The 11 Best Documentaries And Videos About Rolf Harris

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When it comes to learning about remarkable people, few can compare to Rolf Harris. From his incredible career as a musician and artist to his impact on pop culture, Harris has been an unstoppable force in entertainment for decades. For those interested in getting the full story of this celebrated figure, there’s no better way than by watching one or more documentaries about Rolf Harris. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best documentaries about Rolf Harris that you can watch right now to learn more about this remarkable man.


1. Star Portraits with Rolf Harris

Star Portraits with Rolf Harris is a documentary series that premiered on BBC One in 2004. It follows the renowned Australian artist as he meets and paints some of the most celebrated personalities of our time, including Sir Elton John, Dame Helen Mirren, and more. Each episode explores Rolf’s craftsmanship to create an intimate portrait for each celebrity guest. From capturing their unique expressions and mannerisms to painting in a range of styles, audiences are given an insight into how Rolf Harris produces his work. From the comfort of their homes, viewers can witness the creative process and be entertained by the engaging conversations that unfold between Rolf and his guests.


2. Rolf Harris – Enough Rope with Andrew Denton

Rolf Harris is an enigmatic figure in the entertainment industry, and while his legacy may be cut with controversy, it’s impossible to deny his immense influence on the arts. Nowhere was this more evident than in Andrew Denton’s 2005 interview for Enough Rope, which provided a fascinating insight into the life and career of this multifaceted entertainer. From recollections of childhood in the Perth hills to the highs and lows of a career spanning seven decades, Denton and Harris discussed it all in an episode full of wit, insight, and humour.


3. Mark Lawson Talks To Rolf Harris

Mark Lawson has a one-on-one conversation with the legendary Rolf Harris, an Australian entertainment icon known for his eclectic work. From music and comedy to painting and television personality – Rolf Harris has done it all! Spanning over 50 years of stardom, Mark delves into the life and career of this multifaceted artist. Through honest storytelling and in-depth interviews, viewers get a rare glimpse into the life and career of the one and only Rolf Harris. From his humble beginnings to his current successes, this documentary paints an all-encompassing picture of the extraordinary entertainer Rolf Harris!

4. Exposing Rolf Harris – Suzi Dent Tells All

Suzi Dent was a close friend of the artist Rolf Harris. She takes us on a journey with her to uncover the truth about his life, art, and legacy. Through exclusive interviews and never before seen footage, Suzi reveals an intimate side of Rolf that he kept hidden from the world. From his humble beginnings in Perth, Australia to his rise to international fame, you’ll get an inside look at the man behind some of the most iconic paintings and songs of our time. With Suzi’s help, you can gain a unique perspective on Rolf Harris, and decide for yourself what kind of person he was and how his work should be remembered.


5. A Current Affair ROLF HARRIS SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIM’s Interview

On May 13, 2013, an Aussie mother broke her 27 year silence to reveal the allegations made against Rolf Harris in a powerful interview on A Current Affair. After years of fear she finally spoke out about the harrowing experience and shared her story with Scotland Yard detectives. The heartbreaking account has since opened up a conversation across Australia about sexual abuse and its long-term impacts on survivors. This brave woman has shown the public that there is a safe space to come forward and tell their stories, start the healing process, and seek justice.


6. CH4 News – Rolf Harris Found Guilty

CH4 News – Rolf Harris: A Guilty Verdict It is a sad day for justice and the families affected by this case. After years of investigation, Rolf Harris has finally been found guilty of the crimes he committed against young victims. This verdict serves as a reminder to all perpetrators of crime that they can no longer remain anonymous and will be punished accordingly. This guilty verdict is a powerful statement to all those who have experienced similar injustices; justice can and will be found.


7. Star Portraits with Rolf Harris

Enter Star Portraits with Rolf Harris, a show that premiered on BBC One in 2004. This documentary series follows the Australian artist and entertainer as he travels around the world to create portraits of well-known public figures. Through conversations with his subjects, viewers get an intimate glimpse into the lives of these famous people, while also learning more about Rolf’s own life. With each portrait, Rolf shares his unique form of creativity and storytelling ability that results in a captivating and often humorous look at the world’s most famous faces.


8. Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris & Max Clifford: Matthew Steeples

Explore the life and career of Rolf Harris in Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris & Max Clifford: A Tale Of Three Controversial Media Personalities. This documentary follows the paths of three unique individuals and their often controversial reputations within the media world. From how they rose to fame to their eventual fall from grace, this film aims to provide an unbiased look at these three individuals. From their reputations to the scandals they were involved in, you’ll be able to get an interesting perspective into these infamous figures and how they built such successful careers.


9. Star Portraits with Rolf Harris

Do you want to know more about the life and times of Rolf Harris? Then look no further than the BBC One documentary series “Star Portraits with Rolf Harris”. This fascinating collection of episodes showcases a unique insight into the diverse career of this multi-talented artist. From his early days as a musical prodigy in Australia to his international success, each episode tells a captivating story, with interviews from family and friends who have known Rolf throughout his life. This series is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of art, music and entertainment.


10. BBC Four Rolf Harris Paints His Dream

Rolf Harris has a long-held dream of creating a painting of the iconic tryst between Titania, Queen of the Fairies and Bottom from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. So BBC Four invited four distinguished women to pose for him – supermodels Lily Cole and Lizzy Jagger as well as actresses Emer Kenny and Dervla Kirwan – to make his dream come true. As Rolf paints, he reflects on his 57-year career as an artist and entertainer, having been a singer, musician, artist and beloved household face for decades. He hopes that this painting will become a lasting reminder of his work and impact in the entertainment industry.

Watch it here.

11. Rolf Harris (S02E20)

Mark and Bethan, two experienced documentarians from the UK-based true crime podcast, Seeing Red, explore the life of Rolf Harris. Together, they delve deep into the man’s complex story with an objective eye. From his rise to fame as a talented singer-songwriter, painter and television personality to the controversy surrounding him in later years, they search for answers to the enigma of Rolf Harris, allowing listeners to form their own conclusions. Themes addressed in this podcast may be of a mature nature and listener discretion is advised. Join Mark and Bethan on this insightful exploration as they uncover the truth about Rolf Harris.

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