The 11 Best Documentaries And Videos About The Route 91 Shooting

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When it comes to discussion about the Route 91 tragedy, there are many stories and perspectives that have yet to be explored. Documentaries can offer us unique insights into this painful history, giving us an in-depth view of how those affected by the event were impacted and how they moved forward afterward. Here are some of the best documentaries about Route 91 that bring these stories to life. From the personal stories of survivors to the collective history of the entire event, these documentaries provide a powerful and heartbreaking look at this tragedy.


1. Route 91 Harvest Festival Mass Shooting Survivor on Life Now

Five years ago, Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd of 22,000 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Autumn Bignami and her husband were among those present that day. She was shot three times yet managed to survive despite the horrific events that unfolded. Now, Autumn is sharing her story with Inside Edition Digital’s Andrea Swindall.Autumn recounts the moments leading up to the shooting and how her life has changed since then. She remembers the atmosphere of joy that filled the air, as thousands of people had come together to enjoy a country music event on The Strip in Las Vegas.


2. Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vegas

Presenter Jeff Buchanan, Deputy Fire Chief of Clark County Fire Department, offers poignant insight into the harrowing deployment of his department – and what lessons were learned from the devastating tragedy that unfolded on October 1st in Las Vegas. From this firsthand account comes a powerful look at how emergency services react and respond to mass shootings and other acts of violence. This documentary will give viewers an inside look at the courage and fortitude of those who serve on the front lines, as well as how modern-day tragedies can shape future preparedness.


3. Retired Las Vegas Metro Police | Route 91 Concert Shooting | Intelligence Unit. Ashton Packe

Ashton Packe is a retired Detective Sergeant from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He worked with the department for 23 years, during which time he was tasked with several assignments including uniformed patrol, criminal investigations, field training and counter-terrorism operations. As a Task Force Officer on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, as well as in his role at the National Operations Center of the Department of Homeland Security, Ashton was involved in a variety of investigations regarding international and domestic terrorism.


4. Las Vegas Mass Shooting at Route 91 Festival POLICE AUDIO

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department displayed incredible courage on the night of the Route 91 Festival mass shooting. Our hearts go out to those affected by this tragedy and it serves as a reminder of the bravery our first responders displayed in times of crisis. Audio recordings from police scanners provide an inside look into the events that unfolded during this chaotic event. Listeners can hear the desperation and confusion of officers as they attempt to locate and apprehend the shooter. In addition, it exemplifies the dedication of those involved in providing assistance to individuals wounded in the disaster.


5. Las Vegas Route 91 Survivor Story

Two years ago, on October 1st 2017, I arrived in Las Vegas with a group of friends to attend the Route 91 Harvest Festival. We’d heard about this festival for years and were excited to finally be attending it! Little did we know that what would happen that weekend would leave us all forever changed. That night – the night of the shooting – was unlike anything we had ever experienced before. We heard the gunshots and saw people running in all directions, unsure of what to do.


6. A Survivors Story: Lacey Newman Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Fest Survivor Shares Her Lessons Learned

Lacey Newman is a survivor of the Route 91 Harvest festival shooting in Las Vegas, and she has some important lessons to share. In an interview with Andrew Roszak, Executive Director at the Institute for Childhood Preparedness, Lacey recounts her experience during the horrible event that took place on that fateful day. She speaks about how she was shot and how her family handled the aftermath. Lacey reflects on the importance of being prepared for situations like this and how it helped her and her son cope with the trauma. She also discusses how they engaged with teachers and members of their community in order to get the support they needed during those difficult times.


7. Dark Side of Vegas: Stephen Paddock, Route 91 Shooter, worst individual mass shooting in US History

Dark Side of Vegas: Route 91 Festival and the Worst Mass Shooting in US History.The story of Stephen Paddock’s attack on the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in October 2017 is one that has left a deep mark on American history. Paddock, an individual with no criminal record nor any ties to terrorist organizations, carried out the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in United States history. The event left 58 people dead and hundreds more injured, the memorials for those who were lost remain as a reminder of the high cost of Paddock’s actions.



It’s been over two years since the Route 91 mass shooting, and many of us are still left wanting answers. Mindy and Nephi bravely investigate what really happened that day to bring closure to the tragedy. Join them on their journey as they search for the truth behind the terrible events of October 1st. Hear from firsthand accounts and explore how our society attempts to make sense of such a horrific incident. Find out what really happened on that fateful day and find closure for yourself and the victims of this tragedy. Don’t miss 1 OCTOBER AIN’T OVER – REVISITING THE ROUTE 91 MASS SHOOTING.


9. Route 91 Survivor Tells Her Story

Janny Copeland is an inspirational survivor of the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival tragedy. On this episode, Janny recounts how she experienced the horrifying shooting and how she has persevered through her traumatic past. She shares her journey of resilience and determination that resulted in her newfound strength and success. Janny tells us about her inspiring story that offers hope for anyone who has suffered a traumatic event. She encourages us to find strength and courage even in the darkest times, and shows us how we can overcome any obstacle. Janny’s story of hope and resilience is truly heartwarming and will inspire anyone who hears it.


10. Las Vegas Shooting – Escaping Route 91 Harvest Festival Attack – A Survivor’s Story

Escaping Route 91 Harvest Festival Attack – A Survivor’s Story This shocking documentary takes us on a journey with two survivors of the Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival attack. Through never-before-seen photos and videos, we follow their experience as they make their harrowing escape from one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history. Viewer discretion is strongly advised as the content of this documentary might be too intense for some viewers. However, it is an important window into what happened that terrible night and a testament to the strength and bravery of those who experienced it.


11. Eminem recreates Route 91 Las Vegas shooting massacre in new music video

Sharp and Shapiro host the show “The Vegas Take”, a lively radio broadcast from Las Vegas that covers sports, politics, gambling, and entertainment with its special guests. In their latest episode, they explore Eminem’s powerful new music video which shines a light on the tragic Route 91 shooting massacre in Las Vegas. Through this emotional piece of artwork, listeners are taken through an unforgettable journey that serves as a powerful reminder of the tragic events that took place in our city.

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