The Best Documentaries About Singapore

Oct 2, 2023 | Best Of, Geography

Singapore is a vibrant and bustling city, full of unique culture, history, and stories. Documentary films are an excellent way to explore Singapore’s rich history and vibrant culture – they can provide insight into the different aspects of life in Singapore. From exploring political issues to uncovering hidden secrets, there are some amazing documentaries out there that will take you on a journey through Singapore’s past and present. In this article, we will be looking at the best documentaries about Singapore that you should watch. From hard-hitting political films to personal stories of life in Singapore, these documentaries offer viewers an eye-opening experience into the heart of Asian culture and the challenges faced by many living there today.


Megastructures: Gardens By The Bay (2022)

In a bustling city-state smaller than New York City, the home to over five million people, Singapore is taking on its greatest endeavor yet. This ambitious project aims to transform the highly urbanized landscape into a livable and sustainable space for its citizens.





Singapore’s Field of Dreams (2015)

The Field of Dreams in Singapore was a one-of-a-kind project that aimed to create the ultimate sports complex. With over a billion dollars invested, it included an impressive indoor aquatics center, a multipurpose arena, a water sports center, and even retail facilities. The construction team faced immense pressure to complete this ambitious undertaking within a tight deadline.





Aerial Asia – Singapore Documentary EP01 (2016)

Aerial Asia takes viewers on a captivating journey through the diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes of Asia. With stunning 4K footage, this four-part series showcases the iconic landmarks, bustling cities, and natural wonders that make up this extraordinary continent. Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Asia as you witness it from a new perspective – soaring high above, with a bird’s-eye view of its beauty.




The Best Free Documentaries About Singapore


1. City of the Future: Singapore – Full Episode

2. Singapore 4K. Interesting Facts About Singapore

Explore Singapore in a whole new way! Get ready to be amazed by this vibrant, bustling Southeast Asian city-state. Discover its fascinating history and culture through 4K footage that allows you to see all the sights as if you are right there in person. Learn about Singapore’s incredible achievements and advancements, from its booming economy and high quality of life to its commitment to preserving its natural beauty. Whether you are a resident or a traveler, this documentary will leave you with an unforgettable experience and newfound knowledge of Singapore’s many wonders. Dive in and discover why the country is often referred to as “The Little Red Dot”!

3. Inside Singapore’s deadly war on drugs | 101 East Documentary

Singapore is renowned for its low crime rate and peaceful society, but a recent surge in executions has caused concern among human rights activists. The Singapore government insists that the death penalty helps deter crime and keep the country safe from dangerous drugs. However, 101 East Documentary explores this highly controversial issue and reveals how some people have been unfairly accused of drug-related crimes. Through interviews with victims, family members and experts, this powerful documentary offers an intimate portrait of the harsh reality of Singapore’s war on drugs.

4. Why Singapore is One of the World’s Richest Countries

Singapore is a small yet powerful nation, one of the world’s richest countries. It offers an interesting and vibrant mix of cultures, languages and religions. Many have taken to exploring Singapore’s diverse history through documentaries and the stories they tell. These films often feature captivating visuals and interviews with locals, offering an insider’s view into this fascinating country. From tales of Singapore’s remarkable transformation from a fishing village to a bustling global metropolis, to its current status as one of the world’s most influential cities, documentaries about Singapore provide an insightful look into this fascinating nation.

5. How Singapore became Asia’s No.1 Country? | Case Study

Singapore is a stunning success story of development in Asia. In a relatively short amount of time, it has gone from one of the poorest countries to become one of the richest and most developed nations in the world. But how did this happen? This documentary by Dhruv Rathee tells an incredible story about Singapore’s journey from poverty, unemployment, drugs, crime, gambling, ethnic riots, overpopulation, illiteracy and hostility with neighboring countries to becoming the No.1 country in Asia. It is an inspirational tale of how countries can revolutionize their economies and build a better future for their citizens through hard work and dedication. This documentary will show you how Singapore conquered its challenges and continues to thrive today.

6. How We Became Homeless In Singapore | Homeless In Singapore – Part 1/3 | Full Episode

Hidden from view, homelessness in Singapore is rarely spoken of and often misunderstood. Many assume that it is the result of a wrong decision or misstep in life, yet this assumption is far too simplistic. It neglects to consider many people who have worked hard their entire lives, only to find themselves homeless in the end. In truth, there are many more factors at play when it comes to people becoming homeless. The lack of affordable housing, the difficulty in receiving government assistance, and the mental health issues that are compounded by these struggles all contribute to the creation of a complex web of social problems.

7. City of the Future Singapore (Full Episode) -National Geographic Documentary

Welcome to City of the Future Singapore, a National Geographic documentary exploring one of Southeast Asia’s most fascinating cities. From its breathtaking skyline to its bustling streets, discover why this urban wonderland is rapidly becoming a leading tourist destination.This award-winning program takes us on an exciting journey through Singapore’s rich history and vibrant culture. From local cuisine to traditional dance, from the bustling central district to the secluded islands, discover why this amazing city truly is a place of endless possibilities.

8. Inside Maximum Security – Toughest Prison in Singapore: Road To Freedom

Deep in the heart of Singapore lies a prison that holds some of the most dangerous criminals. Maximum Security: Road To Freedom is a documentary that follows the lives of several inmates within this formidable facility and how they grapple with their own personal demons as well as the harshness of prison life. Graceson’s story is particularly powerful; he has not spoken to his daughter for a year, and now seeks the help of a psychologist to prepare him for their reunion. Khai is determined to take control of his emotions by counselling other prisoners, while Boon Keng faces an interview that will decide if he can serve his last third of sentence in the community.

9. Inside Singapore’s elite education system

Singapore’s educational system is one of the most prestigious in Asia, and indeed the world. From its outstanding primary schools where students learn to read and write with passion, to the renowned universities that offer internationally recognised degrees, Singaporean education offers a truly elite experience for those who are passionate about learning. Inside this inspiring system lies a myriad of unique stories – stories which dateline will explore.From the inspiring educators who work tirelessly to motivate their students, to the ambitious young minds that push themselves to excel beyond what is expected of them; dateline will uncover the stories of determination and excellence that are part and parcel of Singapore’s educational system.

10. How Tough Is Singapore Prison Life? | Inside Maximum Security – Part 1/4

For years, six inmates have been in and out of Changi Prison. Now they’ve opened up their lives for the cameras to capture, revealing what it means to live in a maximum security prison. It’s not an easy life – but could this be the last time any of them are here? Will the strict regime be enough to help them break free from a life of crime? This documentary is an intimate look at the realities of prison life in Singapore. Follow these inmates through their journey as they face the toughest challenge of all: changing their futures.

11. Surviving Singapore’s Homeless Shelters | Homeless In Singapore – Part 2/3 | Full Episode

Singapore is known for its incredible skyscrapers and modern architecture, but there is a hidden population living in the shadows. Homeless people in Singapore struggle to find shelter and support – often relying on night shelters or Safe Sound Sleeping Places (S3Ps) for temporary refuge. With only 22 of these S3P’s available, the competition for a safe place to stay is fierce, and the strict rules of residence can make it difficult to survive. In part two of our series, we explore the lives of these homeless individuals and how they are managed in their temporary homes.

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