers Ting Poo and Leo Scott. ‘Val’ is an insightful documentary that takes you through 40 years of his career, from his early beginnings in Hollywood to becoming one of the most beloved actors in film today. With never-before-seen footage and interviews with those who know him best, this documentary offers a firsthand look at the life of Val Kilmer. Dive into his childhood, explore his creative process, and uncover what makes him stand out as an actor.


9. The Batmans of the 90s with George Clooney and Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer’s time as the Caped Crusader in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin was iconic. Now, audiences can join the director and cast of these beloved films to learn more about the legacy of this legendary hero. Dive into how Joel Schumacher took on Tim Burton’s vision for the franchise and brought his own unique style and humor to it. From recreating the iconic characters and design, to their impact on bringing the Dark Knight back to fame, these documentaries give Batman fans an intimate look into an era of reinvention.



Val Edward Kilmer is an American actor. Originally a stage actor, Kilmer became popular in the mid-1980s after a string of appearances in comedy films, starting with Top Secret! , then the cult classic Real Genius , as well as the military action film Top Gun and the fantasy film Willow . Some of his other notable film roles include Jim Morrison in The Doors , Doc Holliday in Tombstone , armed robber Chris Shiherlis in Heat , Bruce Wayne / Batman in Batman Forever , Simon Templar in The Saint , astronaut Robby Gallagher in Red Planet , and a meth-using informant in The Salton Sea


11. BATMAN FOREVER (1995) | Behind The Scenes of Val Kilmer Batman Movie

Val Kilmer’s Batman movie, BATMAN FOREVER, is one of the most iconic superhero movies ever made. When director Joel Schumacher took on the challenge of bringing this classic comic book character to life, he had a big job ahead of him. But Val Kilmer stepped up to take on the role with ease and skill. Behind the scenes of this classic Batman movie, viewers can experience a glimpse into the world of Val Kilmer’s Batman. It takes an extremely talented actor to take on such an iconic role as Val Kilmer did in BATMAN FOREVER.

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